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    How comes you was rolling around on the floor taking pictures, had you fallen over. 😂😂ðŸĪĢ😂😘😂
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    There's 2 on ebay, ÂĢ400 and ÂĢ130
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    Not for me mate, but a very kind gesture 👍
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    As for the alarm, trace each wire and remove it. Join back any that have been interrupted by the Gemini system. Then see what you are working with
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    Done now - deleted attachments. For the record, the VR only has the one in tank fuel pump - the 16v and G60 had an in tank lift pump and the main pump mounted underneath the body where the fuel filter is. The ECU relay is #109 and the fuel pump relay #167/67 - look at the side, they will have a diagram showing the wire and terminal connections and how the relay is switched.
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    Diagrams from the Bentley Manual for the 2.0 16v (9A) electrical circuit for the ECU, I have already listed most of them in a previous post, but thought these wiring diagrams may help also. Green dots show ECU pins. Si Some info here regarding the Lambda sensor on the 9A
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    Not sure buddy though I must be honest I've not really plugged my phone in and looked at the levels, I'll check it out.
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