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  1. I'm having a clear out and have an absolutely HUGE collection of Motor Sport magazines that I'm looking to shift. I have 31 complete years from 1964 to 1995. I'd prefer to move these on in one job lot. There are almost 400 magazines in the collection so these are being sold as collect only as they weigh a lot! I'm based in South Gloucestershire I'm looking for £75
  2. Cracking top speed with lower bhp than standard!
  3. Utterly obscene waste of money that would be far better spent elsewhere (health, education, infrastructure etc). UK living in the past, trying to pretend its a major world power, its not any more. We would never use them and no one will use them against us. The fact that other allies have them is deterrent enough if you believe in that logic. Germany doesn't have them Japan doesn't have them, Canada, Brazil, Australia - are they worried, have they ever been threatened by a nuclear power? - no of course not. In fact possession might actually increase the chances of being hit in a future world where nuclear war broke out. Influence in today's world is mostly driven by economic power. Invasions of first world countries happen by stealth these days not by invading armies - look at how the Chinese are quietly buying up large chunks of other countries economies.
  4. Ha!, a sentence that has never been uttered before! Glad it arrived safely
  5. Glad to hear its sold, you can buy another one some day. Perhaps Ian will be selling his soon and we can form the South West ex Corrado owners club!
  6. Thanks Michael! Andy will be along with a price for the ISV and pipes etc shortly
  7. And another couple of odds and sods.... VW front and rear roundels £5 each posted - not much good for anything other than painting?? and a heat shield and other bit but I don't know what its is! Andy will help hopefully!
  8. Apologies for delay with pictures - I was indeed away. Anyway here they are...
  9. vornwend


    Tempted - How much was it new Jake? How much are arrows and where do you go to use it??
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