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  1. I'm sure MK4 Golf fits and is more powerful / cheaper?
  2. Dox

    Wiper linkage

    HTH? Nice work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1998-subaru-impreza-sti-22b-5?utm_source=Facebook_Mobile_Feed&utm_medium=(JAN)+1998+SUBARU+IMPREZA+STI+22B+-+15%2C495+MILES&utm_campaign=CCUK+>+Boosting+(Jan)&fbclid=IwAR0Q_Taq3UGew57oXtujMPA0elxhZ-yrOmshw1g0mN81JU9HCyew0NcZj1s_aem_AdfrPO5j8O3e5AdSewHo08mnQt3fldi4_oEomBG_2vqprh_RRl9EOVmscIPXN3w3vWOCZyzw3T2V2XInxRNj9zrruyvMQpT5eZ-X0tuXtAEQgS2AcQSVtUDp8AQ8SNZqUbtxG4AdstY7JMRm--5Ex38f I couldn't get the link to work, as nice as it is, there are many more fine cars available for similar money?
  4. The FAG part number is on the bay listing, googling said number brings up a few suppliers inc auto doc 713610040
  5. VWs early attempt at stop / start, just lift the clutch and away she goes.
  6. You need to catch up 😂 at one point I had 10+ sets 😳
  7. MK1 Octavia glass panel is reputed to have the best curvature to match the Corrado roof profile - search ebay for a Lauren and Klement (L & K) being broken Mk1 Vrs Octavia Breaking only | eBay BREAKING SKODA OCTAVIA VRS 1.8T AUQ PARTS RED SILVER K03s | eBay
  8. Someone quoted a few weeks ago, Audi Etron headlamp was £6K....
  9. Get a spare lead and plug and test for a spark on those 2 cylinders?
  10. Dox

    Horn not working

    Ignition on, measure voltage at the horn. Engine running, measure again and compare? The easiest thing to swap would be the relay? Or open it up and clean the contact with wet and dry paper. Also the horn ring on the rear of the steering wheel and the horn ring wiper on the column.
  11. I very much doubt off the shelf discs will fit the 4 pots and off the shelf OE type pads definitely wont - you'll need to buy their complete kit. Pads to suit the 4 pots, their suitable diameter discs to suit your wheels (to be sure of fitment they'll probably ask you to measure accurately the clearance) and bespoke adaptors to bolt to Corrado knuckles, machined to the offset and diameter of their discs and bolt to their callipers.
  12. Dox

    Horn not working

    Dirty connection, engine running the extra 2v is making all the difference?
  13. Dox

    Horn not working

    Pull the relay, use a 9v PP3 battery on terminals 85 and 86 (you shouldn't need wires as the spacing is similar)? Initiate the click, measure resistance across 30 and 87? (1819) Mechanic Life Hack | Awesome Relay Test! - YouTube
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