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  1. Kevin. Sorry if I have missed your advice. Did not mean to ignore it but have not found it. About to start installing ELSA to see if I can get the correct diagrams so I can see what is connected and what is not. Lots of good info in the 24v thread.
  2. Great info. I am currently waiting for a copy of ELSA WIN to come from ebay to see if I can dig out the correct diagrams. If I can suss the wiring I will try the two lambdas in one pipe but judging by my current progress you may get there before me. The secondary air pump seems to be a case of wiring in a relay base and fitting a relay so the ECU thinks it is operating the pump. Hoping to get a look round the breakers at the weekend to see if I can get some wiring bits off some mk iv golfs. Are the post cat lambdas four or five wire?
  3. Thanks Sean. The main thing I am not sure of is whether I can wire in two post cat lambdas and fit them in the same cat or if I will need to get twin downpipes and twin cats, or if there is a better plan.
  4. Hi all. New to Corrados since buying an ex PSI 24 valve converted Storm last year. The car (N7ORP) was converted by PSI for Rob Parry but has been through a few hands since then. Now faced with the problem that the car will not MoT on emissions and is showing fault codes from the two rear lambdas, the secondary air pump, and the evap solenoid. As far as I can see there is no wiring for rear lambdas or SAP, so it looks like I will have to take a close look at the conversion wiring and see if we can wire in enough to keep the ECU happy. Would be happy to hear from anyone as to the best exhaust and lambda setup. Currently it has two into one downpipes and single VR cat. Must thank Graeme Coull (Coullstar) and a friend of his called Dave for their help and advice so far.
  5. Hi All, Thought I would jump in here with my story. My son David bought what is an ex PSI 24 valve 2.8 converted Storm. http://www.psituning.com/page.php?xPage=26corradostorm.html The main problem is that as it stands it will not come anywhere near passing an MoT on emissions. I am getting fault codes from the two rear lambda sensors (which do not exist) Evap purge valve open circuit, and secondary air pump relay open circuit. Having spoken to Graeme Coull and then his mate Dave,who have been very helpful, we think the first step is to examine and sort out the conversion wiring and possibly add in lambda wiring and SAP relay. Firstly I would like any advice on where to source diagrams for 4motion ECU and Corrado engine loom, and what lambda configuration to go for. Also if anyone knows any history on the car I would love to hear from you.
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