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  1. I've got one... currently for sale on eBay :( Although it doesn't look that good anymore
  2. Seeing as I have used the car less and less over the years to the point that it will be sorn from 01/08/2013 it is now for sale 1993 L Reg Mileage: 136k however the engine was replaced with a Vege Reconditioned engine which now has approx 30k on it Good Bits: Cat1 Alarm/Immobiliser Private plate J17 YGT (valued at £400) VSR & Stealth Remap Schrick 268 cams Samco hoses Miltek Exhaust Vibratechnics Engine Mounts FK Suspension Raceland 6 branch manifold Half leather electric Recaro interior 16" Speedline Vento Cup Alloy 312mm disc conversion Genuine US spec front bumper with clear running lights & front end respray Alpine CDE-9880R head unit with USB & iPod connection (£1500 Audioscape install door pods/amp/sub) Passat Moonroof Lupo GTI wipers Genuine late VW gauge pod Lots of receipts from Stealth, JMR, The Phirm & DG Autotech Bad Bits: Has sat since the end of last year. Alarm/central locking need attention. No tax/MOT Needs a new battery and possibly tyres Headlight loom fitted but needs fixing as main beams are intermittent. It's a solid car which with a bit of tlc could be one of the best around You can get me at [email protected]
  3. Would be chuffed if you could mate. It's for a distributor car. If you have one how much would you be after?
  4. part number for the ECU? if its 021 906 251B how much for it? Thanks
  5. My car is up at DG being subjected to some love and lo and behold the ECU has failed :( Part number 021 906 251B Thanks
  6. JayGT

    OBD2 Upgrade

    Thanks for the offer pal but I'm sorted if I go ahead.
  7. JayGT

    OBD2 Upgrade

    Well I'm in discussions to buy an OBD2 kit so not so much a problem getting the parts more an issue of whether its worth it for the likely cost! Don't think the engine is tired... don't know if you remember but I bought that new engine of Double 6's (think that was his name) a few years ago which only had 10k on it... I've prob only put another 20 or 30k on... probably just needs a service and a good going over with vag com but like I said the hankering for OBD2 is there!! ---------- Post added at 08:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:51 PM ---------- I do agree that it sounds good though! :)
  8. JayGT

    OBD2 Upgrade

    Cheers for the answer Kev... I've always lusted after an OBD2 VR after driving my mates late Golf... it accelerated like it was running on full cream as opposed to mine which seems more like a bag of nails on a bad day. In short my car does run a bit rough and doesn't idle very well. I've been through a few MAFs, Lamdas etc and thought I could kill two birds with one stone by converting. Looks like this stone will have to kill 5 or 6 birds! I suppose i could do it in stages... IE convert to Coilpack get that running properly and then the OBD2 conversion/remap to follow. Just wish i was better with a spanner!
  9. JayGT

    OBD2 Upgrade

    Yeah thanks. I've seen the OBD2 conversion guide on here so i know the looms will need to be spliced, manifold/throttle body etc will need changing but the above issues could be deal breakers.
  10. JayGT

    OBD2 Upgrade

    Hello all, I've been reading up on OBD2 conversions and had a few q's before I take the plunge. 1. All the threads I've seen seem to have been on coilpack engines. Any issues I might have considering mine is a distributor model? 2. I have a VSR which I obviously want to retain however there are specific OBD2 manifolds. I have seen a VSR converted for OBD2 use by cutting/welding of endplates. Is this the only way round the issue? 3. the conversion requires an ECU swap... does this mean I'll lose my stealth remap (and have to fork out for another) I have thought about going to see Vince but its a bit of a mission for me so want to know all my options before I get in too deep! Thanks Jason
  11. This is all I saw!!! Back on topic if the car is running 100% then bodywork is the one! No feeling like driving when the car is on form and looking perfect too!
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