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    The best thing to do chap is put the part number on ebay or google and see what manufactures come up . I hate Topran because I had an oil cooler fail after 500 miles use and had to flush out the whole system- the internal cooler wept oil into the hoses- cured with a Hella cooler from Murrays direct on ebay . Also I see Heritage sell a JP fuel pump for a VR for £300 and something which is the incorrect bar and also more than a stock VDO pump- I don't take anything for granted they offer or say and have a few run ins and told the sales person wrong you can get it- thats is incorrect your not reading the diagram correctly etc - embarrassing to be honest. P,s the owner of VW International if you have an issue can take it personally they are only a small business.
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    Yeah they are good lads and down to earth. not like these spoilt kids like Smee with rich parents and them sort of car youtube channels.
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    The nothelles will be back.
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    Finally back in the car. Secured and sealed up. A difficult part was lining it up against the heater directional box. It was catching the hot to cold flap, which I turned to hard!!! So lesson to all, take your time and you won't have to reset the dash controls. Since working it out the Hot to Cold flap now turns incredibly smoothly. There is however no way of securing the two units together, so I used a tyrap to hold it up and in line, some sticky sponge to seal and close the gap, then gaffa tape all around. A very efficient system now. Fingers crossed that I can get it pressure tested soon and that it won't leak....... Be interesting to see if this converted mk4 golf evaporator does the job, especially after all this time and money.
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    I bought one of the all aluminium ones from eBay for £150 as I was having trouble with leaks from the elbow flange and these come with that flange welded on as part of it. Didn't need to modify the car, only make a couple of brackets to fit it in replacement of the small L shaped brackets. The fan assembly bolted straight on and the bottom locating pins are in the right place. I will post some photos of this Friday if your interested?
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    This. Still love my car(s), either running or not. But hells teeth, I’d give second thoughts to starting again. And I think that’s where a lot of the value is. Simply keeping one running is hard enough, finding parts and restoring one = serious hours searching for parts. Spending nearly a year trying to obtain a straight drivers scraper seal in fair condition, plus four months for head bolts and a brake compensator kind of knocks the shine off it a little. Hopefully it sells for strong money and makes the Corrado more visual to other petrol heads / collectors. That way we all benefit and with it more reason for manufacturers to provide greater part support.
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    Christ! Thanks for that, really useful info there for all VR owners!
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