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  1. Happy New Year to you all 😁
  2. You need to be a paid member to access the forum fully
  3. Looking great Chris, although that is the level I expect from you 😁
  4. Looking forward to seeing the results of this 😁
  5. https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/construction-and-cars/car-toys/hot-wheels/hot-wheels-cars-and-trucks/hot-wheels-modern-classics-volkswagen-corrado-vr6-figure/p/222279199 Hotwheels Corrado available in Smyth’s Toys
  6. Master Auto Glass is the company, he’s just replied to me on Messenger. If you are on Facebook, go on the Corrado club page and search for Scott Wright and message him 👍
  7. I managed to get a couple recently,although I can’t remember the name of the actual company and I can’t find the receipt. It was through a guy on one of the Facebook pages. I’ve messaged him to get the details.
  8. Toby just replied, myself and Fendervg are Moderators again 👍
  9. Put me down for 2 sets please mate 😁👍
  10. I did have them but unsure when they disappeared? Possibly when the membership was renewed
  11. I agree, I’ve also emailed Toby to see about bringing back the Moderator status for whoever did it previously as it seems to have lapsed
  12. Good stuff, I must get back into some tinkering as well, blink and another year rolls bye 😁👍
  13. I seem to have lost my moderator status as well, I tried to find that guy to ban him but I found it very difficult to even find him, and when I did I got no options to do anything. I’ll email Toby and ask the question about fendervg and myself 👍
  14. You can just see them either side of the (badly drawn) white arrow
  15. I’m happy to wait mate, I’m on a forever journey of collecting parts 😁👍
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