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  1. fully rebuilt 20vt,rebuilt down to every bolt, car has done around 3k miles over the last 2-3 years since it full rebuild. stored in winter only used in the dry and is 100% immaculate/show standard. the car has a huge spec so below is a brief overview. show winning/mag feature. car was a 1995 2.0 16v has mot etc. engine. 225 apx engine running qpeng management, runs around 180 bhp and 270 bhp. forge dv samco hoses new turbo engine covered around 34k miles. magnex exhaust with and without cat-stainless through out. new battery. chassis/bodywork full bare metal respray. all chassis parts stripped and rebuilt with new bolts from vw. all ball joints etc replaced for new. g60 calipers up front standard rear were new exchange from vw at rebuild,all re piped and good ridge hoses. kw v1 coilovers. brand new windscreen and seals. new roof gutter trims. new headlights fog lights and indicators. interior. re trimmed cream leather/all seats side pillars and dash. brown leather roof lining,brown carpet. compomotive th mono wheels,khumo tyre,s full tread as new. the whole car has had a full restoration/massive bills from vw for all the parts. simply don't seem to use it anymore hence the mileage over the last 2-3 years due to lack of time. i have to put a price so i will put a revised price of £5800 ono located in west yorkshire. please only contact me if very serious. i don't check here much my email is [email protected] if you search my user name for a build thread in members galleries to show the rebuild with loads of photos and info.
  2. Hi after a corrado badge off the rear if you have one? Cheers
  3. ---------- Post added at 8:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:44 PM ---------- ---------- Post added at 8:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:45 PM ----------
  4. bit of an update not done much since september when the car was photo shot for golf+ mag and was out on sale this month. few photos from the 100s taken.
  5. C5 OEM - Hi, did this car sell - sorry bit late to the forum here :)

  6. No problem will you pm me with where you want me to post it,cheers
  7. after selling one of my rados i may be a push to take the other so i have a club stand pass for this if anyone wants to go on the ccgb stand i will post it to them? cheers
  8. shame i had no where to keep it,serious amount of car for the money
  9. c5oem deposite taken-sold pending full payment cheers
  10. i just got an email saying i have been accepted for the show and shine kip if theres people wanting a club stand place they could have mine? i can stick it in the show bit then more people can come.
  11. sadly our pending house move fell through meaning i have no where for c5oem to live so its going to have to go :-( on a good note the 20vt went straight through the mot last night :-)
  12. C5 OEM VR6 | Classic pearl green | storm Price: £2895 Description: Storm 1995 Mot december Tax end august 171,000 4 previous owners well known forum car,bought by me as i wanted a vr6 as well as my 20vt,change of situation means i cant realy have two weekend cars sat and come winter may have no where to store it.. i replaced the front brakes bearings anti roll bar links and ball joints. previous to this the spec is as below and is a real credit to the previous owner its work has been carried out to a very high standard. Parts replaced; Private plate £400 Recaro seats £500 FK konigsport coilovers £350 Heater matrix £32.40 Brake rebuild £92.57 Wiper motor £49.94 Coil pack £60.00 Aerial £18.75 Top mounts £20.64 Track/work £217.86 Battery £225.00 Bodywork and paint £1160 4 x solitudes refurb £300 Dunlop tyres £225 Jetex exhaust £250 Alpine stereo £150 Headlining £150 Sunroof £50 Powder coating £75 Front brakes/bearings £150 Grill and badge £40 On top of this I have invoices from vw for parts totalling £2000 so as you can see the car has had an amazing amount of time and money invested into it resulting in one of the most complete and detailed corrados around. Total spend for previous owner adds up to just shy of £5000 £2895 for a very well sorted show standard corrado. thanks tim 07866579916 at the moment i cant add any more photos as photobucket is down and this site wouldnt upload any
  13. hi mate do you have the black plunger thing out of the tailgate it pops the boot open? its like a tube say 4inch long with a spring in. myns snapped in half.
  14. making some great progress,some serious amount of work going in well done mate
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