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  1. Hi, are you still the man to speak to about Corrado roof rails? I’m after a set for mine

  2. If its the one you need price is £150 plus DPD courier £18
  3. I think that I still have brand new middle box for G60 Will check.
  4. Think last Thursday PM, on A47 near Peterborough. Had gold alloys and bonnet bra.
  5. Hi all planing to complete AC setup on Sane_Jaymo 24V, It has got box and dash wire allready fited so it just need right condenser, dryer (new), all underbonet sensors and wires. If anyone here brakes MK4 golf or similar please let me know.
  6. After I will complete my MK3 Convertible and sale it time will come for her, meanwhile she is happy and safe and got company.
  7. Check the gaps on the compressor clutch This Video might explain, will figure it out what he mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r08LNJ38FTE
  8. It's a bit more modern. Japan Import - MK3 Cabrio GTi 8v with Air-Con! Good Luck with searches of nice MK2 16V
  9. Hi all She is with me now, got if of @Orkius in Feb. Drives very well, good steering, brakes and suspension. I never had 24V VR6 before, and have to admit that I enjoy it. I'm impressed how much work with attention to all details @Sean_Jaymo have done. Ok so here is the plan for her, that I'm confident of doing my self. - New Timing chain - Body work (only prep work) - Locate and stop small oil leak. - Service brakes - Replace one headlight lens The only thing that I miss is the Air-Con, I know that Sean have done most of work to allow it to be installed. Need to find someone who will help me to complete that. I'm not starting work on her until end of April as I have another car on my drive that I need to get rid of first.
  10. I'm talking about Camshaft (TOP) position sensor, it may be that the plug does not sit property.
  11. 109 relay cost under £10 To replace Ignition it will take you more time. Check out top cam shaft position sensor. Does it cut off once its running?
  12. Swiftkid is right, to take the head off it is only 2h job if you know what you are doing. It can't be that bad. But If you swap. look for another AAA donor. Keep it simple + have some spare parts of your old one.
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