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  1. Let’s say you recently made a claim on your Car Insurance.

    The good news is that it's been processed and you’ve received a payout so you can get your vehicle back on the road.

    However, you may find that paying the excess on your claim means your finances still take a hit.

    This is where Excess Protection Insurance comes in. With this policy in place, you’ll get your policy excess back even if you’re at fault.

    This is a policy that is now open to everyone, even if you don’t have your Car Insurance with us.

    Here are a few benefits you might like to weigh up:

           Enjoy a full reimbursement of up to £1,000

           Cover both voluntary and compulsory excesses

           Get speedy reimbursement should there be a delay of 6 or more months in recovering your excess from a third party

           Take advantage of 12 months of protection for your pocket

    If you’d like to find out more, head over to the Chris Knott Insurance website: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/motor-insurance/excess-protector/.

    You can also ask me any questions.

    Best wishes,




  2. 11 hours ago, mooG60 said:

    I've been so busy with work that I've had to shelve my plan of getting my rado legal this month.  Highly annoying seen as the weather has been great!

    I'm looking to get it sorted for the 1st of June and will give all these suggestions a try.

    Chris Knott will be my first port of call due to the fact that you are present on our forum. Thank you for the web link!

    Very helpful. thank you to all.

    That's great. Thank you!


  3. On 5/5/2024 at 2:48 PM, mooG60 said:

    Hi all 

    Lancaster have doubled my premium from last year, so I am looking to find a new company.

    Any recommendations of who to try  (or avoid) would be helpful.

    Thank you.


    Feel free to give us a call for a quote. We'd love to help if we can.

    Please call us on 0800 917 2274 or complete our webform. https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/motor-insurance/car-insurance-quote/


    Chris Knott Insurance

    Car Club Banner Ads_468x60_6.5.22_Main.png

  4. Getting stranded at the side of the road or being late to work because your car won’t start is a surefire way to get the stress levels up. This can be even worse if you don’t have anyone to call for help.

    This is why we’ve given our Breakdown Cover a bit of a refresh. Working with One Insurance in partnership with The AA, our new protection starts from just £65 per vehicle.

    Standard Breakdown Cover includes HomeStart, Roadside Assistance, National Recovery and Fault Diagnosis, but if you want a little extra UK cover, or you’re planning to drive in Europe, you can benefit from our extended UK+ and European Cover.

    This includes Enhanced UK Onward Travel, a Replacement Hire Car and Overnight Accommodation.

    PLUS if you take out more than one Breakdown policy with us, you can benefit from a discounted rate for your additional cars.

    To find out more, take a look at our updated website: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/motor-insurance/breakdown-cover/

    You can also drop me a line if you have any questions.

    Take care,



  5. At Chris Knott Insurance, we’re delighted to be toasting 40 years in business. Our founder, Chris Knott, started the company when he realised that car club members such as yourselves would be viewed as ‘good risks’ from an insurance perspective.

    He therefore set about creating a business that focused on the needs of particular sectors, such as car owner clubs and forums.

    We’ve grown since then but we’re still as dedicated to getting competitive premiums for car owners who take pride in their vehicles.

    If you’d like to find out more about our Car Insurance, we can get you a bespoke quote in just 7.5 minutes. We don’t use call centres and we never work via a script, so you can get all of your options clearly explained to you.

    If you’d like to get a quote, try giving us a call on 0800 917 2274. You can also ask me any questions you have by posting a comment here.

    Best wishes,







  6. We know that hanging around on the phone for ages listening to awful hold music is never enjoyable. It can be even more frustrating if you then have to go through a scripted conversation with someone in a call centre.

     That’s why, at Chris Knott Insurance, we believe in the personal touch.

     When you give us a call, you’ll get through to our team in less than 3 minutes. You’ll then be able to have a friendly chat with one of our qualified brokers where you’ll be free to ask as many questions you like! This means that you can be completely confident about the insurance offered for your prized motor.

