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  1. Dear Cressa,


    Last night out of curiosity I wanted to know how my old Corrado was doing, so started checking forums with no luck - so just typed in the registration number into Google and bingo with ONE result - your forum question here !


    So I'm Adrian the previous, previous owner and nice to see the car is still around. I purchased the car in Aug 2001 from Autotek,nr Guildford (with 53K approx on the clock, so that mileage is genuine and doesn't seem to have done many since sold) they're still going, but were a specialist Corrado dealer at the time and 12 years later (Oct 2013) I finally sold M905 to a young Irish chap called Robert (surname escapes me)in Tarporley, Cheshire.


    An absolutely wonderful car which I really loved and had difficulty parting with. I had it regularly serviced with specialist garages and any problems were quickly fixed - there weren't many.


    It was totally standard when I had it apart from OZ Polaris alloys which I chose when I bought it- name on the rim possibly still the same and it was Classic Green (see sticker in boot)unless it's been resprayed. The sunroof used to be lethargic if the battery was low so check that first (but perhaps you've already done these jobs) and the Air Con was a dealer after fit by Diavia (spelling ?) and needed work, it did work fine for many years, but had a £500 quote to fix so didn't get round to it.


    I'm a little surprised it had to be trailered, but not surprised by the coil overs, Robert gave the impression he was going to show the car and do work on it.


    Anyway all the best Cressa with the recommissioning of M905 MHM - still a lovely looking car in amongst modern stuff and such a capable car with loads of torque.


    I've got pictures to follow taken when selling.


    With kind regards


    Adrian Jones, Chester.

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