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  2. test the isv by pulsing it with 12v. You should see the flap open fully and then close without getting stuck. Give it a light mist of oil to keep it moving freely.
  3. Not allot to report in respect of look and any real upgrades, more so of trying to sort out the gremlins in the car. Had an issue with the fuel pump after a long drive it would hum for a little while so managed to get a replacement one sorted so problem solved, but have had an idling issue for some time, and a random misfire. So today managed to eliminate what we think it is, quite confident its the ISV, i did replace it as well as the vacuum pipe on the TB, Throttle position sensor turns out the new ISV was faulty too, so trying to source one at the moment. Fitted a genuine coil pack and ht leads to the car and the misfire is for the moment no more. But got the wheels back from RustyRims and has done a cracking job.
  4. cheers all tbh there what the car come with tbh i quite like especially as maintance is super low, looking forward to 2021 when hopefully i like many others will have a reason to put the new wheels on
  5. thank you all for the support so far seem to be making some steps in putting this right, As said i replaced the ISV the other month, so i thought that was that and with the car still doing the same thing, its why i drove me to think theres more to it, so replaced the throttle position sensor, new vacuum pipe off the breather and cleaned out throttle body, and that made it worse today. We scratched our heads in disgust as the idling had got worse instead of better, turns out after everything the replacement ISV was shot too. Fitted the old one back and the revs held at 900 as supposed to 1500 so with that said now thankfully we may have this problem under control
  6. Nice paint job :) I still haven't put my interior in. Chasing a leak and trying to tidy all the wires etc. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. Sounds like something is a miss there from the insurances side.
  8. To put it into context, I could insure my MK7 Golf estate, 2004 BAM TT and my Corrado VR6 with Brentacre for around the same price (all 3), ie I'm not a high risk and don't live I a high risk area.
  9. According to the wiring diagrams in the Bentley manual 1992 to 1993 Corrado with distributor fitted, the fuel relay should be as below. Z1 = red/yellow wire (can be linked to fuse 18 on some VAG models for fuel pump relay, and or fuel injectors. 30B = 4mm red wire this is the permanent live power to fuel relay (167) but relay won't activate/energize until ignition is switched on. 30 = 4mm red wire is a permanent live from the battery (this is the main power live from battery for fuse box) which then goes to pin terminal 30B in fuse box. Terminal spade pins 30B and 30 are both linked according to the Bentley manual wiring diagram. Fuel relay (167) this has 9 pin contacts. Pin 1 = possibly not used but is used on some 8v and 16v and G60 up to about 1992 / early 1993 MK2 Golf / Jetta / Corrado. But this is on the 50 circuit which only receives power once ignition is in the start position, according to the Bentley manual. Pin 2 = power live from ignition switch will energize relay when ignition is in on position or cranking engine. Pin 3 = output power to ECU from terminal pin G1/3 (G1 is the white 12 pin plug in back of fuse box) yellow/blue 0.5mm wire goes to terminal pin 6 of ECU. Pin 4 = goes to fuse 18 (20 amp) also partially be connected to Lambda sensor control module via G1/8 red/yellow 1mm wire. (G1 is a 12 pin white plug in back of fuse box) Pin 5 = goes to G1/6 possibly not used (G1 white plug pin 6 of this 12 pin plug) Pin 6 = this is connected to terminal single spade pin 30B in fuse box = 4mm red wire goes to terminal pin 30 in fuse box (permanent live) Pin 7 = goes to terminal pin G2/7 of white 12 pin plug and terminal pin T/2 (T is 2 pin green plug) in fuse box, possibly not used blank. Pin 8 = blank possibly not used, but on some VAG vehicles can be an earth. Pin 9 = goes to terminal pin M/4 of black 6 pin plug, and terminal pin G2/5 of white 12 pin plug, and U1/8 of 14 pin blue plug. Possibly not used blank. hope this helps Si
  10. Ok so this is how the fusebox looks without the red connector block adapter fitted. Purple dot = is terminal spade Z1 (possibly not used on VR6) = but on some 8v or 4 cyl VAG vehicles it is linked to fuel pump/relay and fuse 18, and possibly power feed to fuel injectors ? Red dot = is terminal spade 30B = permanent power live to fuel relay (167) but this relay won't activate/energize until ignition is switched on. Yellow dot = is terminal spade 30 = this is the permanent live from car battery, which should be connected to 30B to give live 12v to fuel relay. Think it's a red 4mm wire might have a connection point mid way along wire which then transfers battery live to 30B pin. Or some vehicles I think may have a fusiable link where the wire is joined, either covered with black insolation tape, or connection point plug, or soldered with heat shrink tube covering. Looks like the red connector block adapter is fitted over terminal spade pins 30B and 30, to allow more smaller wire's to be fitted, but not all VAG vehicles used this adapter block. Si
  11. Yes that is the correct cable, it is a constant live and the other connector in that block is used for the fuel pump.
