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  1. Humble Mechanic is fantastic. He does things properly 🙂 Just looking through by YT subs list...... SpeedAcademy, Harrys Garage, Carfection, Redish Motosport, Engineering Explained, Subi Performance, Rob Dham, Haltech Technically Speaking, Papadakis Racing, PeterBjorck, Tom's Turbo Garage, AMMO NYC, Darkside Developments, Deutsche Auto parts, ECS Tuning, M539 Restorations, Volkswizard, SK8215, TheSmokingTire and many more. No particular brand affiliation, just all round excellent car related viewing. But my absolute favourite - Obsession Motorsport. Their 'Project Binky' series is an amazing watch!
  2. Why a TT in particular? Any MK5 platform car will do. The 4WD kit is easy to bolt onto a FWD MK5 platform but an R32 base would be a good start. You can play around with track width using different front and rear knuckles. Golfs have the narrowest track. TT and Scirocco have the widest track because they have much more arch space to accommodate longer control arms and/or wider knuckles. MK5s use an ET51 wheel, which will also reduce the track by around 20mm compared to a Corrado's wheel offset. Either way, you will definitely need some flared arches regardless! If you're also planning on using the more modern drivetrain to go with the chassis, then a 02Q diesel box will balance out the small wheels shortening the gearing.....or why not go diesel DSG? Swapping cogs manually is so last year!
  3. Just get a complete engine from a late as possible MK3, along with the ECU, key and engine harness. Going OBD2 was probably one of the best things I did to mine when it was naturally aspirated, along with a G60 final drive in the gearbox. Both REALLY wake the car up. Way more responsive. As said above, OBD2 2.8s made the same power as the 2.9 anyway, and it was a better engine. Didn't suffer with ovalised bores on 1 & 6 half as much, and they just sounded smoother under acceleration, which was probably down to the more accurate fuelling and different intake manifold. I wouldn't bother with the Schrick. I always found those underwhelming for the money. A set of Schimmel 263 cams yields the same gains anyway, if not more actually.
  4. MK5 R32 is the best sump for ground clearance, but you need the oil pump to go with it unfortunately. Was approx a £350 upgrade for both back in 2007ish when I did it. God knows how much it is now......but there's always ebay. The sump sealant you need is made by Dirko and available online pretty cheap. Don't pay VW £33 for the same stuff! I saw no benefit in fitting the 2.8 4 Motion sump as it's no shallower and isn't baffled. I suppose the only advantage is it seals better than the steel sump being a machined surface, and aluminium also sheds heat faster than steel.
  5. You can retain the A/C if you fit a water-air intercooler similar to the one I used, but if that is too much extra baggage and cost for you, have a word with Vince at Stealth and ask if his turbo kit air-air intercooler fits in front of the A/C condenser. An intercooler will give you more consistency, but it's not essential if only running 6-8psi. Water meth is usually used where an intercooler isn't feasible (some folk don't like chopping bumpers etc). Injectors - around 440cc. Uprated headbolts - Definitely. ARP. Uprated rod bolts not a bad idea either. If running more than 8psi, a head spacer isn't a bad idea either. I would have a chat with Vince. Back in the day, I seem to remember him saying the Rotrex power delivery wasn't especially nice on a VR6. They make the peak numbers OK but it dumps all of it's boost in in one lump, hence the not particularly nice driving experience. Turbos are way smoother and punchier on a VR6. I think Stealth's drive in, drive out price was £9K.......some years ago! Can probably rotrex it for half that but you really should drive an example of each before committing yourself. I just know you will prefer the turbo's power delivery 😁 Everyone does! Hence why so many ex-supercharged people went turbo 😉
  6. Absorption works best in my experience, having caked my Corrado in 3 tonnes of dynamat type stuff :grin: In my MK4 R32 I stuck a load of studio grade acoustic foam panels behind all the door cards, under the parcel shelf, backs of the rear seats etc and that had a much greater effect on noise reduction. To expand on what Hasan said, if you want to cut overall ambient noise - absorption. If you want to cut drone from exhausts, tyre and suspension rumble - panel dampening.
  7. My missus thought I was yanking her chain when I told her Cheddar originally came from Cheddar, Somerset. Anyway, I've struggled to find an English cheddar as sharp as the strongest Canadian. Snowdonia Black Bomber comes close though! I think there's a cave aged cheddar from Wookey hole or something too? All these 'Seriously Strong' and 'Cathedral City' mature cheddars.....rubbish. Bland, tasteless rubber. Also, did you know those American style fake cheese slices aren't allowed to use the word 'cheese' anymore? They're just called slices now. They still add a certain something melted on a burger patty though, along with some very decent smoked bacon.