     On average, you walk away with a quote in as little as 7.5 minutes.

     If you decide to go ahead, you can enjoy an exclusive competition-beating premium and get a kick-back reward for your club. It’s a win-win!

     If you have any other questions, feel free to chat to me or take a look at our webpage on Owners Club Insurance: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/motor-insurance/owners-club-insurance/

     All the best,


  7. Is your Car or Home Insurance policy up for renewal in December or January? If so, you may want to take a look at the following… 👀

    We’re running a one-off competition to give a lucky winner a year of FREE UK breakdown cover – worth £63! 🤩 – and all you have to do to enter is call us up for a quote.

     If you win, your Breakdown policy will give you:

    • HomeStart
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Recovery
    • Onward Travel
    • Overnight Stay
    • 24-hour Hire Car
    • Relief Driver
    • Message Relay
    • And more!

    The competition will close at the end of January, so don’t miss out! Call us on 0800 917 2274 for a quote today.

    You can also find out more about the competition here:


     *Ts&Cs can be found on the competition page.

     All the best,


     #Competition #CarLovers #breakdown

  8. When it comes to buying or renewing your Car Insurance, I certainly know that it can get frustrating to be left on hold for ages and then be put through to someone in a vast call centre.

    But at Chris Knott Insurance, we don’t do that. If you ring us up for a quote, or need to have a question asked, you’ll be put through to our personal and experienced team in Hastings. We’ll be able to offer you sound and impartial advice to help you find the best insurance for your vehicle.

    And don’t forget that as a member of an Owners Club, we can secure you even better deals!

    If you’d like to find out for yourself, you can call us up on 0800 917 2274.

    All the best,



    Need convincing? Our reviews speak for themselves…

    “I've been using Chris Knott brokers for the last few years now and can honestly say it's great to still have a service where you can pick up the phone and speak to them regarding any matter and receive a quick no wait response. The cost of insuring my vehicles through them compared to online search companies has been roughly the same, but the level of service is unbeatable in my opinion. They keep you regularly up to date with new services or changes in the law of car insurance and everything is clear and precise and I'm more than happy to suggest this company to my family and friends. I've been insured with many companies in the past as I am now in my mid 40s but truly they are far better than cheaper internet search companies.”

    “I phoned up on Saturday morning to accept my renewal invite and I also added my partner to my policy. Emma who dealt with my enquiry was really nice to deal with and very efficient taking my payment and emailing my documents on to me!”

    “Fantastic bunch of folk who know what they're about. Jessica handled my insurance and was super. Most impressive thing was that they answered the phones in a reasonable time, rather than sitting for ages hearing those dreadful recordings from other companies about ‘high call volumes’ - meaning they just don't employ enough staff… Proper ‘Old School’ company in the best sense of the phrase.”

  9. Hi,

    Can we set a challenge? If you have never had a quote from us, why not give us a try? We think that all members should see for themselves how we stack up against the competition.

    We are focused almost entirely on the car club market and we pride ourselves on excellent service, quality policies and competitive pricing, including Insurers who often allow us to price match or beat (terms apply).

    Thousands of car club members are currently benefiting from insuring with us, why not join them?

    Call us on 0800 917 2274 or click the link below and leave your details.


    If your insurance is not due yet, indicate which month it is in and we'll contact you nearer the time.



  10. Hello!

    With the Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching, here are our opening hours.
    Friday 15th of April - Closed
    Saturday 16th April 9am to 12 noon - Open
    Sunday 17th of April - Closed
    Monday 18th of April - Closed
    Tuesday 19th of April - Normal hours resume
    Helpful information for when we are closed:

    Policy Renewals
    To renew an existing policy with the current insurer, pay online using a credit/debit card. Renew your policy here.

    Motor Claims (exc. windscreens)
    To report an accident involving your vehicle, call 0345 618 8316.

