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  2. the cartridge is being removed & completely stripped m8 took the opportunity to have the head liner etc retrimmed too
  3. If you find the main engine cover new get 2 cause I’ve been after a new one for 3 years 🤣😂
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yeah that's it, and ouch on the price. The one on my pump is totally rusted (although it still worked). At that price if anyone was to fit a new one, a couple of coats of rust proof paint would be a wise move indeed. Thanks for the link.
  6. How new do you want, as I believe they are still available new from VW Classic through VW Heritage. I assume it's for a VR, so which of the 3 do you need? Welcome aboard mate, Corrado's are a passion. To be frustrated at and to put a smile on your face. Post a pic of your motor sometime 👍
  7. Have a read of this. Keyo was the last person I know that did his 👍
  8. Good luck with it mate. Pain of a job if it all has to come out... 😳
  9. Not today. By the time I stripped the fuel pump down and got the motor out, time was up. I’ll try again tomorrow. Water pump was on for seconds. It’ll be the bearings. Kind of thought it would be, and it’s easily accessed so doesn’t worry me too much. But yes, the emphasis is on getting it running first via those small wins. The sunroof doesn’t phase me, I’ll just strip it all out and start again. Same goes for the blowers. Shame about the bodywork, but it’s collected battle scars by just standing still in the garage. I’ll drop the parcel off at the post office in the morning and have a look at the ABS soon after. I’ll update the findings 🙏🏼
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bosch-Fuel-Injection-Accumulator-0438170039-GENUINE-5-YEAR-WARRANTY-/153027763304?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Is that the part you are unsure of?
  11. I feel like that is where I’m at now. I must have blown hours looking for a fuel pump, with zero success.There’s a literally an abundance of 3 bar pumps. Sadly that isn’t the case for 4 bar ones. Anybody ran a 3 bar pump in a VR ?
  12. One small step for man..... Did you sort this?I'm checking the sensors for continuity (even though their new) this afternoon. If they test out okay it could be the ABS ring that is the problem. Plugging in a vagcom should tell you which wheel the problem is at. The slave cylinder should be an easy fix when you swap it out,. Just a pain having to wait then bleed it when you get it back. Was the ignition on a long time? I suppose the aux water pump was just screaming "I'M RED HOT" as it had no coolant to keep it a little cooler I am super cautious of the sunroofs..Too expensive to repair if they break. After 12 yrs I would take it all out, clean and regrease then put her back, just to be on the safe side.... I know it's a days job, but prevention is better than repair. But as it isnt that important yet I would go for the small wins in achieving any little jobs. Like the blower motor. Well done for not giving up 👌👍 Your car is a gorgeous one
  13. Each small step adds to larger progress, good effort. It's having the consistent time to diagnose and repair these aspects which a lot of us struggle with, so despite periods where they're dormant it'll end in positive results. I had my brake master refurbished by past parts too. Good company to deal with and seemed very knowledgeable on the phone. Fixing some of the less commonly available parts (fuel pump) is a great thing to do now whilst there is still the possibility of acquiring them. Leaving it another year or so potentially ends any likelihood of sourcing OE type stuff so worth doing while you can. 👍
  14. Hi Animal. Just a heads up that an email with photos has been sent. I meant to say in the email that the smaller fuel canister is severely corroded and would benefit from being changed. I am a little unsure as to what the smaller canister is, as the larger one looks like a standard fuel filter to me? If you could shed some light on this it would be handy. Cheers
  15. Since the last time I updated there's not been a lot going on. But this weekend I decided to correct that. The garage I left it at had nothing but issues with the brakes. The replacement ABS controller stopped the screaming, but the light is still on. I'm checking the sensors for continuity (even though their new) this afternoon. Had the brake master diagnosed as faulty, so sent it off to be refurbished by Past parts. Great service and communication. It cost £130 and the turn around was about 3 weeks. The brakes are firm but the clutch was hitting the floor. At that point I think they got too busy and too bored of seeing the car everyday. So I got the car back in September and parked it on the drive (other work going on in the garage). That