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  1. Not really sure what's the point getting wound up, people like to make profit on pretty much everything these days. No losses to me or you! Gorgeous car though. :)
  2. Nice one :) Get a members gallery thread going! http://the-corrado.net/forumdisplay.php?f=16
  3. Hola and welcome! :) What problems are you getting with uploading? The last one uploaded fine?
  4. Need some photos now then. :) I took haven't got over not having a Corrado, and am in the market again now!
  5. Haha, hello lol! How's it going? I check back here every couple months to see what's going on. And also take a cheeky look in the for sale threads!
  6. ^ That Storm turbo is gorgeous, what are it's specs? I can't quite make them out. Also, that Nothelle Corrado, is that still owned by the guy on here who has a muppet avatar? (Forget his name, met him at E38 years back) edit: Is it Korozin?
  7. Incredible that you're still at it Kev. Working on the car that is! Looks amazing. I have no idea what those numbers and all are on page 3, but it must be good.
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