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  1. Hi, is this still available? Cheers



    Not at that price, the space would be handy but I still quite enjoy taking for the odd trip out. Since above advert, I’ve had the rear bump stops replaced, the windows/locking fault sorted and the alloys refurbished in BMW sepang bronze. I’d be looking for over £3500 or £3250 with a set of corroded wheels with winter tyres on, otherwise I’ll just hang on to it

  2. I’m torn with getting some speedlines and getting them refurbished in a slightly darker silver metallic, or buying some new 17’s.


    The ones in question are 17 x 7.5 5x100 ET35. Presuming fit 205/40/17 tyres?


    Main thing is I don’t want any arch mods. So if the larger wheels might rub I’ll stick to the good old originals.

  3. 142300 miles

    Service book full of stamps

    Receipt for recent service

    Many other receipts going back years

    4 other owners

    Cobra immobiliser cat 2

    Two new tyres

    Two wheel bearings

    New lambda sensor

    MOT to February 2019

    Deep front spoiler

    DAB kenwood radio

    Rear spoiler works fine

    No rips on interior, padding going a bit on drivers bolster


    The not so good:

    Electric fault with windows and central locking

    I’ve never tried the sunroof, last owner said tilts but not slide

    Laqueur peel on n/s rear quarter

    Small dents on leading edge of front wings

    10p size rust patch on rear under window

    Scrapes on bumpers

    Polishes up ok but paint wouldn’t win any prizes

    Front brake occasionally squeaks but still stop well

    Recent service recommended that rear bump stops will soon need replacing and there’s some oil leak from cam cover

    All wheels are corroded and need a refurb

    No record of timing chains being done yet


    Would suit someone more hands on than I am.


    Based on Stratford Upon Avon.







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  4. Thanks. Think it’s all beyond my abilities, will see if I can get a quote from an auto electrician, or just sell it as is!


    The only time my mk2 gti broke down was after I’d changed the ignition leads causing one to catch fire and burn the end of the coil off!



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  5. Since the temporary fix a while back, the central locking and windows no longer work and the fuse blows instantly.


    I’ve disconnected the window switches and they’re getting power (poked one of those probe things in that buzzes). Still won’t take a new fuse with those left off.


    Had a ball ache removing the rear trim to find the module thing. How would I test if that works? All wires seem secure.


    I’m not good at this stuff! Any pointers?



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  6. Hi,


    My outside windscreen trim also needs replacing - I assume you can replace it without removing the windscreen?


    Can anyone advise how this is fitted - is it just a push fit or do you need to use a glue or sealant to hold it in place?


    I've (tried to) attached some pics to demonstrate the need!






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    Mines got exactly the same issue!



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  7. Same as any other car really, not great tbh. Possible stem seals or piston rings/bore wear.


    More likely stem seals though. Is it more noticeable when cold, revving, or coming off throttle?


    There was no real pattern as to when it happened. Was up to temp, revving or putting foot down doesn't seem to make it happen. First time it did it was going slow



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