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  1. Hi, excuse my ignorance here but is the glass on the headlights tinted or is it wrapped. I am after clear glass headlights (specifically the nearside one but will take a pair if available). Cheers,
  2. Hi, as above I am after a new nearside headlight for a 1994 RHD VR6. Just passed MOT with no advisory but the glass is badly cracked and let's down the appearance. Just the glass would be ideal, or full unit - let me know what you have please. Based near Manchester.
  3. Rolo120

    VR6 Coilpack

    Thanks all for your help, greatly appreciated. Was just about to order a Beru from AVS when a contributor contacted me by PM offering an OEM VW coilpack which is now fitted and doing the business. No doubt I will be seeking more advice from you all down the line!
  4. Rolo120

    VR6 Coilpack

    Today I fulfilled a long held dream to own a Corrado VR6, the car I always wanted in my twenties but couldn't afford! My new purchase is however in need of a new coilpack - the previous owner suffered an intermittent misfire but it was cured with a borrowed replacement coilpack. So where do I get one? There are several available on ebay ranging from less than £100 to a genuine one at £369 whilst both GSF and VW Heritage sell them. But sure I have read that many replicas fail / crack? Maybe I could get an original from a breaker's yard? Would really appreciate any advice that you can all offer and I look forward to becoming an active member of your community!
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