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  2. Also it would probably wise to keep the fans running with the 3 stages instead of the 2 stages like the non-AC was designed... Or it wouldn't make much of a difference?
  3. In my search of finding just the connector, I found a new wiring harness for the fan. The wiring harness is for a VR6 non-AC car so I though it would be a good thing since I want to delete the AC. But now I'm finding out that most of the wires are not the same colors and the connectors except for the 4 wires one that melted are all different as well. So it may be not the best way to go finally, maybe I'll just cut a pig tail off a Passat...
  4. Yes absolutely! A valid point and I investigated a little already. I found that in 2006 the radiator and fans were replaced, maybe it seized or something like that?
  5. Thanks for your input, I'm definitely interested to see what you have done and how you made it happen but I went to look at your build thread and for some reason I can't see any pictures?? Is it just me? I checked from two different computers with the same result! Cheers
  6. Yesterday
  7. It turns out I made the new bracket upside down(thanks Tony) so I had to do it again 🤣
  8. Hi. Do you have the passenger side mirror, needs to be heated. I mainly need the glass with no Browning on the edges, let me know how much.

  9. Lawton

    Rear Side Windows

    I have a Corrado Vr6 and need 2 rear side passenger widows with sill in great condition, is ther any out there for less than £100? Lawton...
  10. Ah, good news! Sent a few of the forum threads over and the guy has found someone at Eibach who knows about the problem and should be sending replacement springs next week. The guy at Extreme Carstyling has been extremely helpful, didn't argue in the first instance, got straight on to Eibach, always responded quickly and has pursued them for an answer. Would be happy to recommend them. Was a very good price on the B12s as well...
  11. Does anyone have any pointers on how the return spring should be oriented on the door lock? Stupidly it came apart in my hands before I got a good look at it.
  12. Keyo

    g60 oil sensor

    Sorry mate just seen its a G60 ! Hope this helps. http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/COR/year/1995/drive_standart/76/hg_ug/919/subcategory/212000/part_id/3690238/lang/e
  13. Hi, do you still have the mats for sale please?

  14. ger040

    g60 oil sensor

    does any one know the part number for the oil pressure sensor that is fitted to the tee piece (don't know the part name) of the oil pressure braided charger line where it connects to the engine - it is brown in colour. just taken my car out of hibernation and is has decided to drip oil through its electrical contact. i have been looking at etka and cant see these parts identified.
  15. He is a great source thank god he exists ha !
  16. Very nice. His badges are great quality.
  17. Been measuring the Vento cups up today for some centre caps. The stock speedlines are 58mm I believe and the Vento cups centre caps are 1-2mm wider diameter. I believe the centre caps from a Speedline Corse will fit and advertised as 59mm-60mm. Im going to test fit one. Link below https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPEEDLINE-CORSE-ALLOY-WHEEL-SILVER-CENTRE-CAP-1-with-Plastic-Back-60mm/231871831681?epid=713262142&hash=item35fca35e81:g:JVMAAOSwu1VW4DwC Renwart will is making me some VW Motor Sport 3d printed Motor caps in black and light grey same a stock MK3 Rallye prototype that i will adhesive on to the corse speedline cap after testing fit. He has estimated between 30- 40 euro. Example of his work below and also a diagram of the Speedline corse centre cap.. Have asked Ren to make the decal 3d print in 58mm. to compensate for the diameter border. Also attached below picture of Motor Sport cap. Once made not sure whether to preserve them and only put them on for shows. Can be seen on video if freeze at 0.50/1 https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FDzDaHAqAmSM%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2aDUm_8-S8ik9dgrPu-W8U8C4TWINWFaB04t-U3La15ZfJAyezY2jk7l0&h=AT0UkukGhSPoBMhd-KyQIKzahLi8Md1U3x5LFJtqVINMz2kNnpY8I6FRk3Q7BS0_K3rcW1Jt9Y522d4av5Op756xDKZB-xDcKApG8iXRZ7Qr_YXrBEwRdBcAlXoxCgjesFLA
  18. You have to wonder why it burnt the original plug too, that shouldn’t have happened
  19. I swopped my fan connectors to mk4 ones. Both sides. I've got some pics and part numbers in my build thread, if that makes it any easier?
  20. Well Shaun, finally it is really finishing by 304 and not 204... The 1H0973304 is impossible to find! So I'll start researching for a Sharan cooling fan, thanks for the link! Cheers
  21. Last week
  22. Decided to look at making a bracket to house the new abs. Advised by Tonedef and having read the same previously I set about making a Frankenstein. As you’ll no doubt see, my welding skills are up there with my wiring knowledge 🤣. Fortunately it doesn’t need to be pretty. It’s nice and solid which is the main thing
  23. Looks like a tidy example from the pics. VDO gauges as well [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  24. Hi, Hoping to do more on my VR6 this year, it has been collecting dust for too long! Just need to get the drive shaft out of the wheel bearing housing for starters! Few pics below:
  25. In the meantime, bit more progress. Airbox tray cleaned of rust and resprayed: Always amazed at how purple Aqua blue looks at some angles in certain light - don't tend to notice it on the outside as much.
  26. Thanks Sean, think I'll have to wait until things get back to being a bit more normal and get a garage to sort, was hoping to to do a bit on the Corrado while I have more time on my hands!
  27. It was a workshop when I was in Portsmouth on a course so I don't know the details unfortunately. It was a 20t press of a budget type, but it did the job well.
  28. Thanks Sean, did you get a garage to do for you or do you have your own press? if your own could I ask what type.
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