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  1. Hi are these still available, I could do with a pair, or a set of 4 preferably. Thanks
  2. I spoke to the owner nice fella and got some additional photos as I was interested, what the add doesn't mention is that it has rust on the rear where the storm badge should be fitted under the Corrado badge, and behind the front O/S wheel it looks like there has been some dodgy body work repair to rust too. Interior is immaculate though, engine bay is tidy but again looks like it has stood for a while as the is surface rust in odd places.
  3. All ripped out (I mine carefully removed) now have an alternator issue!
  4. All fixed 😁, traced wiring back to a fault with the Clifford alarm controller putting a permanent 12 v supply on the lock circuit therefore stopping it from locking. Once the supply was cut all fixed, and as an additional bonus the Sunroof also now works. As this is linked into the central locking system too and was being held shut for the same reason.
  5. Don't worry traced to right side of boot.👍
  6. Cheers Dox for that, super help, where in the boot might I find it?
  7. I know this issue has been cover repeatedly however to try and speed up the search process I could do with some pointers as to what the problem might be. The central locking will unlock from both doors fine, pump comes in and all is good however neither door will bring the central locking in to lock. The pump doesn't run there's nothing happening, the doors can be locked manually as can the boot, it this likely to be an electrical problem or a pump issue. I know this is a vacuum system but how does unlock differ from lock? if the pump and vac work to unlock why not lock, any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, Interested in the Storm, I have PM'd you and sent you an email. Regards Craig
  9. Red corrado spotted on A14 heading West by Ipswich at 8.15, sorry don't know what flavour as heading in the opposite direction.
  10. M plate Black VR6 at the Festival of Speed Sunday, parked two up from mine. Only other one spotted over the 4 days I was there! Hope you and your little lad had a good day.
  11. Great thanks for that I'll see if I can take down an adapter for my soldering iron and have a go at repairing it if I can't find a replacement. Although mine is broken so not sure if this will hold together as not just a crack repair.
  12. Cheers Buddy, Will give this a go once I've got another in case I F***k it right up, what plastic weld solution did you use? Cheers
  13. Hi buddy, Can you put me down for a complete set please when there in. Cheers Craig
  14. Hi, I'm after the a black center plastic bezel that will fit a 94 VR6 (this is the bit that the radio and heater controls fit in) as mine has crack and fell apart. If any one is breaking and has one please get in touch. thanks
  15. Blue Corrado couldn't see what flavour it was heading southbound on A3 near Waterloovile reg ended WEC I think. Around 13.30.
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