  8. Don't forget the chutney, or pickle. A spicy tomato chutney really wakes up a good slice of extra mature Canadian cheddar, as it does a good quality ham hock. I'm still in two minds as to whether salad ingredients bring anything worthwhile to the ham & cheese party, but mayonnaise is always welcome at the table, so long as it's Hellmans and not own brand rubbish. Maybe we could consider inviting Beef and Horseradish into the fold? Ham & Cheese is a bit last year now. The CCGB always was a strong influence in the Corrado scene. I know us older members used to jest about wheel bolt polishing and picnic blankets when it came to the CCGB, but deep down I think we all acknowledged the difference of attitude/opinion was unnecessary in light of the shared passion. I would hope the very obvious divide (back then) has moved on since. The Corrado is a funny one. It's plain to see VW don't give a rats hole about it, and yet dealer staff get all moist when they see one pull into their carpark. Similarly, owners and fans are very passionate about the car, so it's up to those who remain loyal to it to keep the car relevant. And to that end, I agree that a CCGB/CF collaboration isn't such a bad idea. Let bygones be bygones. The change would need to be from both sides. A mutual appreciation of restoration/preservation and modifications alike. What won't work is snobbery towards mods, or dismissiveness about being anal with originality. There is room for both camps. Replacing a tired old VR6 with an R32 is more than acceptable imo. It's still technically a VR6 engine, but parts for it are more readily available, it's smoother, more reliable and sounds better. Win win. Similarly, if someone wants to take their wheels off every weekend and clean the arches, then so be it. 100% original Corrados are just as appealing as modified ones now that their numbers are reducing.
  9. I've seen V8s in 911s before, but never a VR6! That is indeed very cool!
  10. Definitely rose tints where that car is concerned. I don't miss mine at all. The ED30 is way, way more capable and a lot faster when remapped. I don't care about engine noise personally, I'm just interested in grip and speed. I would say a mint ED30 would hold it's value more than a MK4 R32. The MK5 R32 drives a lot better and has a better engine, but looked incredibly dull with it's Jetta front end.
  11. This. What are the actual costs of running a forum? The way I understand them, is phpBB or WordPress with phpBB plug in are basically free. Just have a yearly/monthly cost for the corrado.net domain. Where things get complicated, especially these days, is bandwidth costs......image hosting in other words. Can that not be circumvented by people 'ing the pictures from their own image hosting accounts? I can't imagine the costs are so vast that they can't be split out across 4 or 5 very active members who have the time to put into it? The trouble with paid memberships is it's very off putting, especially for newbies when Facebook is free. People don't really want to pay £10/month (or what ever) only to get a forum that's quiet as a morgue in return, which let's face it, it pretty much is these days, no offence! Forums are as much about building relationships as they are a common interest and information resource. This place used to be THE place to go for friday night bants and giggles....but I guess people move on and life gets in the way!
  12. Might also be worth replacing the blue temp sensor in the thermostat housing. A bad one of those can cause the over fuelling issue you've got. With regard to the timing, the intermediate sprocket mark should ideally be at 12 O'clock. If it's at 3 or 9 O'clock, that's when the problems start. 6 O'clock, although technically 180 degrees out, should also work. Best thing to do is get cyl 1 on TDC, stick the cam alignment tool in to check it slides in easily, spin the engine 4 times and then see if the alignment tool slides back in with no binding. If it does, the timing is OK. The main problem with the intermediate shaft being off is it affects the sequential injection. If the ECU can't accurately correlate the crank and cam positions, it will batch fire all 6 injectors, which will also give you the rich running. If it were me, I'd drop the gearbox and double check the intermediate shaft is at 12 O'clock. You can't do that without dropping the lower chain cover unfortunately. That is, if the problem persists after your most recent changes.
  13. Very nice. Agreed on the exhaust. What on earth is that all about!! Time warp examples will fetch serious money at some point, especially considering mint XR3is and RS Turbos are fetching big numbers.....and they aren't even half the car the Corrado is! Also worth mentioning is a 6000 mile E30 325i Sport went for 51K recently at Silverstone auctions, so there's hope for the good old Corrado yet. I remember waaaaaay back when, I traded a ropey old 325i in for a VR6, and the VR6 was insanely better to drive than the bimmer. It's a really hard market to predict. One important difference between the Bimmer and the Corrado is, BMW are proud of the E30, whereas VW are desperate to deny all knowledge of the Corrado. A car maker's pride in their achievements and heritage definitely affects values. All VW care about is the Golf.
  14. Well, well, well.....s'funny I brought up the E30 235i Sport. https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/events/2019-auctions/nec-classic-motor-show-sale-2019/nec-classic-motor-show-sale-saturday-9th-sunday-10th-november-2019/2pm-saturday-9th-november-cars/1991-bmw-325i-e30-sport £51K!!! I wish I had a crystal ball sometimes! If I'd known 20-30 years ago that some of the sheds I was roaming around in would be worth a fortune in years to come, I would have restored and bubble wrapped them! It seems like old cars is where the moneys at these days, sod fine arts and antique jewellery! What would you do with such a purchase though? Drive it and enjoy it, or just stick it in air conditioned garage and wait another 20 years before selling it on?
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