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  1. Please could you add me to the list (pair)
  2. Hi if anyone has one of these let me know... Willing to travel to collect (based Bristol)
  3. Hi you don't have any window caster/rollers left?

  4. Hi did the early bonnet work with the Agu conversion? I have a 1990 1.8 16v and the bonnet is about to go off for paint. Would this be okay or do I need a bonnet off a later car
  5. kalzter

    Wanted G60

    Standard car would be preferred ...my last one was completely standard as from factory also a J plate. As long as its been maintained, however some tasteful mods would be okay too ...not a fan of air-ride or slammed cars! Location - Im in Bristol, however not worried about distance, price range I have no idea - what are you looking for on the Silver 92 G60 Mark?
  6. kalzter

    Wanted G60

    I'm after a whole car. Owned one around 7 years ago. Regretted selling it!
  7. kalzter

    Wanted G60

    Hi, Looking for a G60.
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