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  2. Hi there, Does anyone know of any good suppliers for the VW wire end connectors that go into the terminal plugs? Not the plastic terminal connectors themselves, but the metal pins (and round rubber seals) that fit into the terminal connectors? Would be nice to get a variety pack of different sizes
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  4. I am based in Leamington. I'm pretty sure we have talked about a meet last year. We really need to get it on this year.
  5. There don’t seem to an option to donate extra only to sub membership?
  6. I learn so much by reading you guys posts, thank you! I'll be checking my drains as well just for maintenance and I sure didn't know about the intermittent wipers either. I hope you get your leak sorted out! Share a picture once you get it re-sprayed too! Cheers
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  8. Not at all - your project looks great, keep up the good work!
  9. Apologies for gazumping your post fendervg, hope you get yours sorted. Fingers crossed it’s not too expensive to fix 🤞
  10. Yeah, I have VCDS and the 2x2 cable, so will hook it up tomorrow to check.
  11. Hi, unfortunately due to my job becoming more demanding and a house move I’ve not had chance to do much with the G60. however During the last year I did manage to get the engine 95% finished, and have had all the glass installed including a brand new screen thanks to old School windscreens in Longcross Surrey 😀 hopefully this year will be the year to get it finished lol 😂
  12. Nightmare rescue have saved me a couple of times as well ! Have you got a fault reader ? Got any codes coming up ?
  13. Got towed home by the AXA recovery dude - luckily only 10 mins drive from my house. Engine cut out coming down the outside lane of a particularly fast slip road off our orbital "motorway" on my way home from work, and would not start again, starter engages, seems to catch but won't fire up, could be fuel problem I guess, but haven't had a chance to look yet as it's too dark and cold now. A nice chap in another near vintage car pulled over and stopped the traffic so we could move the VR to the off side hard shoulder to wait. No-one else was stopping, but he said he could empathise as he'd been in the same boat plenty of times. Kudos. And to top it all off the recovery driver was the same guy who helped out two years ago when a coolant hose burst! Recognised the car immediately. Ah well, at least it has been a relatively trouble free daily for two years - I wish.
  14. To check the windscreen tray under the x3 plastic trims. One screw on the left trim and one screw on the furthest right trim. Just carefully lift unclip each trim by lifting up. Under there is a tray a cm or two wide and see if it is full of crap. You will need to take the passenger side off any way to get to the heater fan grill cover for inspection.
  15. See how you'll benefit from our latest offer if you get a Chris Knott CAR or HOME insurance quote by 31st March - https://the-corrado.net/topic/86207-chris-knott-insurance-pre-spring-offer/ QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 best, Nick Feedback about Chris Knott... "Just about to renew my other car with Chris Knott using this service. Sent the request and had a phone call at 9am the following day. Quote was £300 cheaper than what I was currently paying so fingers crossed that the quote I received is still valid tomorrow morning. So far a very positive experience and will be looking at insuring the GT86 when it is due in January." JohnM, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club "I was recommended by a colleague at work who has been with you for 10 years and said he’s never had a problem and always had good prices and always spoken with helpful people so I rang up and got a quote which I was very happy with. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and it helped me and answered all questions I asked so I was very happy I was treated very well." Domenico D, TrustPilot "I have been with Chris Knott for a few years and recently asked them for cover on my new runabout. They provided a competitive quote straightaway on Saturday morning and even mirrored my existing NCB. Thanks! :)" Jonathan, TrustPilot
  16. Nailed it! This is the very car and thread I was thinking of. I wonder what the hell happened to it? Also did some more digging on the registrations and found out more. It also turns out that there were more Corrados after F241BVV which followed the registration. So basically there were other F plate Corrados out there which were never press cars, but were sold to the general public. I wonder how many F plate Corrados were sold, and how many remain?
  17. Pendine Sands! No wonder they rusted away!
  18. Just found this. Press cars have BVV letters. Looks like you commented on this a decade ago! I wonder what became of Mave's old car?
  19. Interesting reading. What are the registrations of the press cars?
  20. Loving the new site great job and we also have Tapatalk access back. [emoji1303] I feel an extra donation coming the forums way. Many thanks [emoji4]
  21. I do worry that £15 a year is simply going to be too tall an ask. We always struggled in the CCGB to make £15/year seem a fair price and as @bristolbaron says, there were at least tangible benefits such as dedicated event and merchandise managers, the magazine (which admittedly was sporadic at times!) - all of these cost money to produce. The magazine for example was many hours of time to put together but then around £700 of printing and postage costs per run. I do obviously hope more than anything, that the forum continues. I've been a part of it from, virtually, the very start and I'd like to hope have contributed in meaningful ways.. though probably used way more than my share of server time! But I think people, even more so today than ever before, thanks to the likes of Facebook basically expect all this stuff for free. I worry that things like forums will only ever continue to operate on little more than goodwill and the generosity of the owner (be that financially, or in time invested) and I think it's always going to be difficult to cover the costs. I also apologise in advance for saying this, I'd also say that I find the notion of monetising the work of others on things like the Wiki, which was provided (at the time) in the spirit of community and the open exchange of ideas and knowledge, a little bit unsavoury. There's a lot of folks who gave their time and knowledge, freely in the past who are no longer active. So for that to go behind a paywall now is.. well.. I'm not so keen on that. Again I appreciate you have bills to pay to keep this place operational but I'm really not sure if paid access to the forum itself is the best way forward.. and that the costs to keep the forum running should be approached in different ways. Be that a little sponsorship, merchandise, etc etc.
  22. Not seen one for a very long time. In fact the last one I saw (in any form) was the one featured on the cover of Autocar. It came up for sale about 2008. Was in Blackpool and was in really rough shape. I had my eye on it, but as much as I wanted a press car to add to the family, it was just too far gone. In fact, If I remember the advert correctly, his wife bought it for him as a project off ebay. Once he saw the state of the cills/arches he fell out with the idea (It certainly put me off). It was also a time when early 16vs (without an MOT) were changing hands for £300+. And ones in good order £1000+ So not much interest in putting the effort in. Running a check of their regs in the MOT checker looks like they've all been SORN (broken for parts ?) for at least 6 years.
  23. I'll try and upload some more pictures at some point. I've got random little galleries I kept from various rolling road days, and meets etc going back to the early 2000's.
  24. Cheers - did not know about the wiper feature- excellent! Keyo I haven't got my head around the scuttle area yet. I've run a hose down the windshield and seen water running from the bottom of the wing. I'll look for the the area Rob mentions. I have bought a 3 quid gasket seal or somewhere in the scuttle area with the door rubbers from heritage too. The plastic along the base of the windscreen, with wipers mounted through, has a small crack in the middle. I shall start parking nose down - hadn't thought drainage is more designed that way because of the electrics.
  25. rhd16v


    Totally forgot to post some pictures. Here’s a couple from the progress it’s made in the last 10-11months. Did wheels and suspension upgrades last spring. NGP Type1 coilovers, top mounts, bushings, wheel bearings, rotors and pad. Since then I have removed the fuel system and converted to yzf1000 bike carbs, bogg brothers manifold, spoonfed rain cowl, and some wiring and bracket removal (and a bunch of cleaning). Going to sand and paint the bay when it gets warm. Refinishing a set of RH ZW1’s now to run this season. I plan on enjoying the car for a bit before any large paint/engine work in the fall. Tons more pics and info on my Vortex thread called The New Project. Cheers buds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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