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  1. Hello mate. Need a bit of help of poss! I've got a corrado j803rdv in Bordeaux pearl which allegedly has an engine that came from you?! Just wondered if you knew what the engine was? Cheers. Tim

  2. I think my corrado with an R32 was in group 32 on this new system
  3. havent got a clue about that TBH, classic case of someone getting to do all the mechanical bits for me im afraid! but you could also speak to Ben, dont know if he's still about on this forum, but he fitted an R32 into a storm and used an Emerald setup, which also produced around the 280bhp mark. He knows a fair bit more about how it all works. Failing that ask Darren at Gwerks, im sure he will be able to give you the pros and cons, as he's doing two conversions at the moment...
  4. Im having my R32 engine fitted sometime around now, down at Gwerks and thats going to be using a DTA s60 Pro setup, and the guy who we are buying the ECU from has his R32 using the same managment and still manages 285Bhp...which doesnt sound too bad at all to me??
  5. could be a long shot, but have you checked the front crossmember/rad support panel for rust? when i pulled my G60 to bits for the respray, the crossmember had pretty much rusted through around the bolt holes on one side, which could have been a little dangerous? might be causing the banging if yours is the same ? (ive got a brand new VAG front crossmember if you needed one and all the associated nuts/bolts/bushings)
  6. no worries, its there if you get stuck (possibly!)
  7. yeah, its my old G60 box, completly standard spec, just been rebuilt, and diff swapped over from another box, as i had a peloquin in it originally, but still need that so comes with a standard diff freshly fitted. Just phone them up tommorrow and say Dan sent you, i asked them to sell it on my behalf (as im a bit busy at the moment) so they should still have it in the 'back room'
  8. Gwerks have a rebuilt gearbox available....just tell them i sent you, (unless they have sold it already) was going to use it for my 16vg60, but now im going R32 so its no good to me.
  9. i dont see why not, the eybrow is attached to the headlights/grille so i cant see how it could be a problem...
  10. A*se! :censored: :bad-words: :pale: :nuts: :mad2: :pukeright:
  11. £20 ? bet you're only saying that because you've just run out to the garage and tried your irwins on it to see if it'll fit?? Im a gambling man though and i do find it very had to a) not accept a bet and b)not drink alcohol-before during or after a bet so....LETS GET IT ON!!! :bonk:
  12. i still say that irwins wont fit....
  13. looks a bit tight for the irwins, i'd try a larger allen key socket or drill the head off and hope you can get something on the remainder when you take the rocker cover off...
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