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  1. Thank you very much for the pictures, really appreciate it. This morning I was comparing and upon close look and with my glasses... I found cracks in it! So legit or not, I'm returning it! One crack is exactly like in the above picture, right by the screw. The other one is worse, the 90 where the hose connects is fissures 3/4 down.
  2. The pattern on the swirl pot (the horizontal grooves) seems to be the same. The black rubber part though on the VW one, the right side looks straight, the left is wavy. On mine, both sides are wavy. Maybe it's shadows though? I would like to be 100%, this was pricey! It would be easy for someone to buy it, return it with cheap aftermarket replacement instead, especially if there's no writing on it. If the box was not opened, I would not think this way but it was so... Just weird for a company to make a product without any stamps no? I get that they can't slap a sticker on a swirl pot but nothing engraved tough...
  3. Well while not definite it's encouraging that yours have no markings as well... Maybe someone else will confirm this 100%. Thank you very much for checking this out, really appreciate it.
  4. Thank you SO MUCH! It was very expensive and I want to be sure...
  5. So today I received the VDO pump I ordered on eBay. The box is a VDO box but it was also not factory sealed and the plastic bag is looking too small. But what worries me the most is that the pump has ZERO markings on it, not a VDO engraved or part number or anything else. I find this weird and suspicious. I hope I'm wrong! Any of you has one on hand and can confirm this is correct or not?
  6. Thanks for the update... I'll see if they reply but meanwhile I'll look at other options. If that busy, they should hire instead of loosing business imo.
  7. Well, about 5 weeks ago I contacted HiSpec and since, I sent 4 emails and none of them have been replied. I even emailed the chap Shaun dealt with twice. Holidays have been over for a while now. I don't understand why a company would not reply to a customer who wants to buy their products? Anyway, thank you for suggesting I was definitely interested but now I guess it will be time to find an alternative... Cheers
  8. Ok, I wasn't aware of this shut down over the holidays, it's not like this here. I did sent my first email on the 19th but maybe they were busy closing the year end. I'll wait and see what happens then. Thanks!
  9. I'll look into Ferodo, never heard of. 288 is nice and that's what I have but I would like billet calipers to save weight at the right place. But if I can't make HiSpec work on standard discs I may forget the project, anyways they don't reply to me so... There's a US company Wilwood who makes some too but I'm not a fan of that company plus there's no dust shields on their calipers...
  10. Oh really, you don't think their calipers would fit standard discs? That may be an issue or pricey for me in Canada then. I know the EBC pads they sell can be bought off the shelf here, the part number is listed on their website. It would be really easy if they were just replying to my emails to figure all of this out. I was looking at their page on Facebook, almost 3 years that they didn't post anything. If it wasn't from this community, I would think they are not in business anymore! Hopefully they get back to me at some point!
  11. Always good to hear from you Hasan off topic or not! It kind of confirms what I read and my thoughts. The 288 is also 25mm thick just like the 312 so it's basically "just" the discs that's wider. They use the same pad size as well. I think passing from a 280x22 to 312x25 and larger pads would definitely be a more noticeable upgrade. The downside of the DE 288 upgrade is its weight compared with the 280's. But with a billet caliper like HiSpec all of this is taken care of and I bet they're even lighter than the 280 calipers.
  12. I contacted HiSpec a couple of time but haven't heard anything back yet, I guess it's the holidays... That gave me time to look at clearances and rethink my original plan etc... I don't think I'll go for 312 discs anymore, it won't clear the concave shape of the Schmidt's Modern Line and my next set is a 2 pieces wheel so even in 17", they'll be like a 16". Anyways, I think there might be a feel able difference between standard Corrado 280 to 312 but I already have Driver Edition 288x25 so they're pretty close or close enough to 312 already. To minimize the shipping cost, I'll just buy locally EBC discs and red pads. I'll only need a pair of calipers. I would love if they were making the Billet 4 model in a Billet 6 but only option is Monster 6 like Shaun and it's too big for my wheels. Does any of you have those Billet 4 on 288 discs? I would be curious to know your feedback! Cheers all
  13. Oh!! That's pretty cool! It means that I don't even have to buy larger carriers then, that's great! Probably save a good amount of weight as well. Thank you for explaining how it works. Cheers mate
  14. Just to confirm my last thoughts, hopefully! When you guys swapped to larger 310/312 rotors. You do have to install carriers that were meant for those disks (TT, 337,Gli) right? And that adapter/shim provided by HiSpec is to recenter the caliper with the new rotor width? That adapter/shim goes between the carrier and the knuckle, correct? Cheers!
  15. That sounds good, thanks mate. Yes, I probably should wait to get the next set of wheels but most likely I will go for 4 pots so it should be fine. Although yours are pretty tempting, mat he'd with 312 that would be amazing...
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