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  2. Looking for an old set of VR 6 calipers to trade in. I am looking to upgrade the 16v ones. Someone may have an old set they want rid off? Thanks
  3. The only time I have seen them are on breakers cars in Europe- Ebay ebay kleinanzeigen If you google corrado Kamei corrado Zender There is a silver breakers car in Germany on there that has some zender parts and some BBS RM with missing caps- also has a Kamei kit minus front and rear bumper . Something normally comes up but its rare to see a complete kit - the front splitters got damaged a lot. Its a shame so many shit kits are out there and not one of them could make a copy kit of Kamei the dumb ass holes. Problem with the site is a lot of the Germans are not very trusting and dont accept paypal - I just ordered a Right) side grab handle A pillar upper trim (passenger LHD) because I like a grab handle on drivers side.
  4. Brilliant thanks for confirming
  5. No the gearbox will bolt up fine
  6. Hi one other thing regarding this conversion, when I changed my head gasket some time back I noticed my engine code is AAA which means I have a golf VR6 engine I assume. Do I need to find a golf VR6 gearbox does this change things for me, isn’t the golf VR6 a six speed as well. I would prefer my Corrado as a 5 speed manual.
  7. Assume it is almost impossible to find any of the zender/kamei kits these days? Quite like that red one now....
  8. its funny how things come around again Years ago i was offered a set of these for £60 and a set has appeared near to me for £450 complete and i must admit they do look good on a mk2 golf (better than a corrado!)
  9. its funny how things come around again Years ago i was offered a set of these for £60 and a set has appeared near to me for £450 complete and i must admit they do look good on a mk2 golf (better than a corrado!)
  10. thanks as always Keyo 😉 lol ive got the Kamei eyebrow as well but unfortunately it wouldnt fit as the bottom edge of the carbon bonnet must be slightly over compared to OE - i might put it back on the 16v which is where i stole it from funny how you mention the Zender over spoiler - guess what i got out the loft a couple of weeks ago 😉 LOL out of interest, did you know the X1 kit was wind tunnel tested for aero efficiency. i have a sales add pic for it somewhere on my phone
  11. Last week
  12. When I purchased the Speedlines I had a very good chat with one of the guys, he confirmed they were made for America because someone just had to have 16's! We owe him a beer! These are part of the Speedline historic range now and although I had the last set on the shelf, they run a couple of batches per year. Interestingly, they have been exporting these to Europe for years but there has never been any demand from the UK. Apparently it's only the last year or so that sales a little closer to home are growing so certainly some group buy potential!
  13. I would say there would be some intensest for sure - im ok myself as have now a strict policy x2 sets of alloys per car. Although these would be sweet and just sell the stock 15s and these are basically stock just larger.
  14. Looks like there was another successful group buy in the States in 2019 for the 16": https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/feeler-group-buy-16-speedline-corse-corrado-speedlines.8783130/page-4 and it was a small run, only 30 wheels or so. The suggestion is that they seem to be able to run these off existing 2110 tooling and then machine the bore and PCD etc. for ET35. Hmm - I wonder would it be worth gauging interest as these would be the ideal wheels for many who are looking for an OEM+ solution?
  15. Kamei and zender, perfect bit of kit and look great on a red motor. A quality addition to your car too 👍👍
  16. Ah - the now almost legendary VW Vortex 16" Speedline remake! All makes sense now - great idea, "We want 16 inch OEM wheels for our Corrados, let's get the manufacturer to run some off..." Was a year or two before my VR6 ownership began, but if I had know there were some left over I would have definitely had a set. Looks like we might all need to go to 16s soon to be able to find sensible tyres. Well wear.
  17. A just seen you went on a strip to St Albans - you should have nipped in for a cuppa!
  18. As someone who would never consider a bodykit the top ones are nice and subtle and i would consider that for mine. However the grille badge placement is giving me the sweats.
  19. Bit of an update on Black Magic mini build. Closing in on the finishing line. O2a gearbox is been built up with the VWMS 5 + 6 add on . I also stumbled across this lone pair of nos Zender side skirts from Australia which I want just to give the car a bit more Aero width along side the spoonfed extended spoiler. I tell you what though wouldn't an early g60 Zender build be a great project minus the over spoiler for me though anyone got one in the UK . Has anyone got a set of these Zender skirts think there might be a couple of types knocking about Im also a big fan of Goldfinger Kamei X! kit which his aware of ha. It would be rude to not add an X1 Kamei - its look real classy - one with the mobile phone from 1990 or 91 brochure.
  20. Somewhat of a bargain I thought considering what they were sellling for second hand back in 2009. I believe these were left over from a run of wheels made in 2008. I'm led to believe they are all gone now though. https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/fs-5x100-16x7-corrado-speedline-wheels-yokohama-parada-tires-mint-condition.4372369/
  21. Very nice alloys - always been more of Speedline fan then BBS= love the RuF Speedlines . They have been owned by Ronal for sometime .
  22. Are these the Speedline Type 2110 Challenge wheels from their website, or some other variation? They look really well, I'll bet you're chuffed!
  23. That would be good. My car is sitting in my garage without a fuel tank and front end at the moment. We will get there it's just one of my daily drivers has blown it's turbo so am working on that one when i get time. My projects are taking longer than expected - this white car was meant to be finished but wasn't happy with a few aspects post respray.
  24. 🤣 Ha ha no arguements from me!! Proper happy with them, owe you big time for it!! If we ever get to a show this year you need to be sporting your set too!!!
  25. When you think about it, the OEM thermostat housings and coolant pipe have all done well over 100k miles and 20+ years, so I think the quality is fine. What they don't like is being removed and put back on, and you need to make sure everything is really clean and smooth on all the faces and use new seals and o-rings.
  26. That....... looks...... EPIC! Mine are still piled up in the corner of my living room 😞 Best wheel for the Corrado hands down. Ok we're biased but it's true.
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