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  1. whats wrong with the box? 5th gear gone?
  2. It's sure good to see the old girl being loved again.
  3. 021 115 103 is replaced with 021 115 105B,if your replacing only the sump gasket it would seem odd to replace the pump if it all is working just fine? only real test would be an oil pressure test ...
  4. Ouch,o bought my vr pump from the dealers and it was defo under 90 quid... But that was a two years ago,if they stopped making them you could try ford sharan or go 4 mo r32 shallow sump and pump set up ? Btw What is wrong with your pump ?
  5. Have you tried the dealers ? Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk 2
  6. So your basing your experiance on having a r32'd corrado lol, what the hell is that anything to do with a S3?? and if your corrado is so good to drive why did you mod it? was it not good enough? your like a politician,always got an answer to everything even if its a load of crap.... Im going to leave it there dont want to "stir" things up anymore ha ha. anyway its nice to see your cheered up Kev :D
  7. Come on Kev... Your biting to easy ! I'm basing my " argument " based on owning theses cars and working on them on a day to day basis... What is yours ? Cheers up Kev..
  8. Lol,your still the same old key board warrior Kevin ...... Ha ha !
  9. Im assuming your comparing a stock corrado with a stock s3 in all these comparisons ? Stock corrado handles rubbish and what feel are we talking about,the understeer when pushed hard,yea a sorted corrado will handle well,as will ANY car... Ive had had a few Subaru's sti and wrx over time,yes they are good point to point cars but they are not jap reliable at all,they often throw big end shells when pushed and to replace them is a full engine out and strip down job....time consuming and costly! You get a hell of allot more car for your money than a raddo...fact,3.5k can buy you a good example. The heading should be changed to whats better than a corrado ......
  10. If you want a good daily car with haldex,hid's,full electric,climate ect i would pick the s3 any day,its a good car that has its own looks,understated wide arched "winged" doors blades just set it apart from the rest! The corrado has its classic looks thats great to look at but its dated inside and its a great weekend car... thats it! imop,i hated the corrado as a daily car,but i went away from that a while back and just used it as weekend fun...an expensive one at that! The do rust on the roof rails and lower door edges and a corrado has no rust?....sure they do,in many places you wont see but its there! Im i a fan of the 1.8t? ....no im not, VR's or 24v lumps any day for me,but they are reliable and have plenty of torque low down for daily driving and can do the twistys very well considering the 1450kg weight ! The 4wd have got me out of trouble many times and as for saying they are rubbish then thats rubbish,go play in the snow as i have and many others and you will have so much fun! go out in a rwd/fwd and good luck,also not just in the snow but the mainly wet condition's we have in the uk! you wont get me back to non 4wd for some time! Either way its YOUR choice and only you can make your mind up....
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