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  1. Looking for some cream leather seats preferably close to Southampton and for a sensible price. Email me with any details and photos: [email protected]
  2. Hi all, I really like the idea of having the mk2 golf door handles on the corrado, my question is has anyone done it before? Is it straight forward or a ball ache? TIA
  3. Cheers mate, how much do you want including postage to Southampton?
  4. Need a left outer window seal for a 93 Corrado, has anyone got one?
  5. Would you do it for £30 posted?
  6. Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my C for something with a bit better stopping power. The disks and pads on mine currently have enough meat on them but they look bloody ancient. Am I right in thinking the vr6 has bigger brakes? I'm currently running 15" Ronal Turbos so I would need something which would still fit under them. Thanks in advance.
  7. Would the K&N fit a 1993 2.0 16v? Is the £30 inc postage?
  8. Well this has been my first Corrado, my previous car being a mk5 Golf GT so it's a bit different! I purchased the car from a friend I went to college with, I knew it had a couple of issues, such as rust, non working sunroof, etc but it didn't deter me - I love this thing! When I purchased the car it was fitted with KW V1 coil overs and BBS RA wheels which someone has curbed to death. Since I've owned it I have: - Had the rust repaired - Fitted a Passat moonroof - Lowered it a bit more - Put my number plates on it - Swapped the rear lights for clear ones - Fitted a Momo steering wheel - Had the coil re wired - Replaced the heater matrix - Replaced the blower motor and resistor pack Got some Ronal Turbos on the way to get rid of the battered and bruised BBS. Then I'll run it as is for a bit. I'm using it as a daily so I'm limited as to what I can do. I would love a full respray but that's a long way off! A few pictures: [ATTACH=CONFIG]83565[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]83566[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]83567[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]83568[/ATTACH]
  9. I've seen people replace the ash tray with these, it's something I want to do however I can't think to go about it. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi mate, I see youve put a cup holder in the cubby hole rather then the ash tray, would you mind giving me a rough idea of how you did it? I'de love to do something similar with mine!

  11. Just wanted to say thank you! Gave this a bash and it now doesn't open when I lock the car! Still an issue that it won't fully retract but it will tilt!
  12. Well I have managed to stop the sunroof opening when I lock the car, however it still won't retract fully, it gets to a point and then stops, the motor doesn't even seem to attempt to push it back, no noise at all! Is it possible the part of the motor that fully retracts the sunroof is faulty? To my find if the motor was faulty it just wouldn't work at all? But I'm new to Corrado's!
  13. Thanks mate most appreciated! I'm beginning to love how easy certain things are to get to on these 😏
  14. Night shifts and eBay being the dangerous mix they are I ended up winning a set of rear lights with clear indicators to match the front and sides - appreciate they aren't everyone's cup of tea but it bugged me that they weren't matching! if someone could tell me where to start to remove the current ones it would be most helpful!
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