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  1. I've come to the conclusion that Corrado's are a sh|t car. IMO of course.
  2. The gear lever end is done via one 13mm bolt pictured here... (The short 13mm). With the car in neutral, mark the two points the bolt passes through (Black thin lever part and thicker silver body). You will see there are two lines/indentations to align, but as parts/bushes wear, you move away from those. Slacken the bolt, and slightly move/hold the gear lever to the left (Or right if you go too far), now nip the bolt up again and test while sat with car running/clutch in. Don't go too tight with the bolt. It's just a case of tweaking it, undo bolt, tweak, undo bolt, tweak. The gearbox end is much the same. And should actually be done with those two indentations lined up (But then if they are worn, you can just try to get it to shift smoothly) Taken from http://www.corradog60.com/viewtopic.php?t=885
  3. Strangely mine has always had the shift weight, going back at least 11-12 years when I bought it as a completely standard car. And there's nothing in the history/receipts to show that a shift weight was bought. Never had an issue with clearance. :thumbleft: In fact, just looking on etka confirms mine is a weird car...According to chassis number it's supposed to have the later gearbox end stuff inc the shift weight. But that's generally considered vr6/2l 16v/2l 8v territory. Weird, it's like it wasn't supposed to be a G60! topic apologies>
  4. Lift the gear lever surround up and check that there is a circlip on the end of the gear lever guide. If that's not your issue, you can indeed buy all the plastic bushes for the gear lever, but as yours is early style, none of the gearbox end parts are available if those are worn/tired. Something I'm p|ssed off about after rebuilding the gear lever end...Now considering a Cupra shifter setup.
  5. Start with the obvious things first...Starter motor wiring. Do you have a multimeter or similar? Check for power at the starter motor when cranking. (Safety first, keep hair/jewellry etc out of the way) and make sure whoever is cranking is in neutral. Next would be ignition switch or similar...And just out of interest, have you tried putting your headlights on (Low beam) and then cranking? Neil.
  6. Possibly interested in one too (Drivers side UK late style) pending condition/price etc. Obviously fendervg comes first.:thumbleft: Neil.
  7. So the Corrado was back on the road for ONE day when the clutch pedal dropped to the floor. Been bleeding the master and slave cylinders, eventually get a pedal for it to then work it's way back down again. And what do you know, the clutch master cylinder is obsolete ffs. Can not find one anywhere! Typically they are available for the VR6. I've had to order a left hand drive one, whether that will do or not, who knows. Not only that but the air ride is throwing errors left, right and center. Apparently I now need a rebuild kit for the Accuair VU4 manifold. Can somebody remind me why I spent nearly £4K on this American junk called Accuair and Airlift? Pretty p|ssed off.
  8. Well, it kinda let me down for the first time (Apart from when I once had an issue with a German number plate). Drove to the MOT fine, but then a front caliper decided to stick. So I took it back up to my unit, stripped it down and voila. MOT passed! Just a shame the damn GOV website won't update so I can get it taxed!
  9. Number 21 here in blue? If so, I believe (Or think) they may still be available at Vw for yours being a 94 (Late style). The early style (Up to chassis 'N') are obsolete.
  10. Ready for an MOT now I think!
  11. Refitted the handbrake tunnel just after this pic...doh!
  12. Got the air ride boot build back together, and went through a test of everything electrical ready for an MOT at some stage.
  13. And fitted them to the inside of the mesh in the bumper. I simply ran some new hose from the original rear wiper outlet on the washer pump. So whenever I operate the rear wiper, the cossie intercooler gets a nice misting! May wire up to a switch on the throttle body to operate under full throttle instead...
  14. And obviously to do a little modding too... I bought some vauxhall 'misting' windscreen washer jets.
  15. Removed the windscreen washer bottle and took it home to clean it out. Can't find a new oe blue one anywhere man :-( Also picked up some new hose for the washer jets.
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