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  1. Keep seeing a white VR6 in Wylam/Hexham/Northumberland. V nice too. Cant believe i still log on here to post spotteds - 2 years after selling mine !
  2. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1231340.htm If anyone is looking at it and wants some history give me shout. I had it for 6 years before this dood.
  3. Sheesh - havnt had mine for over a year now - and still cant stop spotting !!!! Seen on my travels to New Zealand a few months back, north island: Also, a nice shiny black vr on the East Midlands airport / M1 roundabout friday @ ~7pm. Red ? parked up in a layby in the middle of lots of roadworks on the A1m northbound sat 9pmish.
  4. Holy grap - bad news on the Saggy engine. Was it the usual speed six head issues ? Is that all out of your pocket or was there some warranty / dealer help ? Must be v frustrating .... :gag: Glad you got the raddo susp sorted at last. OEM rocks !
  5. Hi Jon, havnt seen you on PH for a good while either. Must be the dry roads and late evenings ! You still got both TIv & Raddo then ? Did you get your v expensive suspension setup sorted ?
  6. mine is just waiting for a good polish next time the sun is out and then its gonna be on the market. Gimme a shout if you want 1st dibs before i publish. Will be around £4500. 105k n reg vr fsh ss exhaust, k& n pannel. Love it. Not immaculate but very tasty !
  7. He payed me back around Nov last year after a good few months of hassle. He was in contact through the same [email protected] address.
  8. 6 posts in 4 years KUR2Y :shock: Now thats what i call lurking !! :wave:
  9. Well Andys looms are supposed to be great. Its only the man himself thats the problem ( its a shame he didnt think it was worth while letting anyone here know he wasnt making any more :mad2: ). All we really need is for him to write 1 more post - detailing everything he has discovered over the past 14 months of intensive research into loom building. I think that is the least he could do after all the broken promises. If he posts it as a new thread, we can lock this waste of time - plus the other similarly titled one. Then at least the info would be in 1 place. Can you give Andy a prod CazzaVR ?
  10. Mr. Praline: (yelling and hitting the cage repeatedly) 'ELLO POLLY!!!!! Testing! Testing! Testing! Testing! This is your nine o'clock alarm call! (Takes parrot out of the cage and thumps its head on the counter. Throws it up in the air and watches it plummet to the floor.) Mr. Praline: Now that's what I call a dead parrot.
  11. Great stuff man. Sounds like you are taking it nice and sensible. The back of the bible goes on about heel-toeing and why you need to do it. I was only half convinced at first. Then took the Chim around Knockhill. Braking hard as i approached the hairpin - and still doing about 60, i put it into 2rd. Without heel-toeing, i lifted the clutch and the rear wheels just 'locked' as they tried to convince a now idling 5l V8 ,to get back up to 5k revs ! No harm done, but i the next time around i did some clumsy throttlepress ( remembering what Steve said )on the downshift and everything was peachy. I was immediatly sold on the technique ! Let us know how you get on and pm me if you want to chat about Tivving. Whats your name on PH by the way ?
  12. ...Back of the Net.... Partridge> Nice one, man. Have you got that silly grin off your dial yet ??! Just be aware of the loonacy - especially in this weather. How are you with heel-toeing? Its really the best way of keeping TVRs on the blackstuff. Best advice i can give is: * Get a copy of Steve Heath's book - the Bible as its known. It explains exactly how they are bolted together, what goes wrong and how to fix / maintain them. Even if your not one for oily hands, its rather interesting reading. * Only put your foot flat with the wheel dead straight - until you get to know the back end. * Get a day with Ride Drive. Its the best £250 you can spend on a Tiv. Its a long and sometimes steep learning curve (I still cant keep up with my mate in his MX5 in the twisties after 3 years of driving it ..:( ), but its the most involving and challenging drive you can get. Enjoy the madness !!
  13. Craigowl - i seem to remember hearing on Pistonheads that the two VW technicians were the guys from Autowerke on Gorgie Rd. I am sure they moved out to Linth.
  14. Thats the pits man. You're correct - it does seem like far too much of a coincidence. Why would anyone try to break into a car, a) without asking the owner 1st, b) despite knowing what is wrong ( ie the keys are locked in it ) OR , c) without getting a professional alarm dood / lock-meister in to open the car -seeing as it was apparently the alarm which locked the door in the 1st place. Anyway - does the central locking / total enclosure work ok now? You'd think that after moving to the new premesis - which must have cost a fair few bob, he would be trying to keep the quality of his work and attitude up. However, i must say, i was trying to get my C booked in for full suspension replacement, and he completely ignored every singe one of my emails. Thats just rude. Perhaps he has so much work on, he can afford to ignore good customers. I now use Herriot Hill garage down the foot of leith walk. Its VW specialist and although i have only used him twice, he 'seems' to know his stuff. Have a good chat with him 1st if you getting anything complex done. See if he sounds like he knows what he is on about.
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