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  1. Both early models so will be the same. 93 was the change over.
  2. If it's just the up/down function that's flapping about, pull the vent out and you'll see a metal insert where the tabs are. It's removable so take it out and close it up a touch with some pliers. It'll put a bit more tension on the mounting points to make it firmer/tighter in its movement.
  3. Cracking job in the paint there Chris! Underside looks fantastic too. I assume you'll be replacing the long brake hard lines at another time?
  4. VW heritage do decent aftermarket or original back plates front and rear. VW use Lemforder bushes where not available and it's the best quality I've found in aftermarket, though I think most bushes are still available in isolation. As for the wishbones, one side is available genuine still I believe, but the other no (can't remember which). Again, VW heritage have them or can get them via classic parts at a surprisingly low price. CV joints are a bit hit and miss so try to get the best quality you can afford, and just get drive shafts powder coated. Disks and pads are the same, but any reasonable quality will suffice.
  5. Yeah it won't do any real damage, once a year will be fine but with limited mileage you probably won't pull much contamination off anyway. Probably quicker to just use a fallout and tar remover once or twice a year before topping up your wax coat. 👍
  6. Don't go mad and clay too often, it marrs the paint and introduces swirls and minor scratches. Ideally used as a stage of decontamination prior to machine polish, though can be used alongside a glaze or filler heavy polish occasionally.
  7. Use a hair dryer or heat gun on low especially in the folds and between the base or back and bolsters Hasan. Keep it spread apart whilst applying heat as they can stick together and leave a slightly clumpy line otherwise. Remove the seat from the car, remove the plastic lower trim and tilt handle surround, mask off any other plastic bits and away you go. Try to lay it on as thin as possible on the stitching too but otherwise it's pretty easy to do and makes a huge difference. 👍
  8. Looking good Chris. It's a very long and tedious job which you'll know, but the results speak for themselves. I had a standard set of axle stands one notch from the bottom (second highest) when I did mine - had to have at least one safety mechanism in place! Lol. Spent about 40 hours in total cleaning it all with a nail and toothbrush, though it was pretty grim to begin with!
  9. I used the furniture clinic kit first time round. It never quite sealed properly and after a long drive, fibres from my clothes would be stuck to the seat and need cleaning off. I re-did it with the gliptone kit which is an all in one (as opposed to separate dye and sealer from furniture clinic) and it was perfect. If you've got access to a craft spray gun it'll go on really well too. I had to use a thinner and re-do a couple of bits when done with the sponge applicators. More my fault for probably putting it on too thick, but it can be done either way. I just found the gun method more consistent, easier and quicker to apply.
  10. Think the seller is on crack.
  11. Best of luck Jamie. I sold up a few weeks back too. Do you still have the 997? Good step on from the Corrado and can see why it wasn't getting much use. Still remember our trip up to Stealth fondly. 👍
  12. It's been a few years since that many were for sale, but not that long tbh. Consistently mid twenties on eBay alone til about 2018. I'm sure all those factors will potentially have had an effect, but remember these cars are generally second or third cars and most owners have had them for a long time so they owe them nothing. Coupled with the fact some may have wanted to sell for a couple of years but lockdown meant it wasn't feasible, there will be a surplus now. Prices through the roof with used cars at the moment so worth cashing out now if you are considering selling up.
  13. I had it when a guy turned up with his Dad to look at the Aqua one I used as a bit of a parts car. He was really positive and loved it, but his Dad kept knocking him back saying about the mileage (circa 160 iirc). It was for sale for £1500 and absolutely worth that, even at the time. I told him if he didn't want it, there were a queue of people wanting it. He went away and said to give him a call if it didn't sell in the next couple of weeks. It sold the following day so when he called me the day after that saying he would have it after all, he was left very disappointed for having listened to negativity about mileage rather than condition.
  14. Those reflectors look great, good to see they've stood the test of time. As far as blades go, I can't remember I've got a feeling it's 19" & 17" blades that you need. If you offer up your originals, you'll see how the sweep is and you should be able to tell what you need. As long as they don't foul the seal when vertical you'll be good.
  15. seanl82

    Bbs RS 301

    Last time I saw a set for sale was a couple of years ago (though I don't search for them), and they sold very quickly at £2.5k. I imagine it would nearer the £3k mark now.
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