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  2. I've sent you a PM. Many thanks Si
  3. OK welding will have to wait, to cheer mself up and after much messing arround engine finally in, happy as I have space in my garage and can chuck in loads more bits as well. Also started wrapping the loom and swapping out bolts and clips for stainless items.
  4. Cant find torque settings in Bentley, I know I had it written somewhere just can find where....seem to find conflicting settings when I search, does anyone know what the correct torque settings is for bolts pictured in yellow and blue? 25Nm?
  5. hi thanks for finding them, yes i'll have all those off you, shame about the sleeves though. pm me your paypal details and i will sort that out for you
  6. Hello there, right I've had a good look through my spares and have got some new black rubber mount buffer's, and new metal safety speed nuts. I've double checked regarding the round metal spacer sleeves, but don't have any of these spare I'm afraid. Let me know if you want both item's for £15, this is for x4 rubber mount buffer's & x4 safety speed nuts. or just the x4 safety speed nuts for £4 Si
  7. 🙂 Coming along nicely
  8. Hello mate, yeah these 3 item's in question are fitted to the 8v 16v MK2 Golf GTi, the 16v Passat, and the 16v's & G60 Corrado's. The Corrado 8v & VR6 only have the one fuel pump in fuel tank so these fixings are not used on this setup. All the others listed above have 2 fuel pumps so need these fixings, for the fuel swirl pot cradle support bracket. Si
  9. Sure im just wondering which would be closer a Mk2 golf or a MK3 . You would need to modify no dealt and make some fixings but worth it I would say. I know on a M2 floor pan it is the same part number as a Corrado. Product Vehicle Years Golf Mk2 1984 - 1992 Jetta 1984 - 1992 Corrado 1989 - 1995 https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/191803205c-floorpan-half-left.html
  10. Be nice to have a mk3 golf at the side to compare fixings
  11. Hey and a quality brand to surely that is worth a bash modding at that price.
  12. That's a better price to start with. Having a ramp would be handy in doing this. Nice idea though
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362263020704 Cheaper still Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162260772071 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah I love the 964 too. Think it's the wraparound rear light strip that I like so much which is common on both. I remember as a kid, my Grandads mate had one and took me out for a spin. The butterflies in my stomach as he accelerated had me hooked then! Lol
  16. Those nice shiny bits in the bay were fitted in 2014/15. I had to run it as a daily for about 3 months in 2016 which was a bit upsetting at the state of it afterwards! 😞
  17. You know it mate after them nice shiny bits you have in they bay would be nice to protect them somewhat.
  18. Yeah I think his budget was to low back then to be fair - might of got him in a tiptronic. A 993 turbo in midnight blue would be a dream or a red 964 for me also - well missed the boat on that one- had a chance to buy one in 2004 964 c2 white with blue leather - oh well they were very unloved then !
  19. I agree mate, really frustrating when if you do have to run it in the wet, the filth ends up coating even the bonnet soundproofing it's so bad!
  20. The 993 is in my top 3. Absolutely love them, S2 turbo with a whale tail and I go weak at the knees! Lol. Don't think 15k would have cut it even in 2012, the cheapest I've seen in the last 5 years or so was about 45k, and that was some time ago!
  21. Interesting chap cant help but feel a guard under the engine would be a huge plus although lets be honest these cars do not tend to see bad weather anymore as mostly weekend cars.
  22. John @ JMR has entire underfloor protection front to back. Not sure if it's all CF, pretty sure his diffuser is though. He probably made and moulded it himself I'd imagine as well rather than modifying something. He might be open to sharing what he did, could be worth a phone call.
  23. Reading this thread from 2012 and the poster was on about buying a 993 and his budget was 15 k - 8 years later for a manual they are now 45k plus. Last of the air cooled 911 was always going to make it a wise bet. If you read user rodmax post on thread he had a cup challenge one that would be a 150 k car now if he still owns it and kept the parts he took off it to convert to the road. One sold at auction a few days back. https://www.coys.co.uk/cars/1996-porsche-993-cup-3-8 186.000 euro sold a few days back at auction. Would of paid his mortgage off.
  24. As we all know the Mk2 shares the same floor pan as a Rado but later has a wide track - has anyone ever modded a MK2 GTD under engine trim to fit a rado as SWG are now selling them. Engine bay if far to open for debris for my liking . http://www.swgmotorsport.com/asps/ShowDetails.asp?id=100 Anyone brave enough to give it a ago
  25. hi , if you have the speed clips i mite be able to salvage my rubbers, thanks
  26. i found that it seemed a bit too long but then realised i'd not seated the seal properly in the bends. From what i remember there was a plastic tube joiner between the two ends. But having a longer gasket is certainly better than it falling short and leaving a gap! At least it can be trimmed to size. But you're right for the price it really should be spot on.
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