    For windscreen claims, please refer to your insurer's documentation for the appropriate telephone number.

    All Other Claims
    Please refer to your insurer's documentation for the appropriate telephone number.

    Best wishes,
    Simon at Chris Knott Insurance

  11. Car club members and enthusiasts save 18.5% on average against their car insurance renewal by switching to Chris Knott.

    Members can also save 9.6% against their best quotes, on average.

    Call us today to see how much you could save.

    QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this forum when you call.



    Check out our Trustpilot reviews and 4.9 star rating!



    "Very helpful and supportive - made choosing insurance so much easier" Vicky W, Trustpilot

    "Great service and competitive prices!!" Philip E, Trustpilot


  12. Did you know that, at Chris Knott Insurance, we have a refer-a-friend scheme?

    It means you can earn up to £20 off the price of your next renewal just by introducing new clients – with no limit on the number of referrals you can make in a year!

    As soon as you become a client with us, we issue you with a unique code, which your friends and family can use when they get a quote. If they go on to become a client, we’ll automatically credit your account ready for your renewal. Simple!
    If you need a reminder of your referral code – or you’d like to find out how much you could save with us – please call 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum to receive the full benefit.

    All the best,



    “After checking the comparison sites I decided to get a quote through Chris Knott's Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Not only were they able to beat all of the quotes that I had received this year, the policy that they offered me was less than I paid last year. The service was excellent, particularly as everyone was working from home as a result of the lockdown.” 
    - Peter, Alfa Romeo Owners Club

    “Recently purchased insurance from Chris Knott. They were a recommended on a fb rs owners club. They called me the next day, extremely easy to deal and talk to. They asked what was the lowest cost I had. They came back to me in minutes and beat it. So payment was made. No stress. Done.” 
    - Anthony, RS Owners Club

    “Have saved me a small fortune on my car insurance. Top notch Chris Knott.” Dave



  13. Hi,

    You'll know us mainly for our special car insurance facility that favours club members and enthusiasts. However, there are a range of other potential money-saving products available to you through our relationship with this forum too...

    You can leave us a renewal date if you're not due now and we'll diary it to call you nearer the time. Discount for existing CKI car clients bringing extra vehicles.


    Full online quote & buy.


    Full online quote & buy.


    For existing CKI clients only at the moment - full online quote & buy.


    You can leave us a renewal date if you're not due now and we'll diary it to call you nearer the time. Discount for existing CKI car clients switching their home too.

    We're available to help with all these via the phone if you'd like the reassurance of speaking to a human instead - 0800 917 2274.


    More praise for Chris Knott...

    "Big thanks to CKI - Jack and Ian beat my renewal and provided excellent service! RS3 premiums sure have gone up this year!" Tom19, Audi-Sport.net

    "I have to say that I've been using Chris Knott Insurance for about 5 years now and they've always been really good and come back each year with a competitive price (not like some insurers who increased by 20% each year). 10/10 to Chris Knott :)" Hipstar, TT Forum

    "Really professional and helpful service finding me a good deal and tailored to my specific requirements. Thank you Chris Knott - I will always keep returning and recommending as long as I am looked after." Mr Christopher Hinchliffe, Trustpilot

    "Great prices and friendly staff." Robert Wilson, Trustpilot

    "From start to finish, Chris Knott Insurance couldn't have been more helpful. Special thanks to Jessica, who explained everything in plain English with no insurance gobbledygook. 5 stars!" Mr Greg Dick, Trustpilot

  14. Hi, if you'd like the reassurance of reading some reviews before trying Chris Knott for a car insurance quote, here's a selection from some of our car club forums and the Trustpilot review site...

