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  1. If you see Daves previous thread he has MB Quart tweeters in modified standard baskets, I had these in my mk3 vr6, great sounding set up to my then mid 30s ears (it’s all snap, crackle and pop in your mid 50s). http://the-corrado.net/topic/87519-tweeter-connections/?tab=comments#comment-1040235
  2. Out of the dash of my breaker, no idea if they work 😂
  3. Need anything else? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It looks like someone has gutted the original speaker and glued in an MB Quart tweeter (good quality BTW), I suspect the wiring will be (should be) cut elsewhere and is fed from a crossover (hi / low frequency splitter).
  5. If you suspect similar issues the other side slacken the bolts and spray with penetrative oil while you do the side you're currently on, then drop down onto the ground and drive forward and backward to break the rusts hold with no exertion from yourself. I've done this with wheels stuck to the hub, much easier than a sledgehammer and a block of wood
  6. Cast alloy, joined to steel? Alloy expands at a greater rate than steel, heat should get them expanding at different rates, you could also try a freeze spray or if needed alternate the two. A light blow with a rubber hammer could also be combined with the above. It could take minutes or days of persuasion with lubricating over night etc. If the CV is scrap you could also attack it wit a grinder to weaken it into segments and remove a bit at a a time? Good luck, go steady
  7. Dox

    Ulez emissions

    I'm in Cheshire so I've not really followed this TBH, would an LPG conversion help with ULEZ?
  8. I'd be tempted to flip it over soak kitchen roll (to stop evaporation) in the chosen solvent, leave resting on the bonnet and go and do something for an hour while it softens
  9. You have to look at carriers as an adaptor, it marries the hub spec to the calliper to include the disk offset and diameter, hole spacing in the knuckle etc
  10. Autodoc have callipers fr £30 each (Daco branded) and carriers for £10 (Stark branded), I've never heard of either but have to be better that 20 year old used?
  11. It's nice, but £40K buys lots of nice things? I keep getting logged out...
  12. When I did my nsf wheelbearing the cv was stuck solid inside it, it took a 20t press to budge it. I had to slide the cv off the shaft and press it out, the bearing took Less effort
  13. Massive! Salesman’s talk, even fully decatted doesn’t give “Massive” gains. my advice is to ask here before investing in a salesman’s BS Theres not a mod done to these cars that members here past and present haven’t tried, you’re in the right place for good advice
  14. Is lambda still fitted in the de cat?
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