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  1. Hi do you have any late model VR6 front wings? Thanks

  2. Thank you mate I do appreciate that. Its just good for me at the minute.
  3. Hi all, Admins I am sorry I know that this isnt really allowed in this section but please just give folk the chance that do not have facebook. I have come to teh conclusion I need to get out of the main corrado scene and I am ready to make someone an insant corrado hoarder. I am listing various job lots on facebook and ebay to hopefully thin down what I have as I want to get the love of enjoying my corrados back. Currently the plan is to keep verity and the blackberry. I have someone very interested in the jet so hopefully that will go to a new and appreciative custodian. So please keep an eye out. Thanks and good luck everyone Chris
  4. much better condition than mine lol
  5. I would be interested in another set if they are available.
  6. I had forgot to put the full price in sorry people they are £250 a pair in total. £100 deposit to get them made
  7. Hi all, Just so its on here too, I have had fibreglass wings finally made. Yes thats 3 years later than I had originally planned but hey ho. The lips are slightly rolled and all the holes are marked for drilling out.. They are collection only due to material and they weight 1kg each. Price wise its £100 deposit then they will be made by the supplier and passed to me. He isnt and wasnt interested in doing them unless I was going to put them on teh market as he manly does race car bodies. Drop me a shout if you want a set. 6 pairs have been made so far.
  8. I have dipstick do you want the curved one?
  9. What type of engine is it for I have a loom and ecu
  10. Yeah odd for me. Windows 8.1 has it all over for me. yet windows 10 laptop they are there very strange
  11. On the main page below teh title it says the start date of thread and by whom.. This is shown on my computer screen not sure how that is shown on other platforms
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