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  1. Oooh nice, where did you get those boys from?
  2. Great bit of detective work 👍
  3. That is in the right place. Unless it is lubed, the dry seal tight fit can distort. Definitely worth the new genuine parts. The torque value is really low, but I am trying to survive prague 🍻 at the moment. Happy to check the Bentley when back, but I am sure someone will post up 1st
  4. I just put some plain Alpine ones in the mk2 golf. Same as fitted to the Corrado. Fit fine, you either need an Ebay pair of adaptor plugs for under £3 or use spade connectors. All cheap and cheerful, work a treat. I'm sure if you want the best someone will be along soon
  5. What is the limit before we get super taxed on imports as that includes the postage too...
  6. As long as it it is still a genuine part or the best available, I am happy anywhere
  7. Some people don't get on with Heritage, but they have always been good with me. I just avoid the topran branded stuff. I have always got my classic parts through them , with their help and that has always been good. Keyo uses someone else for classic parts that seems to work well for him And he's just replied as I am typing 🤣🤣
  8. Mine came with adhesive on the backing. I thought they all did !!
  9. That is a ball ache of a job with no easy solution apart from effort. Well done in tackling it as they always look great when re-foamed
  10. Looks a great job. What car will you put those in?
  11. Cressa

    ISV/IAC valve

    I'm still having a good read even though I can't offer any solutions. Keep trying as we eventually get things solved. Then we feel good..til the next thing happens
  12. Cressa

    wilkos G60

    Congratulations on the award. A Great reward for all of your effort
  13. I am absolutely gutted for you. Bastards.... but at least you do use yours. It is a shame that this is the result. Keep doing your best to look after her.And when you respray her, you need a garage 😊
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