    "I saved £40 on my renewal and the process was nice and easy, highly recommended." taffyhornblower, jaguarforum

    "I went with CK 10 days ago, they easily beat the A********** renewal and subsequent quotes I had with an equivalent policy - so I am in the [prize] draw." coldel, VX220 forum

    "Smashed my renewal quote with my previous insurers, well impressed! All mods declared as well." Bob Wilson, Ford Club GB

    "Kim was a very friendly, helpful advisor and quickly got a renewal policy for us. Excellent customer skills. Many thanks." Mrs H Taylor, Trustpilot

    "Excellent and seamless, easy service. Would highly recommend." Mr Nick Modha, Trustpilot

    "Friendly people and very helpful." Morag Tucker, Trustpilot

    "Fantastic service will definitely recommend to friends and family." Mr Christopher Drake, Trustpilot

    "Happy with the quote and service I received on the phone. Fortunately I have no experience of having to make a claim." Piers, Trustpilot

    "Very helpful patient and professional. Competitive pricing." Rachael, Trustpilot

    "Excellent value for money and excellent service." Chris C, Trustpilot

    "Friendly, helpful staff and a seamless process to obtain a quote and insurance cover." Mrs Lea Manfield, Trustpilot

    "Very easy to sort my insurance in difficult times and was the best price on the market." Mrs Robert Duffy, Trustpilot

    "Polite, helpful staff that made the entire process very easy and saved me money on my insurance!" Edward, Trustpilot

    "Excellent service, remembered everything, despite a 9 week hiatus caused by lockdown." Iain Cockburn, Trustpilot

    "Competitive Quote. After checking the comparison sites I decided to get a quote through Chris Knott's Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Not only were they able to beat all of the quotes that I had received this year, the policy that they offered me was less than I paid last year. The service was excellent, particularly as everyone was working from home as a result of the lockdown." Peter Baker, Trustpilot

    "Excellent service so far. Even in these challenging times." Steve Wright, Trustpilot

    "Good honest advice and know what you're good at and what you're not." Mr Stephen Taylor, Trustpilot

    "Quick and efficient service and the price of my insurance premium was much more reasonable." C Bedford, Trustpilot

    "Easy, friendly and £50 cheaper than the Co-op." Ian Dawson, Trustpilot

    "1st time customer using Chris Knott. So far, I've had good customer support, very polite, easy to talk too. Cheap & reasonable rates." Simon Perkins, Trustpilot

    Chris Knott is rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot 4.8/5



    To benefit from our "helpful", "efficient", person-to-person service please call us on 0800 917 2274.

    Or, you can schedule a time-specific callback via our website:

    If you request a quote in July or August you'll also gain entry in our draw to WIN a Karcher K2 Car Pressure Washer (see separate post).



  15. Clean up with Chris Knott this Summer

    Get a car insurance quote from Chris Knott in July or August* and you could WIN a Karcher K2 Car Power Washer in our Summer prize draw. 

    Enjoy our person-to-person service AND competitive prices when you ask us to quote for your car. We're mod-friendly too - now with an even wider list of acceptable mods.

    Get in touch to see how much you could save with the companies that aren't on price comparison sites...

    Speak to an experienced, helpful, real-life human-being on 0800 917 2274 - please mention this club/forum.



    *Automatic free entry for all quotes given upto midnight on Tuesday 31st August 2021.

    Customer feedback about club specialist Chris Knott

    "Great staff, a big help and an excellent saving." Tony, Trustpilot

    "I got mine insured through Chris Knott when I switched to my Mk4. Completely standard, no mods, they beat the best quote I could find online." alexp999, Focus ST Owners Club

    "Well went with Chris Knott last year after getting a great quote. Renewal came round again so was expecting to have to move again to achieve a good price. Renewal quote came through from Chris Knott and had not gone up but stayed about the same. Found a cheaper alternate quote and they matched it without any trouble. So another year with Chris Knott. Great customer service." BMW Chaz, BimmerForums

    "Excellent response and good price and cover. Thanks" Les, Trustpilot

    "My family has been with Chris Knott for 20+ years. Over the past year Chris Knott's staff have been extremely helpful to me in having to change the various insurances we had following a change in my circumstances." Miss J Black, Trustpilot

    Rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot 4.8/5 - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/chrisknott.co.uk

  16. Improvements to help more members save money

    So, Chris Knotts haven't been standing still these last few months. In fact, we've expanded our panel of insurers - meaning we can now quote for more members.

