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Another step forward - Powerflex front engine insert

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Over the weekend I fitted a Powerflex front engine mount insert. Another transformation in driving. I recently heard a small clunk on acceleration and noticed a bit of engine movement so decided to go the Powerflex insert route for the grand sum of 41.00. I have done a big journey in the car and it feels so much nicer, tighter and no clunks. If you go this route note that my installation did not have the lower big washer that is suppose to hold the engine down. I had to temporarily reuse the old lower rubber as it has the big washer stopper built into a rubber sandwich arrangement - this was still in good condition its the top part that is responsible for holding the engine and stopping the movement. Also make sure you undo the bottom mount first because if you undo the 17mm top nut first the bottom will simply spin and you will have to go and fight with the top nut to clamp it back together to get the bottom off. How do you think I know this? If you use a trolley jack with a block of wood you can get the engine up just enough to swap the rubber old mount for mr powerflex.


Anyway its another big step forward for the drivability of the car. Well worth the cost.

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