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  1. Maybe a long shot due to the type of material required but the grille into slam panel grommets?


    Part no 535 853 393


    On putting mine back together I'm missing 2 and can't find them for love nor money


    There were a couple on eBay a few weeks ago....



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  2. noyce. Sure they'll be enough interest for the odds n sods that go missing or whatever. Mine's a bit of an awkward, bespoke type jobber - a housing for the Racelogic controller. Big market there! Thinking of converting the ashtray in the dash to a slidey type of fing.


    That's probably a bit bespoke! I was thinking more in the way of clips/bits and bobs. I have a moulding machine that will just need the tooling made. It will be better quality than the 3D printing but probably elevated in price.



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  3. I'm trying to recall what my oil temps did in relation to the water as my G60 has been off the road for a few months now.


    I'm sure that water use to run at around the mid 90's and oil anywhere up to 120 on the MFA.


    My water runs at about 70-80 with a large flow stat and my oil is anywhere between 90 and 110 depending on driving style.



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  4. So I'm looking to get a simple moulding machine and was wondering i could make any parts that can no longer be obtained. For instance the binnacle covers although I think someone is already making these. Are there any other items that are required that are less than 25gms?



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  5. So I know you all must be wondering what the issue was! Took the passenger wheel off tonight and found the front bolt hanging out of it barely in by a couple of threads. Tightened it up and jobs a good in. Still taking it back to the garage though so they can check everything else out. Can anyone tell me what would have happened if it had popped out?

  6. Hi All, had the steering rack changed about 6 weeks ago and it felt different so I had the 4 wheel alignment done again and it was near perfect and just thought it must be me getting used to a new rack. Went away for the weekend and driving at speed I have noticed that right hand bends and accelerating it clearly under steers, as soon as you take your foot off the gas it wants to straighten up again? When it goes left and you put the gas down it is under steering? I am not driving it hard just cruising. I've got it booked back into the garage that fitted it next week but does anyone have any idea what it could be? I do know I have a worn top mount on the passenger side would this cause my issue?

  7. Hi Sankysvr6 so I've disconnected the blue temp sensor and there is a noticeable drop in revs so this appears to be working. 1m Vac pipe all seems good and clear. Throttle micro switches all functioning as they should.car was running really well with the charger and 65mm pulley until it grenaded :/ so I've Reverted back to the standard chip. I've also checked the C02 sensor resistance which came out at 420 ohms. What other Vac pipes can I check? Thanks for all the info, really appreciate it.

  8. Hi All, wondering if anyone can help me? My G60 has started over fuelling like crazy! Stinks of fuel, starts spluttering, revs out on its own, fuel and black smoke pumping out of the exhaust! If I stop it it genarally won't start again As if it's flooded so I keep turning it over until it starts again and it runs fine as if nothing happened then it will come back again after a few miles and so it repeats itself. I've had the fuel pressure reg replaced which didn't cure it, I've driven around with the lambda probe disconnected and still not cured. It runs on a standard chip but has been running without a charger for a few months now with no problems. I am due to get it back from OCD on Friday so would really like to get this sorted, please if anyone could give me a point in the right direction it would be much appreciated.:scratch:

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