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  1. 20vtvw

    vr6 lower rad hose

    As title I'm after a lower rad hose , Needed as soon as possible please.. Cheers
  2. 20vtvw

    WANTED: Project C

    I think I'll be stripping my dark burgundy pearl vr6 soon, no engine or wheels as there going in my other project, but has smooth bay,big brakes,will come with standard interior, it's all poly bushed, just needs paint and an engine dropping in.
  3. Depending on condition and price I could be interested yes, what width are they,?
  4. What's your plans for the wider dishes?I have a set of 8.5s all round and wouldn't mind making rears 9s.
  5. Hope you have better luck starting it with the fuel pipes of the right way hahaha.
  6. I'll take the exhaust thanks if you could send me payment details Cheers.
  7. Second dibs on the exhaust without manifold please.
  8. These are kunifer, should last year's and if they need taking off they don't twist and snap like copper.. Hopefully have the engine in for you next week mate if we can find out what aux belt we need..
  9. I'm doing engine swaps now as a service do if you find yourself a Base car I can drop an engine in for you and build it however you want..
  10. Bought and payed for thank you....
  11. 20vtvw

    BBS RS301s

    Yes there in my garage tucked up nice and warm.. I'll put some pics up..stud pattern is 5x114 fuzz had some adapters for them .
  12. 20vtvw

    BBS RS301s

    Lilfuzzer has a set of 17" bbs RS' not 301s though pm him for more details..
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