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    Nice looking car and even better mk1 in the background. Welcome
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    Welcome Chris, good to see you over here! :thumbleft: Cracking car in one of the best colours - you will love it! I'm certainly missing mine the more I see yours! http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?89710-Chopped-in-my-2-0-16v-Corrado-today As mentioned on FB, you just have to fit a short-shift if Dave can knock you one up? http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?61985-Corrado-Short-Shifter&highlight=short+shift You may have noticed the long throw on the gearstick (assuming one isn't fitted already?)It makes the change so much nicer and not too short like some kits. Looking forward to seeing you add your 'touch' to this one. Enjoy it ;)
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