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  1. axcel01uk, you have no idea how many times he has contacted me, so please do not involve yourself. However, just for yours and everyone elses info the reason I put up his correspondence was because I did not want anyone to think I had been paid for something and then not sent the parts to the person.
  2. clumpy1, there's no need for you to get involved here, not unless you're also going to add that's it's equally un-grown-up him calling me or anyone else a "chopper".
  3. Errr, not really, I'm just enjoying winding you up! However, if it makes you feel better to believe that you're the only one that cares about the forum and everyone else is joining the forum to make a quick buck and leech, etc, etc, etc. So be it, I'll say you're 100% right! Anything to keep you quiet. And please stay off the pop in future...
  4. Not really, you're just way too easy. So put the bottle away and get your head down.
  5. seanl82, carry on. It's very entertaining and you've obviously had one too many..... (Oh, by the way, leeches is spelt leeches, not leaches)
  6. seanl82, oh dear. Considering I didn't mention you at all in my comment(s) I'm pretty surprised by your tirade. As for my comments on threads being negative, positive, wanted, not wanted.....I really don't care and will continue to say what I think. Finally, I'm not at all interested in what you earn or your personal circumstances. So do me a favour, don't speak to, or about me, and I'll return that favour. Enjoy your evening and drink.
  7. Danek39 the roof trims were sold in June 2014, that's why the thread is locked and it says sold. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=87175 So I don't know why you keep clicking the buy it button??? I give up, I really do. And people wonder why I'm so short tempered and sarcastic. Hello, drinervr6 a few days ago I bought from you strip the corrado on the roof, I sent the address to ship to London, what with you the goods did not arrive any contact, falls to speak .... I'm waiting for an answer ID # Lyy161-102634 Danek39 danek39 What's wrong with you, I bought from you strip, how do I pay for it? He gave you the address to ship to LONDON on email Enter the total cost of shipping Danek39
  8. Same old arguments being made..... I had a brand new unopened pair for sale on here a while ago with a asking price of £250. The forum juveniles then started moaning on my sale thread about the price. So I stuck them on PistonHeads and they sold straight away. I got the £250 I wanted for them and the buyer got a brand new unopened set of roof trims. The really ironic thing was that I got loads of pm's from people on here wanting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc dibs on them if the sale fell through. Seems these people didn't want to post an interest on the actual sale thread for fear of being vilified by the forum locals. The fact is that there are some people on here who moan about the price of something they want, but don't want to or can't afford to pay for.
  9. Sorry Cazza, but the car was a lemon, as it's a second hand car that, once bought turns out to have serious faults. And I'd say a total engine failure is a serious fault. The fact that it had mods and was looked after makes no difference. The question I would ask is why when the cams were done wasn't it discovered by whoever did the work that the engine would be, or could be full of debris from the upper tensioner failure? Problem with people on this forum is that no one seems to want to tell the truth and say things as they are. Very clicky-clicky. Contrary to the popular belief, Corrado's are not unreliable, they just suffer from bad owners or badly perfomed repairs and maintainance. However, now that Rog is doing the work himself, he can at least ensure it is done right and hopefully have a reliable Corrado that he'll be able to enjoy for many miles.
  10. DriverVR6

    Blue Smoke

    There are 7 basic reasons, that I can think of, that can cause any normally aspirated engine to show signs of oil burning. Valve stem seals worn. They also become hardened with age which can stop them becoming effective, even on low mileage engines! Valve guides worn. Piston rings worn. Ovalised/worn cylinder bores. PCV system not functioning correctly. Head gasket partial or total failure. Using oil way outside of the correct engine viscosity range. Each of these causes can be diagnosed pretty easily. So it's a simple process of elimination. As far as engine oil is concerned, you should be using the correct viscosity for the engine. Using slighty thicker oil will/may mask the problem, but it is not a permanent remedy. Routine maintainance is the key for engine longevity, but at the end of the day, all engines will wear with age and mileage. So it's a case of managing the situation and deciding when the right time is for a rebuild or replacement engine.
  11. I was going to say that I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong with it! I reckon your Corrado and Jim's Corrado are twins!!
  12. Some help here. http://wiki.the-corrado.net/jammed_bonnet_opening_tips.html
  13. 10 out of 10 for staying with it and spending the time and money that you have. Unfortunately, in my opinion you bought a lemon which needed more work than you anticipated. Hopefully the end is in sight and you can soon start to enjoy driving it.
  14. You guys need to lighten up. If the guy wants to sell his Corrado then it's his choice. In my opinion if someone is daft enough to pay £8,990 for a Corrado and he makes a profit then good luck to him.
  15. Bilstein dampers are manufactured to be stroke sensitive. It's one of the reasons they are so good. So you have to use the correct spring length to match the specific Bilstein dampers you fit. Dampers like Koni's are not stroke sensitive. So you can use lowered springs (within reason) without a probem. It's the damper working outside of its designed stroke range and/or bottoming out that causes them to become damaged. Like I've said a million times, for a car to handle well you need to match the springs, dampers, tyres, wheel size, geometry, etc, to work together in harmony.
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