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  2. A pleasure to look at, keep up the good work and keep those nice pictures coming, they will help me once I put my engine together lol. Cheers mate
  3. Can't be the one screw that holds the oil dipstick? Would love to help, I'm not sure either so I'm brainstorming here! I'll have a look at my engine which is out right now, maybe I can see it somewhere...
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  5. Thank you! Oh yeah, since I was doing the sanding and all that prep work first time in my life, then got to do some things over and over again. The whole thing took about 6 months of work. 😄 Color is lovely indeed, couldn't imagine that I would love a green color so much, but it's so pretty and shiny. Thank you for the advice. Luckily I'll take the engine to a mechanic who has been building VR motors years and years, so completely trusting Corrado with him. 😄 But I'll ask about the mk4 tensioner for sure. 😊
  6. Grim reading indeed when you think of all the plastics / rubber in our cars fuel distribution system Reading on interesting to see synthetic fuels exploration (porsche). 9
  7. Good start, paint looks lovely! Must have taken some effort sanding all that down. When doing the engine rebuild look out for the chain tensioner - worth upgrading this to a Mk4 golf tensioner. better design and will last a lot longer.
  8. Thanks! Fitted the fuel lines I got from Hel. They really did a top number - there was a bit of confusion over whether they could do a hoses for the VR6, initially saying they could, but then couldn't when I sent the originals over because they are the pre-formed into shapes. So instead they sent two lengths of hoses plus connectors for free to make up for it. Fitted them and the have all gone on OK, and look smart: Certainly an option if VW originals can't be sourced. The third clip attached to the intake mani will help keep them all neat and together as well. Also think I have sorted the stripped thread on the slave cylinder bolt hole. Used Loctite thread repair: Form-A-Thread® Stripped Thread Repair Kit - 4.8-ml. syringe form-a-thread stripped th: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools Seems to have worked and the bolt is good and tight in there. Seems like a useful product to have if anyone is in a similar situation. Remains to be seen how well it will torque up, but might not go full torque on it just in case. Otherwise, I don't think I have any other options - can't get in there to drill the thread out for helicoil.
  9. Not really sure. I had a look over it and couldn't see anywhere obvious it could go. Maybe when I am connecting the hoses and throttle cable it might appear.
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  11. Glad to see your hard work is paying off for you Cressa. 👍
  12. Was a pleasure to open her up down the motorway. I'm sure the car appreciates it, even if it just reminds me of the niggly jobs I need to do 😄
  13. FFS...! I've just spent the weekend stitching my battered centre console together with 3D replacement bits and a soldering iron. Wish I'd seen what you'd done with the MK4 one first - looks fantastic. A bit late now, but I solved the sticking out climatronic panel by putting the u-clips on the clima panel and mounting it behind the centre console insert - completely flush that way. edit - just realised your is an early dash, so the clima panel would probably sit differently to mine
  14. My worry is, when electric cars come in,and they will, the price of road tax,or pay per mile will sky rocket, as will fuel, all done to discourage us polluters from the roads. Making our cars nearly worthless [emoji22] The government doesn’t want us to own cars,they want us to lease them, all electric, all self driven, Why ? Leased,means we have a car industry, cars always being renewed The main point,zero road deaths by 2050, a European directive, even though we are out of Europe
  15. Five years seems like a long time but when you’ve owned your current Corrado 21 years and have no plans of parting with it you still need to make plans for the future!
  16. Anyone tried these on standard arms? They claim to be as good as modern flat style blades, but with conventional fitting. My car is standard and I'd like to keep it that way, but the crap wipers and dim headlights often tempt me to modify!
  17. Super unleaded is staying the same,well ...for the next five years, So just use that
  18. I've been reading this for a few years now and knew something was coming although, I haven't read anything about v-power changing, I thought that would remain as is. I might actually take a bit more notice if that's the case. Here's one article, affects quite a lot apparently especially rubber seals, hoses etc https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/everything-you-need-to-know-about-using-e10-fuel-with-your-classic-car/
  19. Did anyone else notice the news earlier this week that from September normal unleaded E5 fuel is to be replaced with E10? Apparently super unleaded will remain only 5% ethanol for five more years before following suit which means if you're already using V-Power or similar you'll be OK for the moment but the days are numbered. What needs swapping on the Corrado to ensure it'll not start leaking like a sieve come the changeover?
  20. I think it might only be 10. If you are lucky the parts will be in demand due to the number of cars sold, and they will sell off tooling, patents and licensing to aftermarket manufacturers - almost never happens with expensive to reproduce or rare stuff like model specific trim.
  21. Part of EU law I believe is that manufactures need to supply parts for 15 from production end of a vehicle. After that you are in the hands of the gods.
  22. how was it, have a good drive
  23. I need to go through it thoroughly being second hand but thanks, that good to know 👌
  24. I had that fuse box on my old Octavia, check the fuse for the lights, there’s 2, the one nearest the screen (standard size - the other is super size) had been arcing on mine causing 7 lights to go out - can-bus etc
  25. Decided I would put the fuse box under the bonnet using the mk5 fuse box, so will wire it to this rather than the fuses I mounted under the scuttle Waiting for a battery box to arrive so I can have the matching pair. I did have the battery in the boot but thinking it can look better under the bonnet in a proper box
  26. Had my wheels refurbished this week Just need to get the centre nuts anodised black now And had these done for my Golf 6R
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