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  1. Thanks Cressa, please let me know details etc via PM Cheers
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone has an uprated headlight loom available? I've tried PM to Sean but they get bounced. Any idea if they'll be available again soon before the winter nights set in? Any other recommendations also appreciated Many thanks
  3. Hi mate, I'm interested in the rear lights. PM sent. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'd like 2 if they're still available please. Many thanks
  5. I think I've found one now thanks, & it was the brake pedal position sensor I was after! Thanks for the help chaps, much appreciated as always.
  6. Lilfuzzer - no problem. Thank you for checking, hope they turn up eventually! Dragon green - thanks for the tip. If I can't find one will be in touch with Vince at Stealth. Thanks for your help Cheers
  7. Hi, no don't think so - pretty sure they're obsolete. I'd be interested if you do have a working one. Many thanks
  8. Hi, I'm after a Brake Pedal Position Sensor for my 95 VR. Mine's gone intermittent. Any help greatly appreciated Cheers
  9. Hi, is this still available? Cheers
  10. Received mine today, top quality product. Thank you Matt.
  11. I popped in, mentioned your name, they handed me a green ticket, didn't even blink! Seriously I went down there, a different dude was testing today. I explained that I'd freed the valve but would like to have a chat about the top mounts as I'd been advised they were supposed to be like that etc (explained what you said). I must say he was very compliant and after reading the notes, having a look & a phone call with his area manger said 'yep your mate's right, you can't be failed on that' & stuck it in as an advisory. So YAY thanks loads
  12. Got my pass today, :clap: thank you for your help
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