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  1. It's not a rule I've put in place ...


    But I can see the argument. If someone hasn't bothered using the forum (community?) while they've owned their Corrado, should we just offer up a free resource for people to make money when they want to sell up?


    It isn't exactly that difficult to amass 10 posts.


    My comments aren't aimed at Kirsty ... it's a question that crops up from time to time.

  2. Yet another cutting out ,non starter and the like thread . Is it the time of year or something ? so many of us are suffering these sort of symptoms . Sounds like an immobiliser fault to me .


    God forbid anyone mentions searching the forum. Possibly using Google as admittedly the site search is a pile of gash.

  3. As above, wondering if I should drive the Corrado to the east coast this weekend. Want to drive it but worried about the salty air, and what that may do to the worsening tin worm. Which ill get sorted next year.


    Am I being daft?


    And people say the forum is dumbing down :lol:


    Get in and drive it, don't worry about the salty air! Enjoy your day out :)

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