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  1. It's definitely possible for a battery on it's way out to be able to turn the engine but not start the car - seen it before. have you checked the earth straps battery to chassis and engine to chassis are good and haven't gone high resistance. worth a check by using a jump lead to connect a metal part of the engine to the battery -ve terminal.
  2. Got the gear lever trim and knob, but that may be the least of your worries at the minute. After £15 for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Think it's main purpose is to stop your little fingers getting mauled by the radiator fans.
  4. Certainly don't ignore it - a broken wire will put the light out not on and can be easily checked - with ignition on and engine off - pull the wire off the right hand (as you look at it) sensor, it's just on a spade terminal - with it disconnected, it your oil light out? Now short it to the engine block - the light should flash. As the buzzer is on the other sensor, I'd be severely concerned about running the car anywhere and would be having a local garage check it immediately. IIRC - the light should come on at about 1.6bar and the buzzer at about 0.4bar
  5. A slapping noise - especially off the throttle on overrun is usually indicative of a chain flapping around.
  6. For some strange reason I voted ham ... errr, no make that red :)
  7. Oil light should come on with ignition on, check wiring if it doesn't. Warning light should come on at about 1.6 bar and buzzer at 0.4 bar iirc - didn't know about the buzzer shutting off below 2k rpm, but would make sense so it doesn't go off with the engine off but ignition on. If you look at the top of the oil filter housing from the front of the car, the sender on the left operates the buzzer, the one on the right operates the light.
  8. Was going to say the same as Majik - any slight problems running on petrol will be magnified when running LPG. Get it running perfectly on petrol before worrying about the LPG side of things. As a minimum, ensure your plugs are in tip-top condition. Also see here for specialised LPG help.
  9. I have a feeling that a faulty MAF won't show on Vagcom - a failed lambda does. The lambda probe is located on the CAT, or in your case should be screwed into the cat bypass pipe.
  10. Mines wired the same way and reads spot on, checked it against a multimeter directly across the battery terminals. After a run I see the voltmeter dropping to around 13v as you would expect as the battery reaches full charge and the alternator regulator output decreases.
  11. Yeah, I'd contact DVLA to see, what's going on. If it is blocked the police will still be able to get details so no worries there. It just stops Joe Public/other organisations who do not need the information from getting it.
  12. Could have it's registration blocked - if so it has most likely been an ex government agency or police vehicle at somepoint in it's previous life. They are supposed to be unblocked when they are sold on.
  13. There is a good thread on here somewhere, I found it when wiring mine. But v quickly, you can take the switched live for the voltmeter from the glovebox light and the illumination from the cig lighter. Hereis the info you'll need to wire them.
  14. When you did the 2nd scan, was it immediately after clearing the faults? If so there is a good possibility the lambda won't have re-appeared (if faulty) drive it for a few miles and then scan again.
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