  12. Wow that is a joke - I suppose its down to what underwriters they have on their system been brokers.
  13. Just to highlight the stupidity of insurance, 12 months ago I had a quote from Lancaster for a Volvo 940 estate (one owner who was going into a dementia home with his wife) valued at £1K with an annual mileage of 4K, their quote - £1200 on a classic policy
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  15. No don't connect that single black wire to G1/12 as that is possibly for the tachometer, and might blow/damage something. If that black wire is keeping the engine running where it was connected to before, then something is wrong. Just to clarify this black wire you say it's connected to the red connector block at the end of fusebox, is it the one I've marked with white dots in your photo ?? Si
  16. Is it for sucking rainwater out of pot holes? [emoji41] nice paint job though, will be great to have everything back in place.
  17. Hi Si, Thanks for your help once again, I think I worded my question wrong as there is a single black connector that comes off of pin d6 on the fusebox. If u look in the picture you can see the red connector block at the end of the fusebox the black wire going into there it is a single connector. I will have a look and see if I can connect it to g1/12. But there are a few unidentified wires so I may put the car back together and see what doesn't work and then go from there. for an old car there sure are a lot of wires.
  18. Yes mate cant complain Im happy with it to be honest as they could of come back with a lot less figure - they always wait 21 days intill you get the valuation back (no dealt because after cooling off period so you would get cancellation fees. )
  19. pity they didnt go for the 25K but 20 is still great m8!! well done 🙂
  20. Ok update on this got my valuation certificate off Lancaster today, Went for 25K as that's what Im into the car with purchase -renovation- rare period factory options and period mods. Happy but not over the moon as it wouldn't cover me financially in a total loss - they agreed £20,000 Would be helpful if folks got their cars valued at a good rate so it became more of the norm . My Insurance cost £320 with agreed value- 2 years NCB and full breakdown in a major city with high premiums. I could of got it as low as £160 but I believe you pay for what you get even when it comes to Insurance,
  21. Lovely jubilee but shouldn't that be your charcoal filter you hooligan. ha
  22. All back to aqua blue and i must say I’m very happy with it they’ve done a fantastic job. I sure hope I can keep it like that while I put it back together.
  23. Hello there, according to the Bentley manual the ECU power supply relay (109) has 6 pin contacts. Pin 1 = earth Pin 2 = possibly on same circuit track as tachometer, looks like it's linked to D/6 which is linked also to G1/12 ECU tacho signal, green/black 0.5mm wire to terminal pin 22 in ECU. But on some VAG vehicles D/6 is left blank I think. Pin 3 = ignition power to energize relay once turned to on position or when cranking engine. Pin 4 = permanent live 12v from battery. Pin 5 = is linked to G1/7 black/brown 0.5mm wire to terminal pin 9 in ECU. Pin 6 = power output to ECU linked to G1/10 red/blue 2.5mm wire which goes to (E7 = welded wiring harness point / multipoint fuel injection wiring harness loom), wire changes from 2.5mm red/blue wire to 1.5mm red/blue wire to terminal pin 23 in ECU. Also partly linked to the N80 Evaporative emission frequency valve (purge valve) G1-12 pin white plug = engine compartment wiring harness. In back of fuse box on lower row roughly mid way, look at image attached below. D-12 pin green plug = Optional equipment wiring harness. In back of fuse box on lower row 5th from left. Look at image attached below. Hope this helps Si
  24. Last week
  25. I think it's more making a mess and then fixing it, but i'll get there.
  26. selling my mums audi as it just doesnt get used. Only 36000 miles fsh Audi A5 finished in metallic black, 2013 model 36000 miles. 1.8TFSI Dual zone climate control Multi function flat bottom steering wheel with paddle shift Automatic headlights Heated side mirrors Engine start stop One previous owner Full service history 5dr Multitronic Its really a nice place to be. On autotrader for 13,450 but welcome to offers for a quick sale
  27. fla

    No spark issue

    Impressive that at your age you're getting stuck into identifying and sorting problems on the car - well done!
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