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    There was an Australian member on here who purchased a VSR a fair few years back in the UK and shipped it over to OZ.
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    Looks a great example, well done. Be careful with the sunroof. A mk3 golf unit swaps straight in. Do you know if the mechanism is working fine? If it is faulty and you wind it back electrically it could damage the sunroof panel.... perhaps try doing it manually first using the Allen key at the sunroof motor. Fingers crossed that it is ok, preventative maintenance, lube the runner channels. Even better, take the lot out, strip it down, clean it, then lube it. Big job but worth it in the long term. Too many are broken out there and no spares are available Great car 👍
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    Looks like the seller of the car has carried out some great renovation work to the car- pretty sure I can see a new rad in there. Looks like the paint if fresh to - I would say they have spent a lot of money on this car at least 7k plus/
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats! Looks tidy that. I do like a sherry pearl I've got to admit! 👍
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    Ive got an old set of notes from Dennis on the now sadly defunct Canadian corrado club. I remember i had a real issue with the soldering of the relevant wires as they're so thick! Anyway, hope it helps. Just drop me a line if you need any more input. Hasan Wiring Modifications.doc
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    Yep, the tech guides were great - that was the one I used to do my heater matrix as well!
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    Coming to the end of my "holiday" now so spent last night (2am I think i stopped) giving the car a cut/polish/wax by hand. I forgot my DA polisher so didn't get the results I wanted. What next? There is a small finger sized hole at the drain lip in the rear arch. The drain lips ln both sides need rebuilding. Not sure if it will have the MOT with the hole but needs fixing as the sills and floor are otherwise top notch. Brakes need a bit of emery pad treatment and I plan to fit some new shocks up front and top mounts. I'm not a fan of the alloys so on the look out for something else OEM or perhaps BBS RXs. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, the guy i bought it off is a real character and an obsessive petrol head. Just to put it in perspective he had a Delorean with 4k on the clock sitting on a marble tiled turntable in his lounge. He sits in it sometimes to watch the telly. (cinema screen to me) Suggested to the misses that we could do something similar with the old Corrado but she was having none of it.
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    Thanks and your right, you know how special they are when the lorry driver who comes to pick it up is nearly in tears when he sees it, then spends 20 mins telling you what a brilliant car they are. Normally his fist pick up's go on the top deck but he said they can get damaged by trees so he was going to reserve that spot for all modern boring crap (his words) he was picking up next, didn't want the Corrado to get damaged. ( nice gesture but i think your too late mate).
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