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  1. If you would like photographs of what the area should look like, my shell has been acid dipped and has no underseal etc so would offer a clear view. PM me if you want me to get some pictures. Troy.
  2. I have but not much response on the facebook poages to be fair. It would be appreciated if you would maybe 'Bang the drum' for me to help gather interest if you don't mind. Thanks for letting me know, I did look at a few calendars but didn't see Volksworld. Do you know of any shows on the following weekend?
  3. Good afternoon all, Some of you know me from over the years and my history involved in Corrado ownership. Some may also know I now run my own VAG (and in-particular Corrado/G60) specialist workshop after numerous years experience working in the industry. I thought I'd offer up a feeler of a meet in late march (second to last or last weekend of March) based at my workshop in Harworth, North Nottinghamshire. Since opening the workshop last year it's an idea I've put some thought to. The workshop is located just off the A1 at Blyth - with a further two minute drive up the road from there, a nice central'ish location for many owners. As there is a very wide expanse of parking at the site we would be able to acommodate a large number of cars, just as many as have been at some major meets in recent years - no worries there. Food (probably some BBQ food) and tea/coffee would also be available for those attending. I may talk to another business on site that operates a hub/chassis dynamometer and organise power runs - if there were to be the interest. The post code if you would like to check out the kind of journey you would have to make to attend is DN11 8SG. I've no idea how popular an idea this may be - so if you'd like to attend please let me know with which weekend would be better for any particular reason. Many thanks, Troy Tempest @ Tempest RS.
  4. I believe I still have a drivers and passenger side window mechanism. I’ll check and come back to you shortly. Troy.
  5. With the A4 I would seriously advise getting a quattro model. Makes a far far better car. The 2.0 pd engines used to have oil pump issues but that has largely been resolved on later cars with a revised oil pump design. I wouldn’t be too concerned with DPF issues, unless your commute is 5-10 Miles as you will be keeping the DPF clear with long commuting journeys. Personally I steer away from diesel now because of increasing tax and fuel price, some of the TFSI engines in the VW/Audi range do very good MPG ~35 and petrol being cheaper means they’re level pegging at times for cost effectiveness.
  6. If you had a load of parts electroplated it looks like you might have gotten a miscellaneous extra part. That looks like a Renault logo next to the long part number. I don’t recognise the part and the part number is too short for a vw part number (three sets of three digits plus sometimes an alphabet character) and doesn’t seem to return anything in google.
  7. If you are careful and heat the body of the brake bias valve up with an oxy torch then you can tease them out in some cases. If your tech has a torch and the experience he may just save them.
  8. Hi this thread is pretty old now and I no longer have any trim parts. Troy.
  9. But isn’t that an issue with a lack of morality on behalf of the companies that produce such goods in the way in which they advertise their products? I’m sorry to hear you had a bad personal experience that left you with (by the sounds of things) some health issues and I’m glad for you that you found a way to beat that - but should I not have a choice because you had an issue with it? Where is the fairness in that situation. Why should my freedom of choice be removed by the actions of others? You’re right - education is an issue - however just because some people can’t make an informed decision in their life these days doesn’t mean they should be nannied and allowed to use it as an excuse. There are drug addicts that successfully turn their lives around and become upstanding citizens who do well for themselves - but some don’t make it. You can’t protect everyone from everything is the way I see it.
  10. Of course it is, see my above statement - more victims = more control. The closer it gets to being a democratic system the less power the individuals in parliament have.
  11. Unfortunately it’s still essentially banning it - the restriction of free will. Which I morally disagree with. I agree they have no health benefits for anyone, but that should be an individuals choice to consume or not and in regards to children the parents need to be made responsible again. Children in the 60’s had access to sugar enriched drinks such as tizer and they could buy litres of the stuff for pittance but they largely didn’t as they knew that they shouldn’t. The lack of education and the deliberate eradication of good moral codes and practices combined with relaxing of discipline in this country has taken this thought process away.
  12. See I disagree - nothing should be banned as that’s the kind of behaviour we have now. People should be free to do what they want within basic law - but the tax payer shouldn’t have to pay for their healthcare if they want to drink litres of sugar a day and wonder why they get diabetes. Smoke yourself to death for all I care but don’t make me pay for it when it kicks you up the arse.
  13. Ah, it’s a chain pub. It’s probably something to do with all this sugar tax crap that the government has introduced to try and stop the people with ZERO will power over their daily sugar/calorie intake from consuming as much a they normally would. And you’re not wrong, this country has gone mad and has been doing so over the last twenty years or so that I’ve been on this earth. Long rant incoming... Nature gave us free will and it also gave us survival of the fittest. The latter has essentially been removed from the equation now as people who do stupid things or have seemingly no control over their actions go almost rewarded - where as in natural circumstances they’d never make it out of the early stage of life intact. The constant creation of victims of circumstance allows more and more pressure groups to form, meaning that we all have to be ever more careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings or inadvertently exclude someone by accident because we weren’t aware of some seemingly endless list of character traits. So now we have safe spaces in universities and work places incase someone says something you don’t like or agree with - apparently everyone is entitled to their own opinion but at the same time it’s unacceptable for any one to challenge your view and you need protecting from them! The secret is (and this will sound very doom and gloom - but when you give it some thought is the only explanation that makes sense, as I can’t believe a group of people could be this evil for such a long, constant period of time) the system is designed to fail... do you think the government actually wants to make things better for its citizens? If they did, and they actually succeeded, what would there be for them to do? What would justify their salaries? They would loose much of their power and would only be required to keep on top of new issues arising and not constantly fixing all the stuff that keeps going wrong. They like having this power, the ability to tell people what to do etc. The only way they keep this, or increase it (as people are fairly greedy I would say) is to make things worse to justify their noses being stuck in further. So this is why they listen to all the lobbyists and pressure groups - more victims = more power. Add this to the fact that everything is being made more expensive by the constant printing of money that does not exist. This is compounded by the fact that the value of the pound is not backed to a singular tangible asset - as it used to be with gold. There’s no way that inflation is at the reported 3% - it’s more like 8%. This affects everything from land pricing to the cost of your weekly shop and guess who it shafts the most - the poorest. Bear in mind this is going on at the same time as the government not actually having a positive bank balance at all, by some trillions of pounds. In a nutshell this country is done for in the long run. I think the next ten years are going to only get worse - with a constant stream of mediocre politicians who are just the same as each other. What will sort it out? - it will take everyone who is hacked off with being told that: they have to mind themselves for the benefit of others, be powerless to defend themselves in their own property, apologise for their thoughts and opinions, accept that the people you vote for aren’t accountable to you, have to pay the price for people who can’t stop stuffing their gob and puffing away on cigarettes when it all goes wrong for them - to STOP paying their taxes and shout “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”. If 10 million people did that then things may possibly change, it wouldn’t be over night though. If you wanted overnight change it would have to be a complete revolution and would be messy. Told you it would be a long one which is just a few of my two pence on the matter and I apologise, but it’s something that really does need to be sorted out. It would be interesting to see how many people are hacked off and what they’re hacked off about... Oh p.s, here’s the last thing that really made me go WTF!? So we’re leaving the EU - which democratically we voted for - for good or for bad. A strong point in the leave campaign was the strengthening of manufacturing and goods sectors. After deciding we’re going back to the old pre EU blue passports they decide to give the contract to manufacture them to a European company - I’m sure they do it on purpose to wind the general public up sometimes....
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