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  1. That is terrible. Are you fitting a one way valve on the line as well as the new pump? Here are pics of my old pump that I changed last year. Which I assume was the original but not really any markings
  2. Thanks for the info on the headlight switch.  Only 3 years ago....

    Thanks again

    1. Cressa


      😲🤣🤣 Hopefully you sorted it

    2. Throttleup


      Yes it did!


  3. Yes. That is who I ordered a pair from on 11th Dec, never arrived.... just received my money back this week. There were also some advertised as genuine NOS but suddenly not for my car. I wonder if people forget to remove the adverts when they have no srock
  4. I wish I could find the FAG ones. I've gone off SKF as the mk2 ones were a pain for me. Fortunately these have been off a couple of thousand miles ago, so hoping for that bit to go okay 🤞
  5. As my front wheel bearings keep getting pulled up on the MOT I am trying to fing the time to change the VW NLA FAG which i just fitted to the mk2 golf are great but i can't find them for the VR Any suggestions please. This was to be a xmas break job but I was let down by a seller.
  6. They are on the VW classic Corrado metal sign. There were some for sale on FB for only 150 for a couple of months. I couldn't believe they struggled to sell. Had I have been nearer I would have snapped them up. But who needs 4 sets of wheels!!! 🤣
  7. Great looking motor, great purchase. Maybe start with some brighter headlight bulbs and an uprated loom. My best invested purchase for the Corrado has been clear headlight protectors and fog light protectors. I dont fancy having to sell my liver or kidneys to replace them due to a stone chip... 🤣
  8. 😥 Brought a tear to my eyes 🤣🤣
  9. Sod this, stick it in a Corrado 🤣🤣 Only kidding. I had a mk3 16v and loved it. But an R36 in one, impressive. I like that fact you bought a totally good car and will rip it apart. Ballsy and very sensible 💪 Have a read of what GrahamU has done with his Corrado, as that has been a fantastic and different build. Good luck with all of this and like everyone else, look forward to the updates. I hope the gearbox is what it says, damned cheaper than refurbing one. It's gonna be great 🍻
  10. Cressa

    Davina air con

    Where on the car is that fitted?
  11. Damn that looks a technical piece of kit. Good luck with getting it sorted
  12. The 4bar Lucas one I purchased works absolutely fine.
  13. Cressa

    VR6 Newbie

    WOW, Jesus........ I think Gates were the oe make and readily available. Easy to change and I believe there is even a how to on this forum in the wiki
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