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  1. Hi 

    Do you have the "trumpets " for the bonnet release cable - if so how much?

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    2. K Simmonds

      K Simmonds

      Evening Fergus...

      Collection booked for tomorrow...

      Tracking No...  TQ157232469GB



    3. frx


      Hi Kit

      Got the cable - thanks for that - top man.



    4. K Simmonds

      K Simmonds

      Evening Fergus,

      Thanks for letting me know you got it safely.

      Am glad parts from my car are helping others keep their's on the road.



  2. Hi 

    Is your car still for sale - if so where abouts are you?

    1. _Matt_


      Are you on facebook - might be easier to contact the owner there. If you're not on FB reply here and I will nudge the owner. This forum isn't used a great deal these days.


  3. I bought this a while back - I have a VR so can only presume I bought it for the VR though so long ago I do not even remember buying it! Found it lurking in the shed.
  4. Brake pressure regulator New Boxed £43 posted
  5. Late drivers side wing in fair condition -see photos - £25 - you arrange courier/collection - Dundee area.
  6. Does anyone want these items before I bin them? You pay the postage - £3.00? Indicators are from a late vr6 and are cracked and a bit broken - see photos. Gearshift sleeve has a broken tab at the back otherwise ok. All are boxed up as one item.
  7. I will take your handle if still available.
  8. No problem - know how it is!
  9. All in £145 - would need your postcode etc
  10. Dotz Murgello 15 inch alloys with 2x Vedestein Sportracs just under 3 mm tread and 2 x Hankook Ventus Prime 2 with just 4 mm tread. Wheels in good condition rolling fine and true - slight kerbing on one - see photos - buyer must organize uplift/courier - I will wrap them up for transportation or collect in Dundee - £120
  11. Air Mass Sensor _ Bosch Taken from my VR6 during a problem solving hunt This was not the problem - (coil pack was ) Cleaned using the correct cleaning fluid £35 posted
  12. could you pm me some photos of the tailgate please?
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