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Heater Matrix - Foam Gaskets - Advice needed.

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Yabble Dabble


Having spent a ridiculous 16 hours sorting Heater Matrix - including cleaning out air intakes of water, glycol and K-Seal - found that I still need to replace the Thermal Resistor to get fully functioning fan speeds.


I now need to identify a source for the persihed foam gaskets that covered the doors to the Heater Matrix Box to ensure that the air flow is suitably directed.

I have identified that the Foam Gaskets for the "doors" in the Heater Matrix Box have perished and I need to source some new material.


Does anyone have half a clue what and where I can source these little gems of technology ?


Are they something only VW can supply or should I look for them through a particular agency like RAM Gaskets http://www.ramgaskets.com/gaskets/foam-gaskets/ ?


Are the foam gaskets made from Silicone, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Polyethylene, Viton ?


Eager to find out so that I can fit - less than 16 hours this time - before the end of the short UK summer in time to heat my journeys.


Very much looking forward to a little less time with my head pushing the clutch pedal to it's fullest extend while I try to manipulate the metal spring clip onto the Heater Matrix Box on the driver side of the box with a screwdriver or something !!


Many thanks for kind replies.

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Is anyone able to offer advice or help ... I still have no means of directing the airflow through my ventilation system.


Many thanks to the experts of you out there who will give me an idea as I am still flummoxed by this and know that to fit replacements will take some doing.

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