could now be considered a mistake. As that's where it sat, getting dusty, dirty, mouldy and covered in spiders webs. Pretty deflated and not knowing what to do next, I covered it up and ignored it. Months later, whilst half asleep and in the pitch black of night I backed the other car out of the garage and swiped the drivers door and front wing (Second time I've done it as well). At that point I decided to make an effort to find space for it back in the garage. That was about a month ago. Since then I've decided to throw some weekends and enthusiasm at it again. Knowing the engine now will turn over, I connected a battery. First thing to notice was the secondary water pump was screaming away. Water pipes aren't connected, so is this normal ? (doesn't sound it) unplugged it for the time being. Checking the blowers revealed (that after testing) relay 18 was faulty. I switched it out with a spare, but I think I'l change this as the other is of dubious origins (Looks number 18 is hard to come by so will look at an alternative. VW relay 100 maybe ?). The fuse for the blowers pops as soon as I turn them on. I disconnected the blower motor from the loom and now the fuse doesn't blow. Hopefully I can remove the motor and get it spinning without resistance. Sunroof sticks, which is disappointing as I had it working perfectly ( albeit 12 years ago ! ). Looks like the retracting cover is fouling on the frame. I took all this out years ago and adjusted it perfectly and re-attached the black liner. It looks like it's separated, got a bit baggy and seems to gather in the corner. It's a real awkward job, but thankfully something I've had a lot of practise doing. Brake lights were constantly on. An easy (if a little awkward) fix. Adjusted the servo/pedal connection for the switch to engage at the right point. Went through the other fuses/relays to check their condition. Found the fuel pump relay (167) clicks but couldn't hear the pump priming. Granted there's no fuel at the moment, but would expect to hear some noise. Decided to bench test the unit and try to diagnose the issue. Taking it out and running 12v through it revealed the motor is goosed. I've read the other thread about fuel pumps (this is an early Pierburg 4 bar unit with a Q prefix) and have almost hit the wall with them. To buy, their either 3 bar units (P prefix) mis-advertised as 4 bar (complete), or you can only get the motor and not a float. I'm going to head back into the garage this afternoon and see if I can separate out just the motor. Oh and clean all the rust from the bottom of the tank that it's left behind. When I got the car back, I was surprised to see that the clutch pedal hit the floor. While I was folded up in the footwell fixing the brake light switch I had a look at the master cylinder and found that it had started to leak. I couldn't find a replacement of the quality I wanted, so emailing Past parts this morning, they've just replied asking me to send it off for a rebuild. Apologies for the lack of images, but at the moment it feels like an exercise in collecting problems and their ensuing receipts, rather than driving !
  16. thanks cressa IIIRC i have already changed the motor for a better second hand one a few years ago it used to move ok on manual but motor struggled so am hoping it is just gunked up & the tension cut off is not letting the motor strain
  17. MJA Tigerfish Ger040 *2 TimA Bfstrachan mnmv12
  18. Hi, Welcome along, I’ve moved your request to the wanted section, hopefully someone will be along to offer you one 👍
  19. Dear all, I am a newby here, owner of a wonderful Corrado of 1994, very happy with it, fixing some things of course, and I am looking for a engine cover. Do you have some links where I can buy one ? Or do someone sell one ?
  20. Last week
  21. Thanks MooG60, I seen you a PM, yes mine is cracked at the fuel filter mount point, thanks 🙂
  22. mooG60

    Fuel hose size

    I like my little run outs to Jabba, apart form the £ aspect of course. Have fun, I am enjoying seeing the progress.
  23. Hi Animal. Sorry I forgot about this after a few days. I have a unit from a 16v I broke. The car was a runner but lost to tin worm. I have it boxed on my racking and will get some photos tomorrow. Is it the broken fuel filter fixing that is your issue, because if memory servers me correctly mine also has that piece broken? **Edit** I have found the pump and have taken photos, let me know if you are still in need. I can post the pics to your email for ease. Cheers.
  24. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Thanks Moo. The G60 is back home from Jabba now and just got to change the matrix - do x 2 fuel line- change the coolant hoses and she is good to go once interior back in.
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