    Along with some postcode and no claims bonus relaxations, there's now an even longer list of acceptable mods (NO limit on BHP with this new insurer for example).

    On top of that, there are some really low quotes out there at the moment (including with these companies we use) so make sure you ask us to find you the quotes that you just can't get through a comparison site - whether your car is stock or modified.

    See how much you could save by calling Chris Knott Insurance on 0800 917 2274.

    Or submit brief details online and we'll call you for the rest:

    We look forward to helping you find the best deal this year.

    Chris Knott Insurance - Club Partner


    "Always perfect. Came back from my other car insurance. Andy H is great. Will be missed when he leaves. Keep safe and take care." Simon Thompson, Trustpilot

    "Really helpful staff. Much better prices than comparison sites. Hopefully they'll be able to help out next year too." Mr Jackson, Trustpilot

    "So very refreshing to be treated like an individual and not feel like you are talking to someone in a vast call centre who is hurriedly reading off a screen unable to deviate from set procedures. I usually hate the whole getting quotes and renewing insurance but this time it was painless and actually enjoyable. Thank you." Mrs H, Trustpilot

    "Good customer service when setting up new car insurance. Willing to price match and or beat quote. So far so good!" Laura Hughes, Trustpilot

    "Had a small carpark dent last year and my renewal quote with Mazda insurance doubled this year so had to try searching for a better price. I had already had gap cover with Chris Knott so called them for a quote. Had a much better offer which I accepted with everything handled smoothly and had my documents emailed promptly. Service has been great so far even with the virus problems which do not seem to bother Chris Knott insurance much." Leighton, Trustpilot

  17. Hi,

    No gimmicks or competitions this month, as we don't want you to lose sight of the real reason you should try us for your car insurance...

    If you like a person-to-person service that also offers competitive quotes for car club members and enthusiasts, you should be talking to us.

    You can call us FREE on 0800 917 2274 or complete brief contact details at the link and we'll aim to be your best option this year.


    Just a quick question to help us plan for our new website coming soon... We can't offer a full online quote service as our quotes are bespoke but if we made the quote form longer so we could gather the details we need to email/phone back with a quote would you prefer that to the short form where we have to call you for the remaining details? There'd still be an element of human contact so either of us can ask questions or seek clarity and we'll always be available by phone, just as now.

    Let me know if you'd value it and use it. Thanks.


    Feedback on Chris Knott's service

    "Helpful and friendly over the phone, knowledgeable on modifications on my car and effect on policy, price was £75 less than renewal with existing company. What's not to like!" Nick Goodall, Trustpilot

    "We've been using Chris Knott Insurance for over 10 years now, they've always been fantastic and never let us down. We can not fault them once in over 10 years!" Mike & Katie Johnston, Trustpilot

    "Easy to get cover. Matched a similar renewal quote I received and covered my modifications with no quibbles" Sam, Trustpilot

    "I have bought motor insurance through Chris Knott for many years - originally introduced by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club. I have used other brokers, but always found CK to be best on price, service and honesty." Andrew Brown, Trustpilot

    "I went with CK 10 days ago, they easily beat the A********** renewal and subsequent quotes I had with an equivalent policy." Coldel, VX220.org

  18. Hi,

    As the month draws to its close there are two things you can do to bag yourself a little something extra from club sponsor Chris Knott.

    Get a car insurance quote before noon on 29/5 (our last working day before June) and you could WIN a £100 TUI Travel Voucher:

    You can either request a quote at that link or call us free on 0800 917 2274. We now have a new insurer partner on board that will open up competitive quotes to more of the membership, so give us a try, even if you've tried us before.

