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    Cheers, no green bulbs but they do flash a bit red. now fitted
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    Pendine Sands! No wonder they rusted away!
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    Not seen one for a very long time. In fact the last one I saw (in any form) was the one featured on the cover of Autocar. It came up for sale about 2008. Was in Blackpool and was in really rough shape. I had my eye on it, but as much as I wanted a press car to add to the family, it was just too far gone. In fact, If I remember the advert correctly, his wife bought it for him as a project off ebay. Once he saw the state of the cills/arches he fell out with the idea (It certainly put me off). It was also a time when early 16vs (without an MOT) were changing hands for £300+. And ones in good order £1000+ So not much interest in putting the effort in. Running a check of their regs in the MOT checker looks like they've all been SORN (broken for parts ?) for at least 6 years.
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    H369RHL has been sorn since Oct 2006. the last V5 was issued in Feb 2012, so there's some hope
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    Part number you posted is not a part number not sure where you got that information from.
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    Hey Guys, I'm still knocking around, and today have been trialing a newer forum platform and trialing a migration. Once I am happy that its good enough to start on as a base, I'll read-only this and begin the real migration and transfer so there will be interuptions this week (hopefully it'll be more a you can see but can't interact). My short term plans are: 1. Read-only unless you are a member 2. Membership will be £15 a year 3. Wiki's will make a come back 4. I'm going to get some help in terms of moderators / admins 5. Considering working with CCGB - Need to reply to the owner 6. Tapatalk - I hate it, but I'll try to include it again and clean it up. Thats on day 1 anyway. I need a solid base with less issues before I start looking at new things!
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    I have my fan out the car still. The only markings on it are A52/C2. I could happily send people pictures, but have GIVEN UP TRYING ON HERE ...
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    Yeah I do. I love cleaning my balls and then whacking them really hard.
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    Many thanks for your kind words - It's only because of the forum and the helpful, kind and supportive people that I've been able to make the progress I have - the number of stupid 'what does this do' type emails I've sent and 'please help' requests has been quite embarrassing but always well recieved. This forum (the people) has genuinely inspired me and made me feel I had the support when I needed to reach out for advice or parts (during what would otherwise been a very difficult time for me personally). I've learnt a fair bit in 7/8 weeks and look forward to continuing with my corrado journey. I have a 1986 xr2 in similarly bad condition that one day I also hope to 'save'..... Thanks again....
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