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And then there was three!

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Have not posted for a long time, mainly due to an extended period overseas. The red VR6 is still in hibernation and the silver VR6 is in bits awaiting a re-spray.


Anyway, back in UK for a while, so I decided to buy a run-around pending completion of the Silver VR6 (getting painted soon) and ended up with a third Corrado, a 1996 8v in Midnight Blue with full leather interior. A dealer demonstrator for 3 months, then the car was owned by a woman (airline cabin crew). She seems to have absolutely loved the car for the last 17 years and maintained it well, including: a £4800 bill (!) four years ago to replace the entire ABS system (pump, ECU, sensors, loom) to cure a fault; another £500 for a Jetex stainless exhaust in March 13; plus a full suspension change 10k miles ago costing £1200. The car has 152k on the clock and is in pretty good condition overall.


The car was presented with a full service and MOT, and a full detail with corrected paintwork. A few dings and paint chips to sort out; a bit of preventative work to do; the odd fastener needed here and there where garage staff have been lazy; driver's bolster to sort out. Overall it is in pretty good condition with a few parking dings on the swage line and a small bump in a rear arch.


Should be a decent run around, hopefully. I enjoyed the drive home, especially getting over 40 mpg.


Here are the photos taken for the agreed insurance valuation:







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