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  1. just seen a chap on ebay doing looms for different cars. With the /oem connectors. 24pounds https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/thejimnyman?_armrs=1&_dmd=1&_ipg=30&_sasi=1&_sop=1&_vc=1
  2. Kempy

    Upgraded light loom

    No I bought this years ago. I'm sure looms nowadays are far better. I'll take a look for the newer ones or mines never gonna get a MOT
  3. Kempy

    Upgraded light loom

    I've got to cut into the existing looks by looks
  4. Kempy

    Upgraded light loom

    Morning. I've got a upgraded loom. I've never fitted it. I would have bought it off here or was directed to somewhere from here. I don't have the fitting diagram. Would anyone have a diagram of what I might need to do to fit it or similar. I'll go take a pic of the loom for you. Cheers
  5. I seen something similar on a biscuit jar 🤣
  6. Fair enough. I did but a siphon so I hope that is ok. I don't fancy sucking 🤮🤣
  7. I've seen these for sale somewhere. Probably heritage vw https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/191129797a-air-filter-box-clip.html
  8. Also, the fuel accumalator on the underside I've seen on vw heritage and it's super expensive. Is this something that can cause issues?
  9. I think my pumps are ok. Anyone know if it's easier to siphon the old fuel out through the boot with the lift pump taken out?
  10. The plugs are fairly old in age but not miles. If that makes a difference? I will change them. I'll try the clutch slave. I got a nice list going. Cheers guys. I'm glad this place is still going. I'll see what places are open tomorrow. 😁
  11. Throttle cable seems ok but the clutch not so much. The selector is fine too. The clutch pedal on the other hand doesn't come back up like it should so that's an issue. If that's a clutch out issue then I might as well take engine out kind of situation
  12. This is the plug situation
  13. I'm at work atm but soon as I'm back I'll take a look at the pedals. The cable and selector could definately sticky and gunked up. I'll get this all looked at. Cheers all. I hope it's all pretty easy stuff.
  14. It's not MOt'd no, not been for a few years now. It does start mind, but only being able to drive on a small stretch of road behind the house. It's like it has poor throttle response. A new issue for it is that it was getting stuck in 1st gear(this feels like more of a selector issue to be) so there is probably a few things to worry about but I can start by having fresh fuel in it at least
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