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  2. Hey guys, I’m starting a new thread with this problem very detailed. It is in my other thread but I wanted everything on the top post so I could try to get any advice possible and have everything in one spot. Issue: Lean misfire at idle (16-18 AFR with a burbly idle) Things changed: CTS, fuel injectors, vacuum lines, spark plugs, idle air screw o-ring, o2 sensor Things tested: ISV and wiring, CTS and voltage tested wiring (with car running), CO pot wiring (voltage tested with car running), resistance of the air temp sensor and CO pot, spark, fuel pressure, smoke test, AFR, o2 sensor and wiring, co pot and air temp sensor at the ECU end of the harness, main grounds, timing. Details: the car runs lean at idle (15-18 AFR) and has a misfire like sound while idling. While cruising or driving with open throttle, the AFR is pretty decent and the misfire seems to go away. Here’s where it gets interesting. During the first 30-60 seconds on starting, the car will run at a 12-13 AFR and idle smooth. It will also do this warmed up, with the CTS UNPLUGGED. But as soon as it’s plugged back in, it’ll lean out and start to burble again. I will attach a video of the noise as well so you guys can hear it. The CTS is unplugged in this video for the first part of it. As soon as you hear it start to stutter, is when the CTS was plugged back in. Any help would be appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Oh nice and so did I! I bought the last 2 Audi wiper arms in NA a few weeks ago! Not installed yet though. What size wipers did you ended up buying? I got both in 19". It looks really good on your car, can't wait to install them now! Did you keep your original caps? One of mine is cracked and the new ones are not totally the same. I've read you need to remove a washer or something? Anyway, looks really nice! Modernized oem looking.
  4. Thanks mate, I got another few wee bits done this evening. Ecu fitted, Schrick controller wired up and vacuum pipes sorted, also thought I’d best clean the windscreen and fit a set of Lupo wipers 😁
  5. Absolutely stunning 👌
  6. looks fantastic only ever seen one other white corrado watch out for the bird poo id swear they look for fresh painted cars
  7. Thanks! Yes I am really pleased with it. It is still at the bodyshop in storage so no new pics i am afraid. Im moving house and wanted to keep it out of the way (and safe).
  8. £5772 with fees
  9. Great work, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to use that gauge I bought a few years ago, totally forgot I had it until I saw your picture 👍😎
  10. I thought about this when I opened my filler flap. I agree it looks a good quality job, totally refreshed it.
  11. I think it would be cheaper to get the wheels machined to 57.1. My wheels came from rimstyle and they sorted the machine work and spacers. The wheels and spacers were machined so the centre bore spacer fits the Corrado disc boss as I think they had a bigger bore Than 57.1
  12. The white VR6 are so rare and yours is just stunning! Looks like a new car. You must be busy with those 3 cars now 😉 Cheers mate
  13. Thanks for documenting all that work you've done with the MK4 rear calipers. It's further down in my list of things to do... That camber tool is very cool, never seen that before and I'm going to buy one! Keep up the good work and thanks for all those pictures. Cheers mate
  14. I agree, me if I have to downshift from 2nd to 1st, I always wait for the car to be at a complete stop before doing so. MT-90 is what you guys uses for the gearbox? I'm debating between this and the Amsoil manual gearbox oil... Great fix on your ABS by the way, I've learn something new. Good job!
  15. Very nice progress indeed! I understand your "stress" after doing so many changes, I feel the same way. You know, if you've done all of this work so far, I don't see why you couldn't figure out the issue if one present itself... Everything will get sorted out one by one. That fire damaged car sure is a real treasure, good for you! I too will be modifying my gearbox with a Wavetrac. I also sourced a R&P 3.94 and a 5th from a diesel, should make a nice combo. Keep up the good work! Cheers
  16. Thanks mate, makes sense. Can't believe how lucky you got with that fire damaged one, absolute bargain with the options it had. 👍
  17. No mate, the gearbox came in the fire damaged car that Michael and myself bought a couple of years back, Michael took the head and the VSR, I retained the rest, the gearbox had an issue the previous owner made us aware of, 1st and 2nd difficult to select. I took it to a gearbox mechanic that I know through a friend, he repaired it and changed the 5th gear, I supplied the 5th but as I’d only ordered one half of it he supplied one 😁👍 I did ask if he could swap the lsd(wavetrac) into my working box but he said it would be better/cheaper to fix the box with it already in
  18. Not everyone sniffs petrol on their day off mate 😂 Looking forward to hearing her run best of luck 👍
  19. Great stuff! Did you do the gearbox bits yourself Martin?
  20. I can mate, still a bit worried that absolutely nothing will happen when I turn the key, although I’ve double and triple checked everything, there has been a lot done. Change of cams, chains and tensioners, clutch and flywheel, OBD2 conversion, Teves20 conversion, gearbox rebuild (5th gear swap and 1st&2nd synchro’s replaced to go with existing lsd). Plus I removed all the existing oe and aftermarket alarms/immobilisers so there has been a lot of electrical jiggery pokery 🤣
  21. Not far off now. I bet you can almost smell the fumes
  22. It’s had at least 3 owners since I let it go. It’s interesting to note that none have kept it longer than 12 months or there abouts. I and the last owners have sold it for what it was worth. It’s not the finished show winner that 12k would buy you. It’ wasn’t also a under sold £7.5 .8k bargain. I had 2 Corrado’s for 8 years, one had to go. You yourself mentioned the other day about running 2 classics, it can get a bit much. Space, time and money being the usual factors. I also thought that I’d sold it on in a lot better condition than I bought it, which is reflected in the fact that I sold for twice as much as I bought it for.
  23. Last week
  24. Best Value £1300 spent on the car 👍
  25. Long time no updates although I have been crazy busy with getting back to work, but some progress has been made. All brake lines have been made and fitted, goodridge hoses all round. As it’s Teves20, no bias valve. Fuel tank and pipes installed. Coolant hoses installed, but had a few leaks when filled up, crack pipe at block(pinched seal),thermostat housing (my error in assembly) and radiator switch (not quite tight enough). Swapped the metal crack pipe for a vw original one, sorted the thermostat housing and tightened the red switch and no more leaks(yet). Oil filled up. Gearbox filled up with MT-90. Power steering fluid added but needs the pump turning for circulation. All heat shields installed. Exhaust fitted except the back box, need to do a bit of a repair on the rear bracket area. Still to do Finish the install of the Schrick pipes/electrical box.......almost done though Add brake fluid Adjust the gear linkage as it’s not quite right at the moment (at least I don’t think it is) Loads of smaller jobs needing done but it might well get fired up soon 😁
  26. Turning the CO pot down while the CTS was plugged in did nothing at all. No richening up what so ever. This picture is from when it first started up for about the first 30-60 seconds, then it leaned out back to 16-18 and started that burble noise again. With the CTS unplugged and warmed up, it’ll be around 13 and stay there consistently. Any ideas to try next? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. I bought them probably 3 years ago from clumpy off of the forum. 1300 was the damage.....ouch, but well worth it in the end. I have had genuine VW Recaro heated seat elements fitted to them which make them toasty really quickly. A very expensive treat for the car and me
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