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  1. We update, looks like it’ll be heading to Stealth in the coming weeks. Regards Fraser
  2. Had a look at the cables and they all look fine. Unfortunately there are also noises now from the gearbox so i think something inside has gone. There’s a fair chance ill remove the gearbox myself which I’m not looking forward to then send it away. Fraser
  3. Tonight driving home, I was accelerating onto the motorway fairly hard and something decided to fall apart in third. Once I pulled back off the motorway I then discovered no 1st 2nd 3rd or reverse. The gear stick won’t even go into reverse 1st or 2nd. It will go into 3rd but nothing seems to be there. Any ideas as to what went pop? Regards Fraser
  4. Oh that rad support panel looks lush! I so wanted that to have been for sale when i visited you. Looking good. Fraser
  5. As stated above. I’m looking for a set of 16inch wheels that will fit over the tarox 6pots i have on my car-ideally without any spacers. I have read on here that compomotive th2s would fit in 16x7 et25. But not been able to check for myself. Regards Fraser
  6. Had a quick check of the brake fluid this morning before i left for work. It’s just below the minimum. So that’ll be the reason why. Now to find out where it has gone-ill check those areas for fluid. Fraser
  7. Ahh, ill check that! As when i was sitting stationary without the handbrake on and pumped the brakes it flickered a few times! Top man Sean-i shall report back. Fraser
  8. Today whilst driving my handbrake light started to go on and off, most when cornering or hitting bumps. Most probably a loose connection. But i was wondering if that light is used for anything else, ie to highlight another fault. It still works as should when operating the handbrake. Any suggestions? Cheers Fraser
  9. I’m still working out what road trips i want to do. Ideally id like a euro trip but the threads on the 30th anniversary meets aren’t really finalised. I went to VW Festival in 2016 and thought it was great. I now have a little girl and working out if a trip down myself without the family is the way to go. So this event may be the one to attend for a change. Fraser
  10. Looking for a later window mechanism for my drivers side. Regards Fraser
  11. Strimmer, pm me some pictures and details of the wheels and what your looking for them. Fraser
  12. These are a great upgrade. I have them on my car. Strimmer, do they defo fit under 16s? As I’m running 17s but also want a set of 16s but just presumed they wouldn’t clear the calipers. Fraser
  13. That would be great if you could let me know. Thanks F
  14. As above folks, anyone got one for sale? Thought its worth a try before i send mine off to get done. Fraser
  15. Jamie_300. I will take some pictures of the spoiler in the coming days. 1xshaunx1 perfect, I will check out the cooling guide, theres something not right with the cooling. I never have any issues, but the car can get pretty hot when dotting around in traffic. Also from time to time on a cold start the water temp warning light will flash immediately and stay on. sometimes switching the car off then on again will solve this. SeanL they are a marmite wheel at the best of time, im really just looking for something that's easier to clean, but still has a little bit of rareness about them. I did like the CHs that were originally on the car but they were far too wide. The LMs are great, but constanly need cleaned and the lips need polished at every wash. Daves16v, Classic green is an awful colour to make stand out. In the sunlight, not every panel looks green, and in poor light its near impossible to say what colour the car is. I machine polished the paint on this car and it certainly has helped, still needs painting though. The classic green on SeanLs car looked great compared to mine at VW Festival last year. After I machine polished mine the colour really did shine through. I was parked next to an excellent example of a green storm recently and my paint really stood out. I think its a colour that losses its intensity over time. Fraser
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