    Show off your club car in our Virtual Car Show for the chance to WIN one of two Alien Magic Car Cleaning Kits:

    Just add a pic of your car in the reply/comments section on either of these Facebook or Twitter posts and tag it #showandshine:

    Show & Shine on Facebook

    Show & Shine on Twitter


    Feedback on the way Chris Knott's have helped customers during COVID:

    "In difficult Covid-19 times access to staff working at home was seamless and the service was prompt and efficient with a good outcome." Joe Whittaker, Trustpilot

    "The service I received was efficient and helpful." Mrs Jennifer Garrad, Trustpilot

    "Great service and quote, so easy to make the choice." Brian Williamson, Trustpilot

    "Brilliant service considering the circumstances.. thankyou" Perretta, Trustpilot

    "Just wanted to say thanks to Melinda at Chris Knott for awesome customer service today." PBL, FocusSTOC.com

  19. WIN a TUI Travel Voucher with Chris Knott this month

    Looking forward to getting away this Summer? Get a car insurance quote and you could be on your holidays in no time with our May prize draw.

    You'll be doing the best for your car at the same time when you try club partner and enthusiast's specialist broker, Chris Knott...

    Simply get a car insurance quote (or home insurance quote) in May for the chance to WIN a £100 TUI Voucher towards your next trip (valid for 2 years).

    Call our QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (please mention this forum to access club member rates).

    or request a callback:

    Full details:

    The vouchers are valid for UK or foreign bookings - for hotels, flights or a full package - made in the next 2 years, so it doesn't matter if you're not ready to travel just yet.

    What's more important is that you get your car covered by someone who understands what it means to you as a club member. Someone you can talk to if there are any questions or issues. Someone who is accessible by phone and not hidden behind a website or generic email address.

    We look forward to helping you find a great price backed by our valued service.


    PS. Don't forget to take part in our Virtual Car Show this month too for more chances to win prizes (see separate post).

    Feedback from happy customers

    "Fast, efficient, friendly service." Mr Bevan Muston, Trustpilot

    "Easy to deal with, fast on the paperwork, excellent value." Nick Shorey, Trustpilot

    "In comparing quotes, staff were extremely helpful and the price quoted was considerably less than my previous insurer. Thank you all for your professionalism working from home in these crisis times." Patricia Williams, Trustpilot

    "A great insurance company - will beat or match any quote you get, they've beaten mine saving me around £75. However, the policy they gave had alot more with it as extras and great customer service - thanks again Chris Knott, thanks to Kim for all her help. Also during Covid 19 they lowered my deposit which was so helpful." Daniel Moreton, Trustpilot

    "Best quote for my replacement Hyundai Coupe. Efficient and friendly even in these lockdown times." John Stephenson, Trustpilot

  20. The 21 day insurance myth


    There's a partial myth going round that the best time to buy your car insurance is 21 days before expiry.

    I say partial because while it may be true with some of the comparison sites (who'll likely increase your quote if you buy close to expiry), there are some other quality providers that don't adopt these tactics or penalise you for leaving the purchase a little late.

    With Chris Knott's offering to car clubs and enthusiast groups, it doesn't matter whether you buy 21 days before or at the last minute. Our quotes are valid for 30 days, so if you get a Chris Knott quote 21 days early we'll honour that price right up to your renewal date as long as nothing has changed.

    Because we factor your best alternative quote into the process you can even call us the day before expiry and we'll use your lowest quote from the last 30 days as the benchmark to beat (subject to seeing proof).

    So don't just accept a high quote because you've left it a bit late and think you're out of options - give Chris Knott a call.

    You can request a quote callback at:

    or call us when you're ready to go through the quote:
    0800 917 2274 (please mention this forum)

    Chris Knott Insurance

    PS. Don't forget to take part in our Virtual Show & Shine on social media (see separate post in this forum section).

