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  1. Still lurking around - and still have the Corrado (daily during summer, hibernation during winter 🙂 ), and been paying, but as card expired and the auto payment didn't go thru, not a "member" any longer - tried to renew but payment page doesn't seem to work 😞 And yea, facebook suck for things like this, and sadly ruined a he*** of a lot of forums around...... 😞
  2. Anyone happen to know about a good place to get hold of a complete chain kit for a 06 vw Passat 3.2 V6 (VR6), preferable european store, but US can also work. (something other than autodoc maybe) Anyone happen to know if there is a part-nr for a complete kit or is it only "part for parts" regards
  3. I'l look into this linkage thing as I doubt it's something physically gone bad (IIRC - been many years since I did the job as the car is only used during summertime the fork etc is changed), and "problem" have kinda always been there, it's not very noticeable, other that the reversing, there it might be a bit "loud" (If I don't make sure to take it very slow changing into reverse). Thanks for both the tips - I might have to take off the gearbox anyway this winter in regards to other maintenance so to have a closer look at it. Here is the video that mentioned this clutch "problem"? (I kinda doubted it due to my experience with the B3 passat VR6 and never had any issues) https://youtu.be/YT_iCj8WmgE?t=538 he starts talking about it at roughly 09:00 in the video....
  4. A while back I noticed a comment on a youtube video stating that there is some kind of fault/error with the oem clutch in the VR6, and that there is some uprated/fixes clutches one can fit. After my initial rebuild - including new clutch (using centering tool etc - even took it out once an re-installed in to make sure it was ok), but I'v always had a problem when putting it into reverse where one have to be really carefull not to cause a small "grinding" noise - I kinda feel this grind also when changing some gears if I'm not very slow and make sure the clutch is put "pedal to the metal". Anyone have any info about this ? - can't remember this was a problem in my B3 passat VR6.....
  5. To answer my own topic had to loosen 4 bolts under midle of car to be able to pull driveshaft forward to get it out from the final drive 🙂
  6. Anyone know if it's just 3 screws going from front to back that needs to be loosened to split the rear subframe/diff from the car on a 06 passat v6 (3c/b6) Do one have to pull it backwards (is it on a spline going into the axel ?) The screws on the picture is the ones still on . but I think they are supposed to be on the axel side?
  7. Already partly disassembled the other side also (changing out most of suspension/drivetrain parts), but that sounds like a good idea 🙂
  8. Yea thought it might be something like that - thanks for the tips, guess I end up with same "problem" on the other side as well.....ohh well 🙂
  9. Anyone got any tips on how to get off the inner part of the cv-joint in the rear. I thought it should be loose as it sits, but it seem very "stuck", but I presume it should be able to split where the gasket sits....? Any tips/tricks to get it loose without destroying the housing (I kinda think it's due to the rust, but not sure...) (is it normal for it to be this stuck?)
  10. thnx - yea was a great drive on curvy roads fit for a Corrado 🙂 (a bit of bad tarmac - but hey that's the usual stuff up here 🙂 )
  11. Out and about making grins - west coast Norway 🙂
  12. Do you have a model number for them - and maybe a ebay link to adapters ?
  13. Is there any speakers today that will fit the original rear speaker place in the Corrado ? - without doing any kind of mods ?.
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