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  1. No, sorry - I'm after the full cassette
  2. nocrap

    Sunroof / moonroof

    After a sunroof in classic green or any dark colour or a moonroof many thanks
  3. Apologies for the delay in paying for this, you should have my money now though
  4. the only way i could get mine out was to use a long drill and some patience
  5. Another thing to remember is that it's a favourite trick of the corrado to self destruct a part of itself every time you buy it a present
  6. My advice before any sort of "tuning" is to get the car solid and reliable as minor problems very quickly turn into major ones on these cars. KR cams are known to be the best for a slight performance gain but it'll be worth doing the cam belt, tensioner cam cover gasket, etc. It's often best to go for genuine VW parts, if you can blag yourself a TPS account (VW suppliers), even better!
  7. i sandblasted mine, came up lovely
  8. Sorted! definately moves a lot better now
  9. Right, i've taken apart and lubed up the indicator switch but i'm having problems assembling the main beam switch. i didn't pay enough attention when taking it apart and i'm now unable to get the little white rocker doofer back into place... it looks like it should sit into the top of the black bit, but it wont (obviously i'd already put the black bit behind the slider)! any help would be much appreciated
  10. Yeah, the hazard switch mechanism is exposed on the back of the stalk ring so nice and easy to clean up
  11. Did my headlight switch the other day and i'm now doing the stalks... Do you know if there's any way of making the main beam switch less stiff and operate more smoothly?
  12. Current retail £93.37 +VAT!!
  13. nocrap

    ignition switch

    potentially - its worth changing anyway if it hasn't been done already, get a genuine one though It could also be something to do with the immobiliser as you say the car is starting and then failing... possibly a combination of the 2
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