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  1. Sorry guys for the delay, not sure what's going on with the password on this system but it's taken 2 days to log me back in after a password reset. Was using my laptop to transfer pics and it kicked me out and wouldn't send me a new password. Anyway I'll hopefully get pics up tonight
  2. Hi if you're struggling to send pictures of the washer bottle on here my mobile number is 07446 815574 I'm on whatsapp if that helps?

  3. For me it's a must on a 20vt C because there is just no space for the TIP and filter if you keep the washer bottle in it's original location. It also gives you options to run a cold feed to the air filter etc. The relocation probably cost me no more than £10 and around an hour fitting it. You can pick the bottles with pump for around £5 at scrappy but make sure you get the pump wiring connector with plenty of wire on it to solder extensions on. It ends up being a really tidy install if done properly and looks OEM. I've got a picture on my phone, is it possible to upload one on here or do I need a computer?
  4. I'll post one tomorrow for you. It turned out to be a great fit with no fabrication required. It mounted using existing studs on the wing and chassis leg. Ran some extension cables and hose from existing and jobs a good'un. Newer pump also runs smoother and more powerful. Paired with the E30 wipers it's a great setup.
  5. Sussed it. The pipe that goes to the lower metal tip is from the evap system which has now been deleted. This hose was plugged into my N75 instead of being plugged and away from any system, FFS! no wonder I was going into limp mode on full boost. This has literally driven me up the wall. Thanks anyway for your info
  6. erm, now I am confused? you are running a completely different set up (BAM Ko4 inlet manifold etc). Looking at some engine diagrams it shows the EVAP system connecting to TIP low down near the turbo. The creations motorsport silicone TIP also shows a connection far down the TIP near the turbo. Is this for evap? if so can I swap my N75 connection and replace it with the EVAP and then put the N75 connection on my charge pipe? I feel like a proper newbie! my head is ready to pop trying to figure this out. It shouldn't be this difficult
  7. Sound, cheers mate. Cross referenced part numbers and they are same part No. as Skoda. Picked one up from local scrappy and I reckon it'll fit nicely with minor fab work
  8. That's great, pics will certainly help. I'm running standard TIP at the minute just while I get other bits sorted as the price is starting to stack up and I have other car projects on too but I will get one eventually
  9. Trackslag didn't have any single outlet and stated I'd have to wait until the next batch was manufactured so I purchased the 2 outlet one. Do you have a picture of your setup please? Need to get my head round this as I'm confused as hell! My other AUQ and ARY never had the connection on the tip turbo inlet. Your help so far has been much appreciated
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]97124[/ATTACH] This is where the go from the N75. So what can I do when I install my new charge pipe? Just blank off the inlet for where the N75 usually goes?
  11. [ATTACH=CONFIG]97123[/ATTACH] So this is my turbo. Notice the brass coloured nozzle on TIP intake. This is what my N75 attaches to and also the wastegate on other side
  12. Hey all, So I've been sorting all the pipework on my 20vt (renewing, replacing rubber hoses and a new charge pipe setup (Trackslag). My engine is an AUQ but I believe it is running a K03 instead of the K03s. I say this because I have 2 pipes going to my turbo from the N75 (1 to the turbo housing and 1 to the wastegate actuator). Am I right in saying this is indeed a Ko3? *scratch that, I've just checked and it's a ko3s* but I have a nozzle on the aluminium part where TIP connects to the turbo if that makes sense. This is where 1 of the hoses connects from the N75, the other to actuator wastegate. On my previous Ko3s cars, 1 went to wastgate actuator and 1 to the charge pipe. I'm trying to eliminate a boost spike when hitting redline that sends the car into limp mode. So I'm starting by replacing all hoses and upgrading general pipework to eliminate leaks and I also want to buy one of Tragslags charge pipes but that has a pipe connection on for the N75 which I don't need in this setup? Hope this makes sense! Steve
  13. Hey all, I'm looking relocate to the off side (drivers) inner wing behind the headlight so I can install a proper induction system where the washer bottle used to sit and to generally neaten the look of the engine bay. Has anyone completed this to the location I need it? If so which bottle was best for this? The most suited so far I've seen is the mk1 Octavia VRS. I know I'll need to do some fabrication but I'm just after easiest, minimal fabrication and most aesthetically pleasing. Thanks in advance Steve
  14. Hey, As titled. Looking for the complete setup to run on a 9A including management etc. Cheers Steve
  15. Due to unforeseen circumstances with work etc I am unable to carry out a conversion on my Audi 80 coupe and do not have any facilities to store the engine so to save it sitting there I am offering it up to someone who has the time and space. Its currently in an 94 80 saloon The engine is a BAM running Omex 600 standalone ECU with all ancillaries (injectors, loom, MAF etc). Has custom downpipe, intercooler, engine mounts. Standard 5 speed gearbox with stage 2 clutch with less than 100 miles on it. Engine runs sweet, no knocks, bangs, strange noises. Running low boost @ 250bhp. Boosts and pulls fantastic. Engine is still in the car so can be heard running but I plan to pull it apart soon. Obviously this is set up longitudinal so the engine mounts, gearbox and downpipe wouldn't suit the transverse engine. With these bits removed I'm looking £2k for the lot. The engine will be complete with all ancillaries and will be plug and play with a few tweeks to suit the dash wiring etc for the intended transplant vehicle. Let me know if interested and we can chat. Prefer to sell away from dreaded ebay! cheers Steve
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