    *** *** ***
    Trustpilot Feedback received from happy customers...

    "What a great company to deal with - 50% lower than every other quote so happy to give them my business will definitely recommend them in future." D McAllister, Trustpilot

    "Excellent customer service and a great price, undercut my previous insurer by £70 and got better cover with lower excess, brilliant!!" Simon, Trustpilot

    "Great service, despite numerous tweaks to my policy, there was no problem and very competitive price." dave21120, Trustpilot

    "Excellent. This was my first contact with Chris Knott Insurance in 42 years of driving, I wish I had found them sooner, all my needs were catered for regarding my classic car insurance and at a reasonable price, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, would highly recommend them." K Brooker, Trustpilot

    "Excellent service, the person I dealt with was very helpful and polite. I was very pleased with my car insurance quote as this beat my current provider by a significant amount." C Lumb, Trustpilot

  21. Hi,

    Chris Knott's Virtual Show & Shine 2021 is now open for entries from this forum's members.

    We're all missing the local car shows and club events that usually start around this time of year, so why not take part in our online Car Show this April/May instead.

    It's really easy to join in and there are two prizes up for grabs - one winner will be chosen by us and one will be chosen by you based on LIKES.

    Full Details: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/news/car-insurance/virtual-show-shine-2021/




    1. Click the relevant link to our Virtual Show & Shine post:



    2. Comment/Reply on that post adding your car pic
    3. Tag it #showandshine
    4. Tag it #knottinsured (if it's insured with Chris Knott)
    5. Get some LIKES for your car



    Instagram is slightly different - you'll also need to tag us so we can see it:

    1. Post your car pic on YOUR Insta account.
    2. Tag us @ChrisKnottIns
    3. Tag it #showandshine
    4. Tag it #knottinsured (if it's insured with Chris Knott)
    5. Get some LIKES for your car


    That's it - simple! Sit back and wait to see if you win one of the two prizes.

    Let's make this Virtual Show & Shine our biggest ever - we can't wait to see your cars (whether we insure them yet or not).

    Thanks for taking part.



  22. Congratulations to our newest colleague Jack, who just yesterday passed his CII IF1 exam (yes, on a Sunday - that's dedication) - well done Jack!

    This Chris Knott/Alien Magic promotion ^ is still running. Please get a quote from one of our qualified insurance professionals if your car insurance is due soon and you could win this fantastic cleaning/detailing kit, as well as getting a winning quote of course.



    ** ** **
    "Very good service and helpful." Mr Bassett, Trustpilot

    "No problem taking out car insurance. The staff were polite, informative and very helpful at all stages of the process." Keith, Trustpilot

    "Organised the motor insurance for my 35is at a very competitive price. All done via phone and internet." Ronkemp, Trustpilot

    "Excellent value insurance - very courteous, and helpful staff." Mrs Hardassee Singh, Trustpilot

    "Friendly, efficient and well-priced. Knowledgeable and helpful too!" Mike W, Trustpilot

  23. CAR INSURANCE DUE SOON? Include the Chris Knott team when getting your quotes. Our quote technicians are all qualified insurance professionals in their own right, not scripted call centre workers, and they're not on commission. CK's incentive is to find you the best car insurance deal. Give us a try and you'll be entered in our March draw to WIN an Alien Magic Mystery Car Cleaning Kit (worth £170).


    QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this forum when you call.
    ONLINE: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote


    ** ** **

    "Try Chris Knott, you quickly speak to competent people who are interested in doing business." The Panda Nut, Fiat Forum

    "I have to say that I got a good deal with Chris Knott this year - £281 no mileage restrictions on my 35is - Saga, who I’ve been with for years, wanted £440 with 5k Miles." Ronk, Z4 Forum

    "Excellent service so far." Mr Damien Love, Trustpilot

    "One of the best. Very pleased with the choice made." Stefan Iuga, Trustpilot

    "Very friendly team, who gave a great quote with no fuss." Charlie_8966, Trustpilot

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