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  1. £59 remaining balance just sent. Thanks, Ed
  2. Can you mark me down for one as well please?
  3. Hi there. just saw a picture on your gallery - i now have M588 LYF. bought it a few years ago. just wondered if you could tell me anything interesting about it?



  4. I’m after a late mode centre console. Needs to be in good condition
  5. My clocks, specifically the odometer has developed some lcd bleeding. I am seeing if anyone can fix this, but just in case, does anyone have a working set of clocks from a 1994 VR6?
  6. I have the bulb holders too - they look similar but not sure they are an exact fit. If you pm me your email I can send a picture across - as I am not at my pc to upload one here
  7. I have a set available. Will try and get a picture tonight for you. Do you need the bulb holders or just the lights?
  8. Have just sent you a pm about the lights :)
  9. Hopefully someone has this...I'm after the PCV valve and associated pipe work - someone has done a bit of a bodge on my VR, and i'd like to get it back to normal. I think i just need the assembly that goes from the inlet manifold to the air inlet for the throttle body. I'm also after the coat hooks and brackets from both drivers side and passenger side. Thanks. Ed
  10. Well let's see. I'm all over it if that's the price :)
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