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  1. So after selling my VR6 18 months ago to fund self employment start up, I finally have funds and room for another corrado in my life. Anyone got a decent VR6 or valver up for reasonable money in reasonable condition?
  2. That would be great, cheers
  3. As long as I've got a decent starting point for repair I'd be happy with that
  4. Northumberland mate, but I'm more than willing to travel to get a decent one
  5. Hey guys, I'm in need of a drivers side wing for mine, starting to get desperate. Purchased 2 sets of carbon wings in the last 6 months and the finish on them have been absolute garbage. Decided to look for a tin one and wondering if anyone wants to sell me a decent one? Colour not important but a classic green one would be ideal.
  6. Yeah, both of those fault codes have shown up since I bought it 3 years ago.
  7. Anyone fancy chipping in for a 3D printer????
  8. Thanks for replies everyone, found an ex VW mechanic local with the correct software to check.
  9. I've got loads of decent prices for my C this year, £176 fully comp £0 excess. Thats with Admiral too, last year I paid £180 to Tesco..... I think Adrian Flux charged me £160ish
  10. Thanks for the reply, I'll have to take it somewhere that has VAGCOM and go from there I think. Cheers
  11. They're not listed on their website?
  12. Couldn't quite believe it myself, they insured me on an B plate 205 in white, even approved the pics of my, quite obviously green K plate Corrado......
  13. Big dilemma, pay a racist in a country ran by a nutcase for front wings that don't rust? Hmmmm.... More to the point, why the hell does no one make them here in the UK?
  14. I've been looking at those and they look the business, I emailed them some time ago and the problem is the Import/Export taxes apparently, it nearly doubles the price (or so I've been told) If Trump gets in there might be a silver lined trade deal...... here's hoping.
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