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  1. Car is up and running. Spoke to Brian yesterday and it does need more work doing to get it through the MOT - caliper ceasing, tie rod split and a couple of other bits. As I want to get my hands dirty on this project I'm going to start the work on it over the winter (starting to order parts with some of the current lead times) and get it back on the road in Spring time. Keyo - Thanks for the Jabbasport recommendation. Brian has done a great job on it. Chris.
  2. Quick update. Engine work is underway at Jabbasport with Brian and I should have it back at the end of the month. Looking forward to getting it back. Brian sourced a second hand crankshaft and putting a new clutch in so with all new gaskets it will be in good shape ready to enjoy before I take it off the road over winter to do the brakes and suspension.
  3. It is looking really good. Like you I went down the G6 O route for the plate ๐Ÿ˜€on my car
  4. Quick update as the car is now with Jabbasport. Lumpy idle turned out to be the leads which is an easy fix. Supercharger all good for Stage 4 refresh but I have a bigger problem with it needing a new crankshaft ๐Ÿ˜ฃI did spot the pulley wobble after I bought it and it looks like it wasn't repaired correctly after the crank pulley failed 15 years ago. Brian is on with it but it will be with them a bit longer than I planned originally.
  5. True. I think you forget sometimes about the age. I've had company cars for 15+ years and you tend to compare them to new/nearly new cars.
  6. Thanks. They are a great car and so glad I took the plunge after 30 years of loving them
  7. It is. Although I picked that up reading your car update.
  8. This thread is good timing for me as my alloys need refurbishing I'm thinking of changing the tyres on the car at the same time as they are 7+ years old. Checked the tyres on my car and it has 195's already on although Black circle quote 205 for my G60.
  9. Thanks Cressa. It does need work to be fair and that was the point of getting it and too good to break. I am on the look out for the door but can't see one at VW heritage at the moment. I'll keep looking. I've found the forum really informative already and as I get deeper into things I am sure I'll need to reach out for some advice/sympathy ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. As per my first post with the lumpy idle I bought the car back in early April. I looked at it on the classifieds for a few weeks and decided to take the plunge. It is the dream car of my youth which I never ended up buying for some strange reason. Purchased with my eyes wide open with the lumpy idle and I know it needs some bodywork doing (best mate will do the bodywork for me) - needs passenger door (any contacts or leads would be welcomed) as it is starting to rust at the bottom, the NSR side sill needs repairing and has a bit of rust on the rear panel inside - I think relating to water ingress from the badge? and alloys need refurbishing. After doing my research the good bits I picked up on are the car is totally bog standard (exception of a Magnex exhaust fitted by AMD a few years ago) with a clean interior (side bolster is sagging but will get it re-done) and sunroof works well, ABS seems fine and spoiler works at speed but the override button isn't working - on my list of jobs to look at. It's had 2 owners (110K miles) and the guy I bought it from has had it 25 years and has all the annual service records starting at main dealer and then onto AMD and local German auto care company. I've also got original invoice for the car. Plan is to start the refresh process over the next 18 months or so to get it back to its former glory and enjoy it.
  11. Quick update on the car. It is booked in at Jabbasport in early May for the Supercharger service and all belts and fluids doing to get it back to its best again. Carole was really helpful and is also arranging for the MOT too so I can finally get to drive it. It will be in for a few days but really looking forward to it.
  12. Thanks Sean. Iโ€™ve seen them online for circa ยฃ40. Iโ€™ll go down your route and go for the eBay option
  13. Thanks for the advice. I'll mention it to Jabbasport when they take it to do the charger service and all belts etc. I was cleaning under the bonnet today as I was bored and still itching to drive the thing and noticed the earth strap/bonding strip loose on the left hand side that is attached to the wing. Not sure if that will be helping things but also not sure where the broken end should have gone?
  14. Thanks Keyo and for the links to suppliers too. Will give me plenty of research to do this weekend. I cleaned the ICV, put some fresh VPower in and it was still lumpy. Mate popped in and we cleaned the plugs as they were quite rich and the cap and arm look quite old. Cleaned them up and it is better but still a bit lumpy. We think it's the cap and arm but might leave it for Jabbasport to sort as I am not expert. I'm in no rush for the car but want it right before I get it on the open road.
  15. Keyo - I spoke to Jabbasport today (very helpful and knowledgable) to get a quote for the charger, belts, service etc doing. Determined to getting it running smooth at the weekend and get it MOT'd and after that ship it down to Jabbasport in the coming weeks for the work then at least I know engine wise it is in a good place.
  16. Ger040 - I believe it is all standard with the exception of a stainless back box. The guy I bought it from has owned it 25 years but it needs some tic on the bodywork. Already love it and not even had chance to take it out yet ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks Dox - i'll go through this process at the same time as the ICV. I'm not that technical but it does make sense so far.
  17. Thanks for the quick response Keyo. I'll take a look at this and report back.
  18. Hi. I'm hoping I have put this in the correct forum as I am a new member to the site and getting to grips with the layout as I normally have my head in the Lotus forums. I bought my long term dream car at the weekend (G60) with a known lumpy idle. I've searched the forum and found items relating to Lambda sensor and vacuum hose but wondered if it could be anything else? Car is a J plate Mk2 and determined to get it running smoothly at the weekend. Chris.
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