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  1. For work i drive about half hour 45 mins each way, down country lanes so varing speeds from 40-60mph. Motorway i only use if going to portsmouth but much orefer taking the route via purbrook if I am no rush.
  2. I can be about sunday Sean, that is no problem. Yes I would love a vr6, would love to install one into a mk1 but it will just spin up, And it would make things so much simpler rather than doing a complete conversion. It would be benificial to pick both your brains. I currently get about 40mpg at 80mph on motorways ect in the mk4 as long as its equally as in-efficient I have no problems. Or could always install and econemy ecu? I will hold fire then, I guess they will pop up for sale once in a while. Yes I realised that after I had a more in depth look Dave. Not very good...
  3. The milage is wrong its actually around 150k. Yes I understand what you mean even though it looks like money has been spent on it and he says it has it could still be a complete pig. I personally am into dark colors for cars. And prefer on coilovers but not stupidly low. Hid kit so i can actually see where i am going.. Not into big exhausts or camber or anything silly like that. I have someone interested in my mk1 golf when that sells i will have the money to put forward but I also have some put aside encase something comes up before then. I dont need 3 cars as i have a mk4 1.8t as a daily and that is also falling apart aha. I see what you are saying though maybe its best to hold on till the right one comes rather than putting aload of time and effort into one that may not be as good
  4. https://www.gumtree.com/p/nissan/volkswagen-corrado-vr6/1172856794 Thoughts? No problem I won't be judging aha. Great sounds good to me thank you. Mines 07826849236 Least you get some solid time off to work on your car :D
  5. Aha yes very small indeed, Theres a beautiful vr6 in london for 4k. And 0 rust lights lowerd bumper kit wheels it looks like no exspence spared. No i havent driven a vr6 nor any corrado, yes I have seen lots of hate towards a honda in a vw. Im not too worried about top speed or anything like that mainly just good performance long lasting and reliable. I guess it is down to how you look after the engine. There was a completely rebuilt vr6 for a grand it looked brand new. The vr6 noise i think is nice especially when supercharged. Well if you have some time id love to check yours out if that would be ok.
  6. oh god only round the corner im in Lovedean lane, any make and model really its just the shell that is the most appealing thing to me, I make a mk1 cabby but its all factory and i have spent like £6000 on it and it looks no different than out of the factory, where I want something I can change to my liking i would keep the mk1 and make it amazing but I jumped into it too quick and got stung big time. due to..... rust lol, filler neck was shot to pieces and it never let me recover financially after that. so what would be great would be a VR6 and then to super charge it. I was thinking supercharge a mk1 tintop golf, but its very small and light, the Corrado a heavier beast with more space, and yes it would be my daily driver, now you may have a change of heart towards me, as I have been looking and the VR6 runs off of one camshaft, now that's a lot of power to be running off of a single camshaft, so I had been contemplating sticking a Honda b18 which performs near on identical to a VR6, it would be more reliable and you would have the vtec camshaft, along with a supercharger. but obviously in a Corrado body because Honda's look awful. I have had so many issues with VW engines I would like some reliability is all, whilst still being able to have fun.
  7. I have only seen one first hand, but i can find barely any online as it is. And it would be nice to get a good specimin but just feels unlikely with the budget I have unless I am spending like £5000 which is what most people seem to want
  8. So from the photos hes sent its about an 8-10 inch bit that runs along the bottom lip of the boot door. So if you know what i mean? If you opened the boot and the lip that lifts towards your face. Not so much major rust you can see it has bubbled in the past and now its flaking off. I dont know how to attach images otherwise I would. Hes asking £1400
  9. It's a 2L 16v. I have no desire for a sunroof really as long as the windows work fine. Some small rust spots and dents. But nothing too major and not in any places like window frames ect. The interior looks a little worn but to be exspected. Advisories on last mot are 0 but before that it was corroded brake lines amongst other things and an oil leak so i take it it has all been fixed not the mot sheet is empty. He wants it to goto a good home where it will be looked after.
  10. Thanks guys means alot. I have found one but it is in wales the only thing im worried about is the miles as its on 150k. But i was thinking of doing an engine swap anyway. But otherwise it looks pretty sound but the sunroof docent work. So its a big trek as well. Is it worth doing a 6 hour round trip for do you think??
  11. ok mate, thanks again! have a good week and that sounds good to me :) I'll get onto the forums so I can become a master aha
  12. Sean thank you, and 100% if you'd be willing to do that it would be so helpful! and I would love to go for a spin! I have been keeping an eye out there are a few contenders but they can vary so much in price and condition.
  13. Hello I'm Steve, based out of Portsmouth on the south coast, I am wanting to buy a Corrado, but every time i try to buy one the guy sells it while i'm on my way to view it. so hello and if you know anyone selling a Corrado in my area please let me know I have £3000
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