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New front cross member, coil overs and broken hubs...

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Hi all,


This weekend I've been mostly ripping the poop out of my car, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, first things first I went over to Linlithgow, near edinburgh to pick up a bently manual off craigowl. If it wasn't for this I wouldn't hav got half as much done this weekend so thank you Iain! I was a great help. His car is MINT by the way, not seen such a well kept VR6 since i had a look over butterfly and Kips cars, It's a shame he's selling it but who ever buys it will be getting a very good example. :smug:


When i got back i sprayed my front cross member and rad panel to match my new coilovers.... you all ready?



It didn't come out very in this image well but this is the same colour purple you get on KW's but my camera couldn't take it properly. They got a coat of 2k so no need to lacquer. It's a little loud and the primer I used didn't take to the galvanized surface very so it's flaked in a few places, but it sure does look good! :thumbleft:


That was Friday, on Saturday the hard work began in earnest...



This was everything I had to get on the car. I had new wish bones, suspension and mounts, the cross member and rad panel, all new bolts, stainless steel clips and fuel tank straps...


Before I go on I'd like to thank a few folk. None of them our on this forum unfortunately but i'd still like to mention them. During the course of Saturday I had the help of neobadness (aka Ali) and his friend Robert. Without Ali's strong arm (proof of this can be seen bellow) and Roberts general knowledge I would have got stuck on more than one occasions so thank you both!!!


First thing to go was the old front cross member, rad panel and to jack the car up.




The front cross member was in ok condition but the rust made me want to change it. Would scrub up ok though so may clean it up for re-sale if anyone is interested (rubbers are in good nick too)


We then started on the wheels and tried to get the existing suspension off.



Has to resort to slightly "heath robinson" approach to the suspension removal! But we got it off.... Wanna see?


Not good...

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