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  1. This is exactly what mine on a brand-new battery is doing, same driving intervals and mileages, dead as a rock after 4 days. Fans run maybe 5 minutes if it's hot after turning off
  2. I will pay for extra bubble wrap if you can mark fragile and do your due dilegence, and put the appropriate insurance on them.
  3. Jon, I'm in the US with a 70k-mile 2 owner VR, car is bone stock as I want it but deserves better headlights. I can get G60 euro housings here but need lenses and gaskets. Would you please consider selling to me in the US? I can bid on eBay. I ordered 18 inch Mercedes wheels from the UK last year with no issues with customs/no excessive shipping costs, so I know it shouldn't be too difficult or pricey
  4. In the US here, new owner, not many good forums for these in the states that I can find. 92 Emerald/Beige leather car, 69k miles. original 77 year old vw/audi/porsche master mechanic sold it 2 years ago to the guy I bought it from. Arizona (hot, dry) desert car, so I guess no surprise that the paint isn't original. It's a 7/10 job only because they didn't remove the glass or seals to do it, and there are 3 silver-dollar sized areas that, in sunlight, you can see the clearcoat isn't perfect. From 10 feet? Looks like a brand new car. #4 fan position doesn't work, radio has a code reading and the speakers are shot. Sunroof works, spoiler works, clutch replaced, caps/rotors replaced, AC converted to 134 and ice cold. Leather in overall good shape, no tears just some minor crinkling on the driver bolsters, and getting dry on the passenger front part of the cushion, and the rear headrests. I've soaked them in Lexol and will continue to do so. The visors really need replacing, and 2 of the clips are broken. The center visor is shot. The interior plastic trim all around the roof is somewhat loose, and I'm sure it's brittle. I would imagine all these are common problems. Would replacing the grommets (if available) fix the looseness? Tires are out of balance else wheels bent (the aftermarket/accessory VW 16" mesh wheel, the OEM BBS 15s have been lost to time along the way I guess, and I'd love to find some good originals). Seems to be a slight engine noise either at lower speeds or in lower gears, it's either when the clutch is depressed or not depressed, just got it and need to drive it again because I've forgotten. Oh, and a pen-point spot of rust under the rear hatch seal that I really need to sand, prime and touch up. Lot of info but that's me, any insight/tips would be appreciated! My goal is a bone-stock Corrado and an exercise in preservation for a rainy day. MODERATOR: Can you please move this to a new post? I accidentally replied to an open thread
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