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  1. Check the fan knob is on the right one, it has a special cut out in it. If not it pushes the contacts off the panel and doesn't work.
  2. Managed to get one of these for my now sold corrado!!!!
  3. Set of 4 Solitudes for sale, poor condition with 4 tyres all legal, about 3mm tread on all. I used them as slaves whilst I got my others refurbished. 5x100. Pick up only in Derby area. £25 collection only.
  4. Sorry I don't have any more! ;-)
  5. As title suggests lh and rh headlights the lh headlight has a small hole in it, rh lense is good but both adjusters are broken. Both headlight bodies are good, wiring all ok, surrounds are also good with no tags broken. Pick up derby area or may post. £15 collected (or + postage)
  6. As Kev says with the air gap, also could be a dodgy new sensor or a broken tooth off the crank trigger.
  7. Sold my rado!!! :'( sad day but it had to be done. Gone to a good home, (haarkon) and hopefully he'll continue to post on here.
  8. Is it a16v? If so, I had the same problem with a mk2, sounds like you've lost the ignition feed to the relay which keeps it live (and pump running) whilst you're cranking the car over. My fault ended up being a poor connection on the back of the fuse box, but you'll need to trace the wire back from the relay and go from there. The relay will have 2x feeds to it, 1x to power the relay switch side and 1x to power the fuel pump. Make sure you have both of these whilst cranking the car over (with relay in) or it could be an earth fault on the relay (generally a black wire) again make sure you got this while cranking the car over. Hope this helps?! Good luck
  9. Mmmmm. . . . New business opportunity me thinks! I'll do it for a (cough) 'small charge' [emoji6] . . . but yes if sellers were honest (everyone on this forum seem to be honest) you'd probably never buy a used car ever again.
  10. Are you sure they broke it or is it just out of sync?
  11. No. . . . house, kids, (too much) time and money (lack of) [emoji17]
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