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  2. Has anyone got any 437 502 043 fuel injectors 

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  4. Car looks so good, thanks for Sharing Chris!
  5. Looks great, you will have to show us more pictures .....
  6. Wilko13

    G60 radiator

    I have a mk2 golf gti rad in mine but to get it to fit you need to blank the charger off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Cressa

    wilkos G60

    I did the alpine speaker swap. They are a good fit and do thr job 👍
  8. Not really done much with the car recently just been enjoying it. I have tho fitted new speakers and head unit, also managed to get spoiler working again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Nice looking motor. How's the coil pack, for the misfire?
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  11. Hi Fuzzer - are you still around in the Corrado world? 

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    2. _Matt_


      The Corrado Graveyard is really only any good if you go and pick up the parts yourself. Is Lilfuzzer Chris Ferry? He's on facebook and still active, if he's not Chris, try Chris Ferry as he has always been great for me on parts. 

      The forum is pretty dead. Apparently there is another one in the making but don't know if it will come to life. 

    3. Dox


      One and the same Matt

    4. g0ldf1ng3r


      i can PM you the mobile number i had for him if that would help

  12. Cheers for that, I was wondering if the housing might have had historic issues with other owners. I might try and add an o-ring between the pipe and metal outlet or neoprene tape or summat!
  13. Yeah... 18 I guess. I got it running a decade ago but it's taken time to iron out a lot of the issues. It's still got a misfire on Cyl 5, seems to be a bad ground to the injector, new injectors didn't fix it.
  14. Nice and like the wheels. Has it taken 20 years?! Worth the wait for sure looks great.
  15. But somehow my password I used in 2004 still works, musta taken me a long time to get this thing together. LC3U No Sunroof SLC from WYOMING?! Yeah I think it's RARE
  16. EssexG60

    G60 radiator

    Hi mate, any luck with OEM? I am in the same boat now. Seems Aluminium is the only way forward as no one seems to stock OEM.
  17. You probably don't need the rear speakers, but there is a fairly well priced Alpine alternative that are the same range as the one's that fit for the doors and dash, so people including me, have just used all three: SXE­4625S (rear) SXE-1325S (door) SXE-1025S (dash) The 1025s in the dash need some fettling to fit, you can see in my build thread what I did, although I think just keeping stock tweeters here might be fine. You will also need to make up a short wiring connection to replace the crossover in the stock tweeters if you did, as the doors connect to these. This will make a world of difference to your sound without resorting to amps and subs, as the stocks end up pretty knackered. The only thing, as I say, is potentially leaving out the dash speakers as I don't think this made a lot of difference. I keep meaning to put the tweeters back in to compare the difference.
  18. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the valver, but if it's anything like the VR then it seems quite hard to avoid leaks around here, and you end up living with it a bit. The breather pipe/PCV is plastic rather than rubber, so it doesn't seal well even with new clips and whatnot. Might be the same for the Valver.
  19. hello again ok, ive spoken to the maker - he is in Dubai working for the next couple of weeks & is happy to crack on with the looms once back could everyone who has stated their interest pls send me a PM with your name, address, personal email & phone number this will make it much easier for me to track responses & keep things moving once ive had a PM i will email from my personal account 🙂 i will check back in a few days & if not many replies to this post i will send out messages on here thanks all
  20. Pretty much as the title...I've had a leak around the crank breather outlet forever, I tried a Jubilee clip (green) on the rubber pipe at the outlet and cable tie (blue) on the small connection with the only other clamping being the OEM hose clip (purple). It currently has a rocker cover leak, but if I'm fixing that I figure I ought to sort this bugger out at the same time! What should I look for/try next?🤷
  21. Two steps forward, one step back should have been the Corrado advertising slogan ! I wouldn’t be too quick to assume the ECU. They tend to go bad and not work again, rather than being intermittent. Here is a list of ECU prefix part numbers incase you need a spare, same as before, try swapping an ECU with another owner first. Does the stuttering happen when the car reaches a certain temperature ? Fuelling issue perhaps ?
  22. I had already subscribed - anyone doing corrado content I am thankful for to raise the profile of the cars. Good to have you on the forum too!
  23. Haha, yeah. Yea, luckily this bad noise was just 2 little loose spark plug wires. I pulled and tested, but apparently not enough. 😄 The trembling/stuttering issue.. well got it fixed (main reason was the potentiometer, but changed the air mass sensor just in case and idle speed regulator too (this was faulty).. over a month later and the stuttering is slowly coming back and again computer shows idle speed regulator fault. So starting to think it's an electrical-wiring or ECU issue now, which I know absolutely nothing about. 😰
  24. “This doesn’t sound great” Those immortal words we’ve all spoken many times before. Did you manage to fix it ?
  25. Wow, so much time has already passed, wild. Corr is still with me, of course, still trying to keep her alive.😀 Now I’m doing it publicly, if interested then I have a Youtube channel where amongst other things I show a life with my Corr. And she keeps on giving.😀 ☀️ K.
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